How To Use Google Analytics

How To Use Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an online tool that assists in collecting detailed data about website visitors. Once the Google analytics script is added to website source code, it is possible to track website traffic, traffic sources, as well as conversion rates and sales. Google Analytics is mainly designed to aid marketers and webmasters. As a basic service, it is available for free. The advanced version is available for some monthly fee. Advanced version provides many additional information than the basic version. Website owner must allow Google Analytics cookies in order to collect information.

How Google Analytics can help?

Google Analytics tool helps to track AdWords campaign and also to boost online marketing campaigns. Once a person has visits a website, Google analytics tool uses access logs to store visitors data on the server. The information is then analyzed in a particular way once it has been stored. Part of the information includes the time and date of visit, the browser type on the visitor’s end, and the operating system, just to mention a few.

Google Analytics tool has been applied to determine the number of visitors coming to a site. But this is just one feature that may not reveal what people do once they come to the site. Thus, it becomes necessary to track the pages they visit once they land on the website.

Online advertisements and marketing campaigns can be tracked through Google Analytics tool. Thanks to its ability to track visitor’s path through HTTP connections. People who know more about HTTP connections understand that it is simply a way through which computers communicate with each other.

Google Analytics can also help people calculate the following:
  • Visit depth
  • Bounce rates
  • Repeat visitors
  • Bounce rates
  • Website loyalty, among other things
  • Lead generation
  • Sales
Google Analytics works for SEO because it is easy to use. It is possible to define a range of data when viewing statistics in different categories. Webmaster can navigate from general to more specific data on the tool. Google analytics also shows from where the visitors came from. Which also includes the Keywords they have used to find the site. This particular option is very important to rank higher in search engines for any particular keyword. However, the most important contribution of Google Analytics in Seo is to help website owners improve their marketing campaigns, advertisements and website visits by using statistics.

Google provides an improved version of Google Analytics tool, which can track even short activities on a particular website. It also loads faster. It is called Real time data. You can access visitors flow, number of visitors on site and many other useful data in real time using this new feature. It is possible to see where visitors are coming from, where they arrive and at what point they leave. Thus, by paying attention to each of the pages, webmaster can make necessary adjustments. This would result to more sales or conversion rates.

From the above discussion we can come to the conclusion that Google analytics has made the life of webmasters and marketers more easier. Read more information on Google Analytics here:

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Author Matthew Anton is a seo expert. He loves to write posts on how Google analytics can be used to track seo data.

How Can You Improve Your SEO Performance with Webmaster Tools

 Improve Your SEO Performance with Webmaster Tools
The best SEO company says that SEO experts should be familiar with different statistics that can help them enhance and optimize their strategies. One thing that can assist them in this regard is Webmaster Tools, a powerful set of tools especially meant for SEO specialists.

The greatest advantage of Webmaster Tools is that it allows you to view one or more sites from the Google angle.

It is necessary if you want a strong SEO impact. With the toolset, you can view your site in a way Google does. It gives you insights into the indexed pages of your site, the various links that are pointing to it, the most popular keywords etc.

Hence, a site that is active in Webmaster Tools has much better chances of being fully indexed and rank well as compared to the ones that are inactive in the toolset. You can also get other deeper insights from the tool set, which can be leveraged to get the best Search Engine Optimization benefits.

If you are not yet active in Google Webmaster Tools, let me tell you that it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is sign up for an account, login to the dashboard of Google Webmaster Tools and from there, add your website. You will then be asked to prove that the domain is yours. On the basis of your host, Google may offer to do the needful through an uncomplicated pop-up process that allows you to login and verify in a few steps.

The other options include getting a Google-provided meta tag to your homepage, followed by an HTML file upload to the root folder of your site, or confirming your ownership with the help of Google Analytics, if that is already installed in your website. It generally starts populating data within 24 to 48 hours.

Google Webmaster Tools Features:

The best SEO Company India says that once you are done with the site set up, its time to log in and make yourself familiar with the interface. The toolset, at its core, is all about metrics i.e. what’s getting indexed, linked and traffic.

The data you get should then be broken down in different ways to use it to formulate a plan regarding the steps you need to take to get your SEO campaign going.

The various Webmaster Tools metrics are:

Search queries:

It shows four metrics:

Impressions: It indicates the number of times a website is visited through a particular keyword. It, thus, helps you renew your web content with keywords of greater value.
Clicks: This shows the number of people who have taken action and clicked on your site in the search result.
CTR: This shows the number of users who have clicked on your website from the search results. If you find your number to be dissatisfactory, you can change your meta description to attract more traffic.
Middle position: This tells your exact rank for each keyword that you use. It helps you determine your performance and the impact you have on your traffic.


In order to understand how your keywords are performing, you need to click on the terms while being on the search query section. Studying the data for individual keywords informs you about the pages that are ranking for those keywords. This way, you not only understand your overall SEO achievements but also get to know about the different elements of your content campaign. 

Top Pages:

Within “Search Queries”, you get the opportunity to view “top pages”. This indicates content that gets the maximum number of impressions and clicks. It, thus, offers low hanging fruit opportunities you can easily capitalize on.

Page Level Strategy:

A site is structured in a way, so that each keyword points to a section of the website. Webmaster Tools enables you to identify ideal keywords for each of the sections. Once you get your keywords mapped, use them to rank tracking tool to find out extra data like competition and traffic.

