Google Media Tools: a new intersection for newsgathering

The New York Times used Google+ Hangouts to interview U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry about Syria’s chemical weapons. The Weather Channel used Google Earth to illustrate the damage of Superstorm Sandy through dramatic before and after satellite images and live YouTube video. And Svenska Dagbladet used the Google Maps API and crowdsourced information from readers to plot disparities in neighborhood mortgage rates, generating a meaningful debate in Sweden.

These are just a handful of ways journalists around the world are already using the Internet and Google tools to report the news, visualize data and improve their storytelling capabilities. To continue helping journalists report the news in new and compelling ways, we’ve launched Google Media Tools, a centralized hub aimed at empowering journalists of all skill levels with more ways to connect with their audiences and communities.
The site—which we unveiled last week at Online News Association ‘13 (ONA), a premier digital journalism conference—features a variety of ways to do everything from research to developing to publishing. There are many tips and tricks to make technology do some of the heavy lifting in the daily lives of journalists. The site also showcases the power of the Internet overall in reaching new audiences and giving journalists more ways to make an impact.
We’ll add more resources including case studies, tutorials and expanded content in the coming months, and will soon launch the site in other languages as well.

Vortex Responsive Blogger Template

Vortex Responsive Blogger Template
Template Name: Vortex Blogger Template
Platform: Blogger / Blogspot
Release date : 20, October 2013
Author :
License : Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Vortex is 100% responsive, high functioning and multimedia magazine style blogger template designed for richly professional bloggers and webmasters. It has some efficient features and functionalities that would certainly make you go gaga about this template. Most importantly, this template looks different on each and every device. For example, check it on your PC, Laptop, iPad and even your smartphones you will find all layouts a slight different from others, we call it the excellent designing. Other than that, it has some noteworthy features which are listed below.

Vortex Responsive Blogger Template

Features of Vortex Responsive Blogger Template:

  1. 100% Responsive Blogger Template: Vortex is flexible and highly responsive Blogger template. We have tried our best to produce a high quality theme with extremely flexible responsive style. We have tested it again and again on different devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, and it works pretty awesome on all devices with different screen resolutions. It fits your screen like as if it was exclusively made for your device.

  2. SEO Friendly: SEO is something that can be done by you or other professionals. Since, you are using our templates, so we provide you the facility to just post your content, where as we take care of your Search engine optimization.

  3. Multi-Drop down Menu: This theme also supports multi-drop down menu that enables you to add more categories in your site. It helps in giving users the flexibility to get into the depth of your category.

  4. Browser Compatibility: Vortex is cross-browser supported that shows; we have checked and tested this theme a gazillion times before releasing it in public. It works fine on all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer. However, it might not function on some low quality old school browsers that do not know the standards of latest development i.e. CSS3 and HTML5.

  5. Optimize for AdSense: We have added some Html Comments that will help you to display Ads below and above your posts. In your template search for <!—AdSense Above Posts --> or <!-- AdSense Below Posts --> and replace it with your parse AdSense ad code.

How to Customize Feature Bottom Label:

The first thing you need to do is to go to Blogger >> Your site >> Layout >> Label Top (Feature Posts 1) >> and paste the following code in the HTML Box. Note: Replace "Featured" with your Label. Remember: The label name should be accurate, making sure that letters are capital or not.
<script type='text/javascript'>
var numposts = 1;
var showpostthumbnails = true;
var displaymore = false;
var displayseparator = false;
var showcommentnum = false;
var showpostdate =  true;
var showpostsummary = true;
var numchars = 400;</script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/feeds/posts/default/-/Featured?orderby=updated&alt=json-in-script&callback=labelthumbs"></script>

How to Customize Feature Bottom Label:

To customize Feature top Label first upload this template to your site then go to >> Layout >> Feature Bottom >> Edit and paste the following code in the HTML Text box. Note: Replace "Technology" with your Label. Remember: The spelling should be accurate otherwise it would not work, even take care of upper and lower class letters.
<h2 class="homelabelh"> Technology News</h2>
<div style='clear:both;'></div>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var numposts = 6;
var showpostthumbnails = true;
var displaymore = false;
var displayseparator = false;
var showcommentnum = false;
var showpostdate =  false;
var showpostsummary = false;
var numchars = 100;</script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/feeds/posts/default/-/Technology?orderby=updated&alt=json-in-script&callback=labelthumbs"></script>

From The Designers Desk:

When we shared a teaser of this template on our Facebook page. We got a handful of awesome reviews, one user said that, "This is the GOD of Blogger Templates". Therefore, we decided to give it for Free. Let us know what you are outcomes about this template in the comment section below.

How To Use Google Analytics

How To Use Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an online tool that assists in collecting detailed data about website visitors. Once the Google analytics script is added to website source code, it is possible to track website traffic, traffic sources, as well as conversion rates and sales. Google Analytics is mainly designed to aid marketers and webmasters. As a basic service, it is available for free. The advanced version is available for some monthly fee. Advanced version provides many additional information than the basic version. Website owner must allow Google Analytics cookies in order to collect information.

