Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template

Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template: Nothing is impossible !! Some times due to personal reasons or systematic errors we have to shut down our Blog for better maintenance.In that case every blogger is confuse what to Do? There is nothing to worry, just Download your Blog Template and upload a temporary template Like "Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template",which will inform your blog readers that site/blog is under maintenance due to some personal reasons or any other reason.Moreover this template is a very responsive template and is ideal in situation when your blog is under Construction or Coming soon or Blog Maintenance.This template has 1 columns layout along with crystal black color background and touchy Out look.It has a professional appearance ready with social sharing buttons at header position.It works perfectly with all browsers.

Features Of Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template

  • Professional Style
  • Works with All Browsers
  • WordPress Look
  • 1 Columns
  • Gray
  • Subscription E-mail Widget
  • Black
  • Green 
  • Bookmark Ready

How To Install Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template


Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template
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Rating: 4.5

Siren Blogger Template

Siren Blogger Template :- Siren Blogger Template has 2 Columns Layout along with many other customize-able widgets.This template has One Beautiful right side-bar.This template has a beautiful Black Header along with awesome drop down menu.Read more hack is built-inly present in this template.It has a stunning gray color which makes it an impressive template.This template works perfect with all browsers.You can get it free from Our Blog.
Siren Blogger Template

Features Of Siren Blogger Template

  • Professional Design
  • Gallery Style
  • White 
  • Gray
  • One right Sidebar
  • Works With all browsers
  • Free
  • Auto Read more Hack
  • Header Stunning Look
  • Ads and SEO Ready

Siren Blogger Template
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Rating: 5

MyFinance Blogger Template

MyFinance Blogger Template:- New Stunning Blogger Template released by PBT.This template is ideal for business and Online Dealing niches blogs.According to PBT this template has 4 Columns Footer which is really a unique and impressive feature.It has 2 columns layout along-with beautiful One right side-bar.You Can place your Ads (780x40) on the top of the blog i.e Header. Multi-Tabbed widget is builtinly placed in this Template.This Magazine Style Blogger Template has ready Social Sharing Buttons which will enable the readers to easily share your Blog Contents on Social Media.Drop Down menu which is the combination of green and black colors have been placed above the Post Area which makes it more impressive template.Moreover it works perfect with all type of Browsers.
MyFinance Blogger Template

Features Of MyFinance Blogger Template

  • 1 Sidebar
  • 2 Column
  • 4 Column footer
  • Header Banner
  •  Magazine
  • Premium
  •  Right Sidebar
  •  Slider
  • Tabbed widget
  •  Top Navigation Bar
  •  Web 2.0,
  •  White
  •  Adapted from WordPress
  •  Black
  •  Elegant
  • Featured Section
  •  Fixed width
  •  Fresh
  • Green
  •  Grey

 How To Install MyFinance Blogger Template

MyFinance Blogger Template
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Rating: 4.5

Float Blogger Template

FLoat Blogger Template:- New Awesome Cute Style Blogger Template designed by Sora Templates,Actually this template is ideal for personal blogs.It has ready Social Sharing Buttons at right side-bar and having crystal black color background.Woody Bubble like comment button is present at every post which shows the Number of comments on the Blog Contents.A very Stunning Drop Down menu is added to the header which give 100 points to this template beauty.Ready Author info widget is present in this template where you can edit information.Moreover New Tags and search widgets along with many other customized widgets are added to this template. It works with Google Chrome,Firefox,and Internet Explorer,You can get it free from Our Blog.

Features Of Float Blogger Template

  • Personal
  • Customized ready widgets
  • SEO Friendly
  • Ads Ready
  • Awesome Header
  • Works with all Browsers
  • Fixed Width
  • Top Navigation menu

Configuring Drop Down Menu

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard
  • Click On Template >> EDIT HTML >> and Search for Home you will Find the Below Script
<nav class='menu-menu-container'>
<ul class='menu' id='menu-menu'>
 <li><a href='#'>Home</a></li>
 <li><a href='#'>Styling</a></li>
 <li><a href='#'>Drop-down</a>
 <ul class='sub-menu'>
  <li><a href='#'>News</a></li>
  <li><a href='#'>Video</a></li>
~Replace "#" with your menu URL Item 

Configuring Author Info Widget

Search for the below Code in the Template

<img class='avatar avatar-56 photo' height='56' src='/author.png' width='56'/><h3>About the author</h3>
<p>Donec non enim in turpis...</p>

~Change The Text According and Save template that's it :)

Float Blogger Template
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Rating: 5

The Art Blogger Template

Earth without "Art" is just "Eh",Art is the thing which makes a dirty face beautiful and impressive.The Art Blogger Template is a new Cool Design Blogger template,ideal for music and personal blogs.It has an awesome background which makes it a stunning template.It has 2 Columns Layout along with one dashing side-bar.Drop Down menu with beautiful header is also present at the top section.You Can get it free from Our Blog.It works perfectly with all type of browsers.
The Art Blogger Template

Features Of The Art Blogger Template

  1. Music
  2. 2 Columns
  3. Right Sidebar
  4. Stylish background
  5. Drop Down
  6. Beautiful Header
  7. Top navigation menu
  8. Download free
  9. Works Perfect with all Browsers
  10. Black

Installation and License Of The Art Blogger Template

Ajaxify Blogger Template

Ajaxify Blogger Template is a New Professional Style Blogger Template,this template is designed by NewBloggerThemes.This template is designed for Tech Blogs,you can use it for any Blog.This template has 3 columns layout along with left and right sidebar which makes it more attractive Template.This template has 4 columns footer which is one of the unique thing in this template.You Can Download it free from Our Blog.

Download and Demo Links Credit Goes To

Features Of Ajaxify Blogger Template

  • Professional Look
  • SEO Ready
  • Black
  • White
  • Blogger Tech
  • Magazine Style
  • WordPress Look
  • 3 Columns Layout
  • 4 Columns Footer
  • Works With All Browsers