Author statistics:

It allows you to tie in guest posts on other websites by linking to your Google + account. It can be easily accomplished by the “rel=author’ tag that is embedded as a link in particular write-ups. Your picture appears next to your content; and readers find it easier to read your other write-ups.

The best SEO company will always suggest you to use Google Webmaster Tools when developing an SEO strategy, as it offers you better opportunities and the perfect medium to determine the performance of your site.

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Sarmista Aun writes for a professional digital marketing company. She tries to guide all new online advertisers through her writings.

4 Methods Of Increasing Your Blog’s Domain Authority

Increasing Your Blog’s Domain Authority
The day-to-day activity and lifestyle of people across the world have undergone major changes due to the several breakthroughs in technology that have taken place over time. Now, people have grown used to relying heavily on high-tech gadgets. These days, it is almost unthinkable to survive without using tools like internet, laptop, computers, tablets and mobiles phones. Computers and internet have especially become an indispensible part of people’s lives with answers to almost all questions that arise in the minds of people available there. Companies and business firms have also realized the need to take advantage of the internet and thus, e-commerce and online marketing have become an integral part of the marketing strategies of businesses. Website content writing is another essential part of online marketing which helps attract visitors.

It is extremely important to make sure that the company website is attractive for which the content that is written for it must be magnetic. It has to be short, crisp and precise. These days, blogging has become a major aspect of content writing for the generation of public interest in the various services and products offered by a company. There are lots of people who are into blogging. Many of them create blogs as a hobby while it is also used as a major tool for the promotion of businesses. Most companies have resorted to blogging and also acquire assistance from outsourcing companies so that the blogs are to the point and achieve the desired results.

Blogging is like an art and for the proper utilization of blogs to expand the business, there are certain rules to be followed so that traffic is built, domain authority of the blog is increased and customers are attracted. I have given here 4 useful and basic ways to increase your blog visibility which have been pretty useful for me. I am sure these will work for you as well.

  1. Target and make a database of groups of audience who will be able to share your website with others. Remember internet is a boon for sharing information with just some clicks. Thus, if you can target a group who can be persuaded to share your website and blog to other users, there’s nothing like it. However, make sure that the website content writing of the blog is compelling and interesting enough for them to talk about it and share it. Then, the audience will share your blog and blog posts with different websites like social media sites, forums and even other blogs. For best results, target those people who are quite active on Twitter, Facebook and other such social media sites. This is also applicable for those people who have their own personal blogs.
  2. Writing the blog itself is an extremely smart idea. The blog should be informative and interesting. I used to write press releases to discuss my products and highlight their advantages and usefulness. In fact, you can write articles on the benefits associated with specific products and even provide weekly or daily titbits, tips and other information. The blog should also be SEO-friendly and you can do this by utilising Search Engine Optimization. It is a hugely popular business strategy that drives huge traffic to websites. Full advantage of SEO services should be taken to develop a strong connection between blogging and online business.
  3. Social media networking sites are extremely popular these days. Almost every other person, whether young or old, is hooked to this internet phenomenon. Take advantage of this and try to tap this huge crowd. Open a business account in these sites and attract these people to link them back to the main website or blog. Post meaningful comments on other forums and posts of people. Promote your blogs in the sites as advertisements; while promoting, you must make sure the account has useful information.
  4. Remember, more the merrier; so your website should be submitted to multiple website directories and search engines like Google, Yahoo, CanLink, Rankin Directory and Buzzle. The target should be industry-specific ones as their primary subject matter will coincide with the subject matter of your website.

In website content writing, it is of primary importance to use titles that are keyword-rich as this will help maximise the rank of your listing. So happy blogging!

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Sarmista Aun is expertise in web content writing. She contributes excellent content on digital marketing.

Blogging Tools For Keyword Research

When it comes to SEO optimization, one of the most valuable and important elements is the so-called keyword research. Search marketing field is often considered as very hazardous, since the competition is merciless and if you want to be up-to-date you are supposed to optimize your business blog or website constantly. Today, unlike the traditional way of advertising, SEO optimization has become something more than just attracting new visitors to your website and trying to sell your products. It is about attracting the right customers. This way you are able to target your clients and learn more about them. Keyword Research Tools give you this opportunity. You are able to respond to the constantly changing market conditions and offer products and services that the average web searcher is seeking. So here are some of the most useful keyword research tools.

Google Search box dropdown:

Google Search box dropdown
This is one of the most under-used keyword research tools. When you start typing, Google will show you the most common phrases that are currently popular with web searchers. In fact, this is what differentiates this tool from the other ones. Although it does not give you a specific information about the value of the particular keyword you are suggesting, it immediately gives you the data that's currently popular with users.

Keyword Spy:

This tool is one of the most comprehensive ones in our list, since it gives you plenty of useful information for free. Except for keywords, it offers a lot of additional data, suggests similar keywords and misspelling. And if you want to get even more information, you can get the paid version of the tool.

Bing Keyword Research Tool:

Although Google is the biggest and the most popular search engine, it is not the only one. Bing's most famous keyword research tool offers serving up suggestions, based on language, country and even region. This can be very useful for targeting your market and finding the right group of customers.

Word Tracker Keyword Questions:

Word Tracker Keyword Questions
This tool gives you the opportunity to see the questions that web searchers have asked using your keywords. This can be extremely useful when writing your website content since it gives you data about the type of information your potential visitors would like to learn more about. You can write articles that answer these questions. However, sometimes the suggestions, that this keyword research tool gives, are a bit messy. However, you will be able to get the essence.


