Siren Blogger Template

Siren Blogger Template :- Siren Blogger Template has 2 Columns Layout along with many other customize-able widgets.This template has One Beautiful right side-bar.This template has a beautiful Black Header along with awesome drop down menu.Read more hack is built-inly present in this template.It has a stunning gray color which makes it an impressive template.This template works perfect with all browsers.You can get it free from Our Blog.
Siren Blogger Template

Features Of Siren Blogger Template

  • Professional Design
  • Gallery Style
  • White 
  • Gray
  • One right Sidebar
  • Works With all browsers
  • Free
  • Auto Read more Hack
  • Header Stunning Look
  • Ads and SEO Ready

Siren Blogger Template
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Rating: 5

Pakistani Mag Blogger Template

Pakistani Mag Blogger Template is a new awesome Magazine Style Blogger Template designed by a Young Pakistani Blogger Syed Faizan Ali.Actually this template is designed for the People of Pakistan,we are not forcing you to not use this template and we have no personal touch with this,because first we are Humans then Pakistani or Indian etc.We are not interested in any kind of such Conflicts,however we just share the template.This template is decorated with the beautiful flags of Pakistan which makes it more awesome and stunning template.This template has impressive features with totally amazing and cool Outlook.Pakistani Mag Blogger Template is totally based on the cultures,traditions and awesome gestures of the people living in five Provinces in Pakistan.This template is coded by Pakistani Bloggers there for they have coded it with great care for the sake of their Country.They have formulated a masterpiece,it is clean and simple template.This Template is ideal for those Bloggers who are covering "Pakistan" or any thing related to this Country.

Features of Pakistani Mag Blogger Template

  • A Pakistani Theme
  • 2 Columns Layout
  • Professional Look
  • 3 Columns Footer
  • White 
  • Works With all browsers
  • Elegant
  • Green
  • Ready Search Box
  • Related Posts
  • Fixed Width
  • One Right Sidebar
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Robust Commenting System

How To Install Pakistani Mag Blogger Template