How Google Analytics can help?

Google Analytics tool helps to track AdWords campaign and also to boost online marketing campaigns. Once a person has visits a website, Google analytics tool uses access logs to store visitors data on the server. The information is then analyzed in a particular way once it has been stored. Part of the information includes the time and date of visit, the browser type on the visitor’s end, and the operating system, just to mention a few.

Google Analytics tool has been applied to determine the number of visitors coming to a site. But this is just one feature that may not reveal what people do once they come to the site. Thus, it becomes necessary to track the pages they visit once they land on the website.

Online advertisements and marketing campaigns can be tracked through Google Analytics tool. Thanks to its ability to track visitor’s path through HTTP connections. People who know more about HTTP connections understand that it is simply a way through which computers communicate with each other.

Google Analytics can also help people calculate the following:
  • Visit depth
  • Bounce rates
  • Repeat visitors
  • Bounce rates
  • Website loyalty, among other things
  • Lead generation
  • Sales
Google Analytics works for SEO because it is easy to use. It is possible to define a range of data when viewing statistics in different categories. Webmaster can navigate from general to more specific data on the tool. Google analytics also shows from where the visitors came from. Which also includes the Keywords they have used to find the site. This particular option is very important to rank higher in search engines for any particular keyword. However, the most important contribution of Google Analytics in Seo is to help website owners improve their marketing campaigns, advertisements and website visits by using statistics.

Google provides an improved version of Google Analytics tool, which can track even short activities on a particular website. It also loads faster. It is called Real time data. You can access visitors flow, number of visitors on site and many other useful data in real time using this new feature. It is possible to see where visitors are coming from, where they arrive and at what point they leave. Thus, by paying attention to each of the pages, webmaster can make necessary adjustments. This would result to more sales or conversion rates.

From the above discussion we can come to the conclusion that Google analytics has made the life of webmasters and marketers more easier. Read more information on Google Analytics here:

Image Credit: SmartPhotoStock.

Author Bio:
Author Matthew Anton is a seo expert. He loves to write posts on how Google analytics can be used to track seo data.

Leaving a lasting legacy with help from Google

Last year Andrew Willis used Search and Maps to turn his love for skateboarding into something that could bring a community together: his skatepark, Frontside Gardens. Here is his story. -Ed.

Andrew (“Andy” to his friends) has been a passionate skateboarder for as long as he can remember. To make his dream of building a skatepark for his community come true, in 2012 Andy entered a competition to lease a piece of land in Hackney Wick, in East London. He won—then realized he had no budget to build his dream.
Using Search and Maps, Andrew found a wealth of reclaimed materials in the area. From screws to planks of wood to sheets of ply, he sourced his skatepark materials from local suppliers and businesses. An engineering graduate, he also used YouTube to learn how to use new materials, like marble. The result: an empty building site turned into a thriving community skatepark—Frontside Gardens.

For Hackney Wick families and kids, Frontside Gardens is more than a skatepark. Built by hand from scratch, it’s a place to enjoy a sunny day, learn new skills and make the most of what they've got together. For Andrew, it’s a place to pass down the things he's learned over the years and in doing so, creating a legacy all his own.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Google+ for Business

Facts on Google+ for Business

Since its beginnings, Google+ has had the unfortunate label of being like a step child in the social media family. Social network titans like Facebook and Twitter have always been more popular in the past for individuals and businesses alike.

But for anyone with an online business who wants their presence made online, Google+ has actually become a necessity for online marketing.

So, if you are running a new business and are overlooking your Google+ account, it’s probably because you assume that little to no value can come of it. But that’s the furthest from the truth; Google+ can make a big difference in your overall Google rankings, as well how you engage your target customers.

1) Creating a business page can improve your search appearance:

Have you ever looked up a business you were curious in, and saw the large rich snippet image appearing to the right of the screen? This is all tied to how Google finds your business, which can be easily modified when you create a Places for Businesses page.

Google will favor your business when you have a well-established Google+ page (alongside a Places page)— allowing more accurate search results when people search for your business.

In Google’s eyes, trusted businesses will have their image icon appear within search results; making a good impression on anyone searching for you.

Give your target market the chance to read reviews of your business, and learn more about your products and services.

2) The +1 Button:

Ah yes, the mysterious “+1” button from Google. Believe it or not, it’s actually more straightforward than you think. Users clicking the +1 button, indirectly impact your business.

It’s doesn’t affect direct SEO; instead, it shows how users are likely to interact. Users are more likely to trust businesses who interact on Google+, and have a +1 business or product.

Having user-relevant content on Google+ will improve a business’ SEO rankings; attracting more clicks and +1 shares.

3) Google+ profiles are treated like regular sites:

According to a recent article in Social Media Today, Google doesn’t give special treatment to Google+ profiles; they are ranked with the same factors of any other website.

Individual Google+ pages even have their own PageRank. Providing some extra care to your Google+ profile (including your own interaction, links, as well as user interaction), could mean better rankings for your sites.