If you want to get the suggestions from the Google search box, Ubersuggest is the best solution for you. It will go out and get these suggestions for you, giving you the opportunity to choose from image search, web search etc.

Yahoo Clues:

Yahoo Clues, Google search results
This tool allows you to get some specific information based on demographic researches, age etc. You can find out whether your services or products attract more women or men. Also, you will be able to understand the specific age group, interested in your products.

Keyword Research Tools are the basis of the entire SEO optimization of your website. They give you the chance to stand out from the competition and take advantage of the great marketing opportunities that Internet advertising gives you.

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Rose Finchley is passionate freelance blogger and writer. She works as a manager of Top Domestic Cleaners and she loves her job because she learn new things everyday. In her spare time she loves to take long walks.

On-Site Optimization Checklist: Driving Traffic To Your Website

On-Site Optimization Checklist
If you are in need of increasing traffic to your website and improve your ranking then on-site optimization checklist will definitely help you out. The main theme of making a website is to meet your necessary business goals so for that it is very important to make each and every web page to be search engine friendly.

For optimizing your website it is necessary to include your targeted keywords on every webpage. But you should be aware that you should not stuff the keywords and make them look like it occurs naturally. If you are trying to get better ranking with more number of keywords, then it is better to split your content into different web pages as it helps in creating page focus.

If the keywords which you chosen got clicked and if your website got indexed on the first page of the search engine then don’t do anything and remain the page as such. But try to update your resources or content constantly that is relevant to your niche. Always try to create content that are eye-catchy to the audience so that it gets loved by search engine naturally.

Now, let’s see some tips that make your web page to get optimized perfectly. All the factors together will definitely make improvements in your search engine ranking. Following are few checklists which I have come across while doing SEO services to my own website. I would like to discuss few with you,

Checklists for web page content:

  • Target your keywords on the title of every page.
  • Also try to target keywords on the sub headings of the page.
  • Keep the targeted audience in your mind while choosing keywords.
  • Make your content simple and attractive for a minimum of 500 words that should be fresh and rich in quality.
  • Don’t stuff keywords onto the content, it may be considered as spammy. Make your keyword density to be from 3-10 times that of your page content.
  • Be sure to check for grammatical or spelling mistakes since it may make your site degraded from the quality of page and search ranking.
  • Incorporate your webpage with attractive images and simple graphics as it helps gaining better search results.
  • Provide social media buttons so that visitors will like to share your stuff elsewhere that makes you get more popular.
  • Include the links of your social media profiles, user reviews and the best comments. It helps in making your page to be active always and the communication medium through social media will surely help you in scoring higher ranking.

Checklist for out-of-sight factors:

  • Include your best keyword on the URL of your webpage.
  • Make sure to provide a unique title tag that contains of maximum 70 characters.
  • Nowadays search engine is not considering much about meta tags and descriptions but it is the one that appears on the search results on the search engine that makes the visitors to click on your link.
  • So, provide good and attractive content on meta tags that is perfectly relevant to your business.
  • Also provide targeted keywords for the image alt text.
  • Make your website to gain links and resources that is related to your niche.

Final thoughts:

That’s all about the on-site checklists. Yet there are several other things to be taken care for optimizing your website but these are the top things that are to be cared first. I hope these will result in better optimization of your web pages leading to a better search engine ranking.

Author Bio:
Amy Jasmine is an SEO professional who is also a web enthusiast. She’s also writes content for renowned internet marketing company. Apart from that she loves blogging and crazy on surfing for innovative and exciting stuff about SEO.

Types Of Backlinks That Google Hate

Types Of Backlinks That Google Hate
Nowadays, No one in this world would exist without knowing Google. Today, everyone make use of the search engine to fulfill their needs. Every SEO services are running behind it to know its latest updates in order to make the website available on the top of the search engine as the Google often update its link schemes in order to stop the spam. The peoples who know well about the SEO would have known about backlinks which plays the major role in making the website fly high in Google. The most important thing that should be marked in SEO is “SEO tactics will always get re-energized”, so some of the link building techniques must be updated often in order to build the links in the way that Google recommends. Below is the list of backlinks that Google hates from a website,

Get avoided from paid links:

Backlinks should be obtained naturally; it should not be attained by buying or selling the links in order to share the page rank as this provides the great chance to cause negative result for the website’s in search results.

Don’t prefer too much link exchanges:

Exchanging links with other websites is a common thing that most of the SEO services follow. If the cross links are excessive, then Google might think the backlinks as unnatural and may even make your website to be penalized while updates.

No bulk guest posts:

Alright, getting links through guest posting is a perfect white hat technique, but just keep in mind, don’t do too much guest posts. Try to contribute your articles, if it is in high quality.

Avoid automated services:

Don’t make use of the tools and services that provide hundreds of backlinks at a time, always remember automated works may sometimes provide error and in result may make your website to be banned from search engine.

No follow attribute for text ads:

If you are interested or tend to avail text ads on other websites, make sure it is in rel=nofollow attribute, as if it is available as other types of attributes, Google may consider it as unnatural backlink. Be sure, as it might later generate penalty for your website.

Avoid optimizing the keyword as an anchor text:

Don’t optimize your direct keyword using anchor texts as it might insist the Google’s spam algorithm to look at your website.

Don’t build links in low quality sites:

Avoid building links in low quality directory and bookmarking sites as these links will not help greatly in improving Google’s ranking.

Get rid from forum signatures:

Most of the forums make use of the tools that automatically generate signature links to the website. Avoid these kinds of links as these are considered as artificial links.

These are some of the strategies that you need to consider while building backlinks to a website. Always keep track of latest techniques in order to use ethical tactics that pumps the website to the top in search engine result page.

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Layla Poppins is a professional content writer in Edinburgh SEO services. She is very much interested in ghostwriting, web content, EBooks and SEO articles. Writing content is not simply her job, it’s her craze and she breathes for it!

The Most Important Domain Factors That Determine Your Website Ranking In Search Engines

One of the most important things you need to do before you start the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website is to understand and implement the domain factors that are associated with your website ranking in search engines. Without understanding them the search engine optimization process may not give the desired results and will become more of an attempt to shoot in the dark. Of course, the algorithm of Google used for ranking the websites is kept in secret, and yet the experience and opinion of many SEO specialists lead to discovering some relations between what your website is and what its ranking is taking into account certain keywords.

The factors that determine your website ranking in search engines can be divided in two categories – the ones related to the domain of your website and the ones related to the pages of your website.

Domain factors that determine your website ranking in search engines:

1) Using keywords in the domain name:

This factor is associated with the influence that keywords used in your domain name have in order to get a better ranking. There are different options:

  1. the keyword is used in the domain name (it is also important if the keyword is in the beginning, in the middle or in the end of your domain name);
  2. the keyword equals to the domain name;
  3. the keyword is used in the subdomain name;
  4. the keyword is used as an expansion of the domain;
  5. the keyword is used as a mixture of a domain name and domain expansion.

2) Using some hyperlinks and their authority (influence) over the ranking of your website in search engines:

The evaluation of this criteria includes the number of hyperlinks and their quality that point to your website domain. It is important for you to know that all links associated with your domain are taken into account. This factor includes several points:

  1. the amount of unique domains containing hyperlinks to your website (with an exact or partial anchor text);
  2. the authority (importance) of the domain (i.e. pagerank, mozrank, etc.);
  3. the amount of unique URLs to your website (dofollow and nofollow);
  4. if the theme of your website coincides with the themes of the websites you are creating links to;
  5. the amount of unique c-blocks of IP addresses, which link to your website;
  6. the variety of link types that point to your domain (for example forums, blogs, news websites);
  7. are there any links from reputable websites.

Some recent studies about the amount of dofollow links have proved that if a website has only a few nofollow link compared to the number of dofollow links it will probably achieve the exact opposite of a good ranking. Some SEO specialists say that Google actually finds it unnatural if a certain website has more dofollow than nofollow links.

3) Onpage domain factors that are not associated with your keyword:

There are also some other factors apart from keyword density and links that are important for the ranking of your website in search engines. Some of them are:

  1. domain name properties (the number of the letters, hyphens, etc); 
  2. uniqueness of the website content; 
  3. website updates; 
  4. bounce rate of the website; 
  5. summarized CTR evaluation from search engine results page (SERP); 
  6. domain registration date; 
  7. response speed of the domain; 
  8. the number of found 404 pages; 
  9. the quality of the other webstites located on the same C-block (this is the IP address of the host server); 
  10. time remaining until domain expire date.

The conclusion of most SEO specialists is that the length of your domain name is one of the key factors of your website ranking in search engines. In addition, it is better if you don't use any hyphens or digits in your domain name. Moreover, you must have in mind that the domains expiring in less than a year, get reduced scanning by Google and the indexing speed decreases significantly. The speed and the unique content of your website is also not to be underestimated.

4) Brand domain level:

This factor includes the elements of the domain that show its brand qualities. Some of them are:

  1. searches of the brand/domain;
  2. presence of the domain in news websites and social networks;
  3. presence of the domain in Wikipedia;
  4. presence of the website in Google places;
  5. official Facebook page of the website;
  6. official Twitter page of the website;
  7. official LinkedIn page of the website.

It is considered that the amount of shares and references of the domain in news websites and social media websites has a positive influence on its ranking in search engines. In addition, these shares and references lead to increasing of the website's traffic, which is also taken into account when it comes to website ranking.

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Rose Finchley' big love is technology and new gadgets. She currently works a part time job at and she is really happy because she has enough time to write new articles about technology.

How Much Is A Site Worth?

How much is a site worth
Most buyers consider the net profit made by the website annually plus some percentage higher than this amount. Suppose, for example, a website’s annual net profit amounts to $100,000.00 a buyer may multiply this amount with 1.5 and give an offer of $150,000.00 as the buying price for the entire website.

For a client, determining the value of his or her website is a difficult task.Here are some of the bases when pricing them:

  • Sales and Profit numbers and trends.
  • Traffic numbers and trends.
  • Age of the business.
  • Domain name value.
  • Industry sector trends and outlook.
  • Business growth potential.
  • Proprietary or non-proprietary products.
  • Unique content.
  • Inventory count (if applicable).
  • Advertising methods and costs.
  • Personnel expertise needed to operate the business.
  • Seller financing.
  • Non-compete terms.
At the core of the valuation process, the seller needs to determine the net profit of the website. To arrive at the actual net profit of the website requires subtracting all the expenses incurred in the course of running the website from the total revenues made. It is recommended that this calculation is based on a period of 12 months. After determining this amount, the seller may select a multiplier value. In majority of cases, for new websites, this value is set at 1.5. For high risk websites, this value ranges between 0.5 and 1.0; and for well established websites, the value may be between 1.5 and 2.5. It is important to note that this values presented here are based on websites with transactions over $1,000,000.00 over a period of a couple of years.

When you should sell your website?

To many website owners, their site is like their brainchild. To others, owning a website is a dream come true. Many owners would be hesitant to sell their website for sentimental reasons, but business is business and you bought that site before in order to gain profit. So, when is the right time to have your website listed for sale in a website brokerage like the BizBroker24?

There are several indicators that the right time has come for you to dispose your site and gain profit from the sale.

First, when the economy is healthy and buyers are offering good prices, it is probably time for you to sell your website. The economy fluctuates and you might regret it when it starts going down again, and along with its downward spiral goes the price offered for websites. You can wait for the price to go up but this might take months or years, when your site is not as attractive as it is today.

Second, you may consider it the right time to sell your website when you have just received a very good offer. This is an opportunity that is difficult to take for granted. Opportunity knocks only once so, grab it. You might not have that kind of offer anymore in your entire career as a website owner and internet businessman.

Third, you are in the period of your life when you want to relax and have fun for a while. You could have worked for so many years already and you think you need an important holiday. You are already tired of spending time and money on your websites. Well, it is time to sell your site and enjoy the profit from the sales.

Fourth, one reason why you must sell your site is the fact that you are interested in doing something else. You might want an office job, go abroad or have an offline business. It will be a punishment for you to run a site and perform tasks that you hate so, follow your mind’s direction. Sell that site and do something new.

Fifth, it is time for you to sell a website when you notice that your income from it is falling down. Sell your website before the situation becomes worse and before your website becomes worthless. You will have difficulty making it perform as it used to do before.

Sixth, you need to move fast. Some of you would not sell your website because you are still waiting for a better offer but what if the dream will not come. What could happen is that you will be saddled with a website that has little worth or value.

Seventh, there is a threat in your niche. For instance, you are selling health products. Then, there are several products that are similar with what you sell that are cheaper yet, better than what you have. You will have reason to foresee losing your customers over to the sites that promote the new product. This could be the time to seriously consider selling your website.

Success in selling a website is mostly dependent on timing. Offer it for sale when you think everything is on your favors and you will surely get a good price for it.

About BizBroker24:
BizBroker24 is specialized in the listing and sales of websites and internet businesses. BizBroker24 represent the worldwide leader in Website Brokerage Service. Business Websites and Domains for sale. Buy and Sell your Online Business – Contact BizBroker24 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Tips on On-Page Optimization For Your Website/Blog

In the competitive digital world of websites, competing for the first page of Google is now at the top of everyone’s agenda.

On-page optimization for your website is vital from day one to ensure that your website is up to Google’s standards even if you are not considering investing in an SEO agency to help you.

Creative marketing agency Reflect Digital, have created an easy to follow infographic to assist you with your on-page optimsation.

Right click the infographic below and open it in new tab for better view!

On-page optimisation for website/blog to rank higher on google search result

Infographic designed and created by Reflect Digital.

Tips On How To Make Your Online Business Succeed

Today, with the prevalence of the internet, most businesses are conducted online. Merchants feel that the internet is the place to advertise and sell their products. To be successful in this venture, one must know what the tastes of the customers are. They must also present their products in the most appealing way that will undoubtedly steal the online customer's attention!

Well Coded Website:

The first thing that one must have is a website that is well coded. It must look professional so that the customers can feel that you are a credible merchant. If you are to include images of the products you are selling, ensure that they are catchy. Gloomy and ill-formatted images will only lose your customers. You therefore need to obtain a good graphic design program to help you as you format and enhance your product images. If you use online money transfers, pick a secure server for these transfers.

Better SEO:

Your clients are likely to use some search engines and never use others. You therefore need to know them. When you analyse the search engine they mostly use, optimize it. Use SEO Techniques to make your website rank higher. Research shows that most online customers only click on the first five websites which appear on the first page of a search engine. Investing in SEO is therefore important. If you do not know how to use SEO, ask an expert to do it for you.

ppc Advertising:

Apart from SEO, you could use the "pay per click"(ppc) advertising feature. Once you pay for this, your website will be appearing higher on the serps once customers type keywords connected to your products. This will of course increase the likelihood that they will read the content on your website and hopefully buy your products.

Using Social Media:

Today, Social Media Sites pride themselves in having a huge number of people visiting them. You could use them to create an awareness of your website and product. You could for example create a social media page which talks about your products. You can include captivating images of your products in the posts that you make on the page.

Affiliate Programs:

Many online merchants think that investing in affiliate programs is a waste of money. The truth however is that it is not. Affiliate programs help create awareness of what you sell. The miniature commission you pay to webmasters who add your product adverts is virtually nothing as compared to what you get and the awareness it creates.


Good online merchants know how important blogs are. Blogs are informative and converse in a friendly way to your customers about your products. In your blog, you do not need the content to be written in a professional tone. You should use it to interact with your customers. Give them important information about your products. Resist the temptation to be promotional and just inform them.

Monitoring Your Customers:

Website and blog monitoring tools have proved invaluable to online merchants. With a good website monitoring tool, you get informative statistics of the traffic generated by your website. You can also analyse what your customers like about your website. These tools also show you which pages your customers are visiting on your website. With this information, you are able to enhance how you describe your products. You will also get to know the best advertising tool to use.

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Author Bio:
Katie Day, blogger who researchers and talks about how to make your online business succeed for Integrity SEO.

Why Technology Niche Is The Best For Blogging?

Importance Of Blogs:

Creating A Tech Blog
When you start blogging you need the best niche so that you will be able to get ahead of other bloggers. Technology based blogs are the best way to get noticed and every day new developments are occurring in technology. So, you will get enough ideas to do the blog in an attractive way .If you want to have a successful online business, you can depend on blogging based on this niche. Since there are different varieties of technology to choose from, it is easy to create blogs about them. In this modern world people are attracted to technology and electronic gadgets more than any other niche. So, opting for the technology niche for blogging is a good decision.

Examples Of Technology Niche Blogs:

This niche can include blogs about news of,

  • Information technology.
  • Updates on the technology.
  • How to guides of various gadgets like iPhone and androids.
  • Latest breakthrough in technology.
  • Windows and MAC news.
  • Opinion about different technology.

Many people feel that having technology niche blogs provide some excitement after their working hours and makes them engaged. You should keep track of the happenings in the technology field and you should be able to express it in a simple and understandable language to the people visiting your blog site. If you make sure that you update the technology blog site at regular intervals, there will be regular visitors to your site. This will help in your business.

It Is Easy To Start Technology Blogs:

Starting a technology blog and get it running is not a major task. What you have to do is to have a blog account created using either WordPress or any other convenient free modules used for blogging purpose. If possible you can add new blogs daily or you can opt for adding new ones once in a week. Updating the blog is necessary to have a high ranking and to compete with other sites. If you are interested in technology, writing about technology is only a child’s play.

Readily Available Information:

It is very easy to get information about any form of new technology. There will be news about the latest iphones, androids or about what the latest gadget is used by a celebrity etc. you can also write about your experience and how you made money using the latest available technology. You can also write about the general advances made in the field of various types of technology. However it is better to limit the niche to certain groups, if you want to make money. So, consider writing a blog about technology which interests people. You will be able to make good money using the technology niche blogs. You will be able to reap benefits from the technology blogs if you restrict the subject to those in which you can easily incorporate the keywords which will bring more visitors to your site. If you provide new and interesting information, people will definitely visit your site to know more about the latest developments in technology.

The Changing Face of Blogging

Do you know where the terms "blog" and "blogging" actually originate? They are words that are the result of a condensed term - "web log". Put them together and you find the origin of blogs. When people first started blogging it was far different from what we see today, and most were not all that interested in doing much more than expressing an opinion. This quickly transitioned into project based blogs, such as the famous "Julie and Julia" blog in which a woman shared her experiences when trying to recreate all of the recipes in a single cookbook by Julia Childs.

The ability to monetize blogs was quickly discovered and today, people blog as a business, to sell things, promote ideas, earn a small stream of income, and to even do their online marketing and SEO work.

This tells us that a lot has changed about blogs, but one thing has been fairly consistent throughout the entire time period - and that is that WordPress has always been a very reliable platform for bloggers. Today, a blogger can sue WordPress and one of the many amazing WordPress templates to create a blog of any kind, and with any purpose.

Further Evolutionary Processes:

What most people do not realize when they make the choice to go with WordPress is that their site or blog is going to be "optimized" almost immediately. This is because WordPress doesn't demand that a blogger know anything about coding and HTML. Instead, most will fill in the forms used to populate the content on the blog.

If that last sentence was a bit too heavy on the "techno speak", let's rephrase it - WordPress is designed to be used as a sort of "fill in the blanks" product. You develop the blog or site by entering in text in areas designated has headings, subheadings, titles, text, and more (this fills or populates the screen with the data you want to share with the world). It even asks you to put titles and descriptions for things like videos or images - even though these things do not actually appear on the site.

Why is this required? WordPress, as indicated, is optimized. When you have a high tech website with lots of images and videos, it can actually cause that site or page to do badly in search engines because the "crawlers" don't know how to deal with the content. When there is text that describes the content, and uses well-chosen keywords to do so, it helps the site to appear higher and higher in search engines.

A Contemporary Example:

Consider the food based blog of the gluten free baker. This woman has a very image heavy website with lots of step by step instructions. This is not really a good way to get higher search engine results, but here WordPress theme allows her to enter descriptions for the images, titles, and more. This ensures that the search engines find and index the terms that will help this blog to go higher and higher in related search engine results.

Because this writer wants to monetize her site by linking to products related to her recipes and topics, it is imperative that people looking for things like gluten free foods and baking suppliers find this blog quickly in their search. Using WordPress really ensures that this blog does not get lost in the massive number of similar sites and blogs, and because the owner of the blog updates content on a weekly basis, and also uses social media to obtain inbound links (such as when someone shares a post on Facebook), the results are impressive.

All WordPress users can expect this sort of easy optimization and integration, and can turn to it for any kind of blogging message.

Author Bio:
Anny Solway is a dedicated writer at ThemeFuse – a leader in the premium WordPress themes area. She likes to discover new ideas about internet marketing, social media and blogging.

5 Reasons To Use A Website Builder

If you don’t have a personal website, but you’re dreaming about launching one, you’ve come to the right place. In this article I’m going to list and describe the benefits of using the most convenient site building tools - online website builders. As for me, these platforms are the very definition of innovation in the technology domain, as they offer everything you need to build a professional-looking website in one place.

When I’m asked which is the easiest and the most cost-efficient way to build a website, I always recommend website builders. And this is due to the following reasons:

1.) They Are Easy-to-Use:

Convenience is probably the strongest side of modern website builders. Most of them feature very user-friendly CMS based on drag-and-drop and WYSIWYG editing principles. These allow you to see how your website will look like when live (even on the smartphones and tablets). This is to say that anyone is capable of building a website there, regardless of the HTML knowledge level. Below is a screenshot of Zoho Sites web design suite depicting their intuitive WYSIWYG editor.

2.) They Offer Advanced Website Building Tools:

Website builders are by no means inferior to other methods of webmastering. Their scope of features runs the gamut from smart widgets to QR-code generators. What’s more - most of these features are available within their absolutely free packages (in most cases you ‘pay’ just by displaying the system’s copyright on your pages). A good example of a functional website builder is uCoz web design platform. Their free package amazes: ability to attach a previously purchased domain, ability to generate a custom email, extended statistics, technical support, etc.

3.) They Let You Start Your Own Business:

Not only do site constructors help you taking your current business online, but they also help you set up a new enterprise. Webydo web design suite, for instance, offers a very smart content management system allowing web designers to manage multiple websites and clients. With their unparalleled CMS you’ll be able to adjust permission settings and add collaborators enabling your clients to upload and edit their website content easily, without messing up design.

4.) They Are Cost-Efficient:

Building a website on a SaaS (software as a service) platform is far more cheaper than the alternatives: assembling a website piece by piece yourself (hosting + domain + CMS + plugins + themes, etc.) or hiring developers and designers. In fact, website builders allow you to build a functioning website with $0 seed capital. But they also offer access to more advanced tools for extra fees. Take a look at Weebly web design platform pricing: everything’s transparent, straightforward and affordable:

5.) They Give You Freedom of Customization:

There are many misconceptions surrounding website builders, and one of the most popular is that on these platforms you’ll be limited to their default templates only. But is not true. On most platforms you can upload your own templates or modify the readymade designs with pixel accuracy. This feature is available on Squarespace web design platform within their Developer Plan, for example.

Author Bio:
Howard Steele is the owner of There he publishes his own professional website builders reviews and comparisons. Apart from these, he writes design-related articles.

How To Optimize Your WordPress Blog For Speed?

There are over 60million websites currently using the WordPress platform and content management system (CMS). This number includes sites hosted on the actual WordPress site, as well as those that use external web hosting but continue to use the WordPress CMS.

Despite there being hundreds of custom WordPress themes, plug-ins, applications, and various other features that users can take advantage of to make their site unique, the fact remains that most of the time, it is extremely easy to tell if as site is a WordPress site or not. If it is, then there is nothing wrong with that. However, all site owners, not just WordPress customers, are always looking to have the quickest, best performing site possible.

The Power of Speed:

Various pieces of research suggest that three seconds is how long your site and its pages should be taking to load. Given that different research has shown top sites like Amazon and eBay to fall well outside that, we’ll take that with a pinch of salt. At the same time, you have to know that big brands are going to be given more slack by browsers. If your small business WordPress site is slow, there’ll be no sympathy.

Here are some tips for speeding it up.

Look at Your Server:

Is your site on a U.S. based server, but you’re actually targeting browsers in the UK? If so, you’re experiencing a familiar problem, one that is slowing down your site and undermining your objectives massively.

Ensure your server is based where the majority of your customers are, so that they’re getting the experience they should be whenever they head to your site.

Compress All Images:

Some guides such as this one are saying, “Remove your images,” but where would the sense in that be when web design is focused on visuals more than ever?

If you’re using your website for blogging, images will make it more engaging and attractive, too.

The answer is simple: keep the images, but compress them, before you upload them. You do this because even if your site automatically reduces the actual size, the file size remains the same. Image Optimizer is a great tool for doing this, and can reduce file size by up to 80%.


Using Minify in addition to compressing images yourself will make your site even quicker, as it streamlines everything so your server can load it quicker.

A note of caution, however; don’t believe that, because you’re using Minify, that it is okay to load up your site with heavy functions and applications. All that will do is give back the performance gains you’ve earned, and possibly make your site even more of an ordeal for browsers. Rather than seeing Minify as an opportunity to make your site more complex, see it as your chance to make a simple site even better.

Take Advantage of the Cache:

You’ll need to use a WordPress caching plug-in for this feature, but it’ll take a significant chunk of time off your page loading times. Caching works by storing your data externally, so that repeat users can get data from there rather than having to put pressure on your server each time they land on your site. If you have static web content, this will massively reduce loading times of pages, and your servers’ workload, as browsers will just get the same data repeatedly from the cache.

The Big Impact:

If you put all of these ideas into practice together, you can expect to see an improvement in page loading times of up to 65%. In a world where time really is money and people want data immediately, can you afford not to be doing more to get your important information in front of your customers’ eyes quicker?

Author Bio:
Robert McKinley is a technology expert who regularly blogs on the impact a VPS host can have on website speeds in comparison to a shared hosting platform. Robert also specializes in areas associated with CMS-based websites, taking a particular interest in WordPress and Joomla.

Simple Solution for Wordpress Contact Form Problem

Wordpress Contact Form Problem
Every business knows the importance of good communication with their customers. That's why the Wordpress contact form plugin is one of the simplest, yet most valuable enhancements you could make to a company's website. Having a form that allows you to receive submissions via email allows a business to capture leads, generate revenue, and receive customer feedback. If this form is not configured properly, and you aren't receiving these emails, your company could be losing out on valuable business and creating a negative customer service experience for visitors to the site. Let's examine a common problem involving the Wordpress contact form, and walk through the steps of the solution.

When form submissions are sent to you through your business's website, the emails are usually sent through the server on which the website is hosted. If the IP address for this server has been associated with spam-related activity in the past, it might be automatically blacklisted by your email server. Therefore, the form submissions would go straight to your spam folder, and you would never see them.

Fortunately, this situation doesn't require you to change your hosting provider. Switching to another provider isn't a guaranteed solution anyway, as a new provider's IP address could easily be blacklisted in the future, causing the same problems to occur with your form. Instead, Wordpress can be configured to send your email out via a different, trusted IP address.

The first step in doing this involves downloading and installing the WP Mail SMTP plugin on your website. This plugin reconfigures Wordpress's mail function to using the SMTP protocol instead of mail(), and provides the website owner with more options for specifying an alternate host for sending mail.

Before selecting an alternate host, you must first confirm that this new IP address is trusted. To accomplish this, you can use a domain's Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record. The SPF record is a published list of IP addresses for a particular domain that are authorized to send email. A couple of recommendations for trusted hosts include AuthSMTP and Amazon SES.

Once you've configured the mail plugin and set up a trusted SMTP host, the final step is to test the form. Send test messages to yourself in the same way that a customer would, and verify that you receive the emails. If the emails arrive successfully, the solution has worked and you should see increased customer communication immediately!

How To Buy An Unavailable Domain?

What is an unavailable domain and how do you buy one? Very often, when you search for a domain name that you want you will find that someone already owns it. This is a very common occurrence, especially if you are looking for a .com domain name. Not only are many of these bought up for websites, many domain investors have gobbled up desirable .com domain names.

Just because a domain name is not immediately available, however, doesn't necessarily mean you cannot buy it. There are other ways to obtain it. Most domain registrars have a service where they help you obtain a domain name that's already owned. There is no guarantee that this will work, but if you really want a domain it's worth trying.

Domain Buy Service:

If you go to, for example, and search for a domain name you may find that it's already registered. In this case, GoDaddy will show you other options that may not be registered. They will also offer to help you obtain the domain for which you originally searched.

If you click on this option, you will see that they have a Domain Buy Service that currently costs $69.99 per domain plus commission. In exchange for this fee, GoDaddy will contact the domain's current owner and negotiate on your behalf. Naturally, it's in the domain registrar's interest to get the domain for you, as they will earn a commission on the sale (read this Namecheap review by Domain Raccoon for more services).

You should, however, only do this for a domain you really want and that has good earning potential. The cost of getting a domain in this manner can be substantial. You are not only paying the registrar for the service, but you don't know how much the current owner may want for the domain -- if he or she is even willing to sell it at all.

Domain Back Orders:

Another option is to back order the domain you want. In this case, you only have a chance to get this domain if the current owner does not renew it. Even then, you may have competition if other people have also back ordered it. In this case, it goes to auction and you will be able to bid against others.

When it comes to expired domains, you should also know that domains don't become available immediately after the expiration date. The current owner has a grace period of 40 days. During this time the owner can still renew it. This means that even if a domain is about to expire immediately, you will still have to wait more than a month before you have a chance to buy it.

Another way to get a domain that will soon expire is to register for a service such as This company and a few others like it will buy a name on your behalf as soon as it becomes available. You will have to pay them a fee, currently $69, and they will try to secure it for you. If others also want it, however, it will go to auction.

Using a service like Snapnames gives you a better chance of getting an expired domain than if you tried to register it yourself after it expires. Still, there is never a guarantee.

Contacting Domain Owners Directly:

Another way to get an unavailable domain name is to contact the owner directly. The owner may not respond to you at all. He or she may quote you a price higher than you're willing to pay. On the other hand, there's always a chance you will be lucky and find that the owner is willing to sell at a price you can afford.
If the domain has a website associated with it, you can often find the owner's contact information on the site. Keep in mind that if the site is well developed, this will probably drive up the domain's value. If there is no website, you can find contact info for the owner at Whois, unless the owner opted for domain privacy.

Author Bio:
Greg has been active in the domain registrar industry for almost a decade. He has bought and sold thousands of domains in various industries and frequently blogs about his experiences on registrars at .

How to Find a Reliable Web Hosting Partner [Infographic]

Your website or blog is as good as the webhost that powers it. A web host is as important to your blog/website as an engine is for a vehicle. It usually is the factor that dictates whether your website can offer a predominantly positive or a lousy user experience. And if we’re not careful, we might fall for those web hosting companies that are only good at doing marketing stunts, but doesn’t focus on their service’s dependability at all. I’ll admit that in the beginning, I too fell victim to those hosts that offer domains for less than $5 a month. Over time though, I have smartened up. I finally realized that the errors and the frequency of slow loading time they’re causing my site is losing far more money than I’m saving.

If you’re currently on that dilemma, where you’re just starting to see how badly you’re mistaken in your selection. Then you have to add ‘seamless transition’ as one of the benefits of the web hosting company you’re going to switch to. On this infographic, you should consider other important factors you should be looking for in a web host.

How to Find a Reliable Web Hosting Partner. Some Important Web Hosting Checklist!

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Daniel A. Schultz love writing blogs, stories, poems and reading as well as collecting quotes & inspirational stuffs. He currently makes a living as an affiliate marketer where he spends most of his day telling people what is Amway review.