Find a way how to monitor employees Google+ interactions; evaluate your findings and plan a strategy to make the most of it.

4) Google Hangouts are more effective than you think:

Plenty of us have used live stream services for meetings and such through Skype and GoToMeeting. These help drive internal matters of your business, but have you thought about what you can do with Google+ Hangouts?

One of the most significant aspects of Hangouts is how you can live stream your sessions with the public, even if they aren’t involved with the Hangout. Take the opportunity to conduct a live interview, webinar — anything you want on camera for your target customers to view and understand.

Nothing beats letting your audience see the faces behind your project. The live streams can be viewed by an unlimited amount of people; so it’s a great tool.

5) Google+ has more users than you think:

Everyone likes to thumb their nose at Google+, believing “no one is on it”; but guess again. This past June, Google+ had more than half a billion active users, with numbers steadily growing.

If you’re looking to reach out to an audience beyond just Facebook and Twitter, it’s time to put Google+ in full gear.

Author Bio:
Andrea Fisher is a published journalist as well as a content writer for ADT Home Security. She has an English degree and political science minor from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Supporting entrepreneurs worldwide with UP Global

Startups and entrepreneurs lead the way in creating innovative products that improve lives and drive significant economic and social impact. A robust community of entrepreneurs—paired with resources, mentorship and technology—can thrive. That’s why one year ago we launched Google for Entrepreneurs, which today supports more than 70 organizations that are champions for entrepreneurship in more than 115 countries around the world.

Today we’re announcing a new partnership with UP Global which will double their impact over the next three years. UP is currently active in 500 cities globally and with our partnership aims to be in 1,000 cities by 2016. We’ll expand our existing work together to grow Startup Weekend, now powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, activating entrepreneurial communities and helping them launch companies. We’re also teaming up to power Startup Digest and NEXT to connect entrepreneurs with training and event resources—all through UP Global.

A tidal wave of startups is sweeping the globe. Connect with us on Google+ and join the movement. Here’s to the entrepreneurs!

NSA: Best Mobile Phone Trackers Around

During 2005 the NSA began its warrantless wiretap program to look into international emails and calls. It’s come a long way from being an organization that was created to spy on foreign agencies. No one would have predicted that it would one day be deploying mobile phone trackers against citizens of the United States. The NSA folks are so skilled that they even cracked the Blackberry code! Blackberry has boasted of the most secure system around, and even they couldn’t fight the NSA off. Companies like Verizon are routinely handed over customer data to the NSA. Do you think the NSA is going a bit too far?

NSA: Best Mobile Phone Trackers Around

Infographic By: Mobistealth

Cool Slideshow Maker for Windows - Make Slideshow for PC, DVD, and the Web!

Cool Slideshow Maker for Windows
Photo Slideshow makers are really a great tool when it comes to making a story with your precious photos. These Slideshow making software's allows you to easily design and create high quality Slideshows and convert them to videos by adding background music to it, Allowing you to create a story with your photographs. One such software that allows you to create story with your photos & that we are about to discuss in detail on this article is SMARTSHOW (Smart Slideshow Maker).

With this Cool Slideshow Maker you can create and share your life's memorable moments in a new Unforgettable way. SmartSHOW slideshow maker turns still pictures into thrilling photo movies with music and beautiful transition effects. Let's have a look at it's features...


Smartshow has a lot of features to add variety of effects to your Slideshows. Let's explore them,


It has a wide range of Readymade templates to use for your project. These templates includes Basic, Vintage, Wedding, Travel, Children, etc.. with sub-branches within them to choose from. After selecting a template, you can add photos for your slideshow and carry on with your project.

Transition Effects:

This Cool Slideshow Maker is integrated with 100+ transition effects to choose from. Transition effects are categorized as Standard, Gradients & Double. Standard has about 45 effects, Gradients has about 44 and Double has about 44 transition effects. Each and every effect is unique.

Music Options:

You can add a number of sound tracks as background music to your slideshow and make it alive. Smartshow accepts musics of all formats and allows you to cut audio track, sync it to the slideshow, set faders and more.

Output Formats:

Smartshow offers 4 types of output formats as follows,

1) Video Slideshow:

Video slideshow option allows to export the slideshow created by you in popular video formats such as AVI and MP4. It also has some more options for Creating HD Video, Video for mobile devices, Video for the Internet & Other types of videos.

2) DVD Slideshow:

DVD Slideshow option allows you to burn the slideshow which you created to a DVD. It first offers you to choose a template for your DVD and allows you to Burn it to a disc or Create a ISO Image of it.

3) Create Screensaver:

It simply converts your slideshow into an animated screensaver for your desktop.

4) Create EXE Slideshow:

This is one of the very best option that converts your slideshow into a .exe file and allows it to play on any system without the need of any video players/installation of any special software.


Here is a sample "Christmas Images slideshow" made with SmartSHOW.

For more Samples, Have a look at their Samples page here: Samples.


SmartSHOW is compatible with Windows xp, vista, 7 & 8.

Get it now:

You can Download and try SmartSHOW by going to: