How To Take 36 Hours Instead Of 24 From Your Day

In the age of modern life, everyone faces short of time problem to do various tasks within 24 hours. As many tasks are required to be completed every day in just 24 hours, and sometimes this time limit seems insufficient. One may need more than 24 hours accomplishing all the tasks successfully. With the growing use of computers and their applications, various tasks can be completed in a short time. The latest innovation of iPad and its applications helps one out of such a tricky situation.

Evernote Application: Organization and Keeping Track of appointments

It seems to be of great help when your daily routine is busy, and one is not able to keep track of appointments. You have to struggle not to miss any appointment. The freely available software, Evernote helps you stay perfectly organized and not miss any appointments. This program is easy to use by voice recording of notes, appointments etc.

Accessing your files:

It acts as a file organizer by adding files to the Dropbox and then sharing your files, photographs, documents and videos with anyone whom you give access. Full safety of the data is ensured by this free application, with 2GB of storage space.

Reminders-Basic edition:

This software helps you in remembering your appointments, by saving a memo with beep time. Basic version is free and limited to three reminders, upgrading to the full version costs $1.99.

Last Time : Track your important events

It helps in categorizing, your time on critical issues. It is done in terms of time management and gets balanced in all areas. It costs $1.99.

Awesome Note HD : To do a calendar

It helps in keeping track of your thoughts and ideas, remembering birthdays. Along with Evernote, it is a substantial attraction with password protection costing $4.99.

Complete workspace:

It helps in organizing your tasks by power to stay on time and guides by indicating set start and due date reminders. It costs $39.99

Personal Finance:

This free application tracks the spending of your money by simply linking your bank accounts. It monitors and sets the budget.

Amazon Mobile:

It is a perfect application for guiding you in purchasing gifts/presents with an instant access to the shopping cart, payment options and tracking delivery schedule. It costs $0.99.

MSpy Mobile app:

The mSpy mobile tracking application allows users to monitor calls, text messages, chats, emails, internet browsing history, videos, images, scheduled events, and notes on a particular device. Its integrated GPS feature allows users obtain an accurate location of the device. This makes it easy to locate the device in case it is stolen or gets lost. Its remote data wipeout and phone locking features guarantees that personal data will not be compromised in case the device is stolen.

Travel Organizer:

This free application is a trip organizer tool and wonderfully helps out with the finalization of the finances and gift options in control; you may be planning for a trip. 

Sticky Notes for iPad:

This application is a very energetic and convenient way to stay organized. It comes in different bright colors and fonts with voice dictation. It costs $0.99.

Habits Pro - Organizer for Goals, Tasks and Health Tracking:

Habits Pro software, with password protection, assists you in living a healthy lifestyle and is as organized as you want.

WiFi Finder:

The WiFi finder application requires you to explicitly click the button to call the WiFi site to search and access for free WiFi anywhere in the world.


Remember The Milk is everywhere you are and feature packed program is able to perform the to-do list organizer the way you need to do with priorities. You can also look at the tasks nearby and plan the exercise in the best possible manner.

250,000+ Recipes and Grocery List:

BigOven, with more than 250,000 recipes, is the perfect cooking tool. It has been awarded the "Best Applications for Foodies, for New Moms and for Eating in", award by well-known publications. It can be used all the time for menu planning, grocery shopping and cooking in the kitchen. The beauty of the software lies in the fact that you can make your own hand written recipes.

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Post by Susan Hampton . Ad coordinator for Mspy , blogger who writes about different useful apps, software and methodology for better and easier life.

Best Smartphone Apps for Road Trips

Best Smartphone Apps for Road Trips
You're excited to pack up the kids and the car for a trip, but which apps will help you save time, money and hassle? What about finding things to do along the way? This list will get you started.

Google Maps:

It's pretty much a given that you're using Google Maps if you own an Android phone. You can set your home, look up businesses in a location, get directions by car, foot or public transportation and check into places once you arrive. Google Maps now included information such as hours of operation for businesses, which is great when you head out of town.


This app can literally save you money on your road trip by helping you to find the cheapest gas stations around. You know how expensive it might be to fuel up at a truck stop gas station right off the highway, and GasBuddy can take you directly to the station that will be nicest to your wallet. You can also log on to GasBuddy's website, which is mobile friendly. If you're interested in helping the community, make sure to update prices from your local gas stations.


If you're going to need a hotel to stay at, the review system from other users on TripAdvisor is a boon. Aside from hotel information, you can find recommendations for hotels and local attractions if the family it looking a little bored with your itinerary. You'll find that the app is less cluttered than some alternatives, so it's easier to find exactly the information that you want.


You probably remember playing the license plate game as a kid when your parents were behind the wheel, so why not offer something for your children to do as you drive across the state or country? RoadTripBingo is that app, which encourages youngsters to find various items as you drive and then shake the device to clear the screen. Even Mom and Dad might get in on the fun.

Roadside America:

Perhaps you're the type of person who cares more about than the journey than the destination. If that's the case, check out Roadside America, an app that points out the crazy tourist destinations along the way that you may have missed if you simply stuck to GPS. You can subscribe to any or all of the six regions, which offer over 6,000 attractions from balls of twine to the world's largest six pack (of beer). Roadside America includes user reviews, so you know what to skip. Addresses, prices and other helpful information are offered in this app and on the Roadside America website.

Of course, plenty of other apps exit. Yelp and UrbanSpoon offer reviews of restaurants and other businesses that you might frequent while on vacation, and OpenTable allows you to make reservations for your party. If you're planning to cross borders, iTranslate can help you get over the language barrier, too. Most of these apps are free, so don't feel bad if you don't love them.

Image Credit: digitalart.

2013′s Best Apps for Lawyers

2013′s Best Apps for Lawyers

Every year, lawyers rely less on pen and paper and more on digital devices. The ABA Legal Technology Resource Center estimates that 91 percent of lawyers use a smartphone. With this growing smartphone usage in the industry comes its own ecosystem of apps for legal use—some of them made for the average consumer and others tailored specifically for lawyers.

Cloud Storage - Dropbox (Free)

Cloud Storage - Dropbox (Free)
In a Lifehacker survey, Dropbox was named the most useful cloud storage app by more than half the votes. The service offers 2GB of free storage with the option to upgrade, and it has clients for almost every platform (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Mac and Web), so your documents are accessible from virtually anywhere.

Files are also stored behind an SSL and AES-256 bit encryption as well as optional two-step verification. So no one is looking at those documents but you.

Text Messages - Go SMS Pro ($1.99)

Text Messages - Go SMS Pro
Recording and documenting text messages is important for lawyers and Android's basic SMS app falls short on this front. The premium version of Go SMS Pro lets you store messages both locally and on the cloud (like a Dropbox account). So if your phone eats it, you can restore every message without a hitch. The app also carries handy features like speech-to-text and play-back when your hands are tied.

Notes - Evernote (Free)

Notes - Evernote
Like Dropbox, Evernote is the most popular and comprehensive app of its genre—it has clients across all platforms, starts you with a free account, and can organize notes with text, voice, pictures and videos. All notes are stored on your account so in case your phone is lost or stolen (and yes, it's password protected) you can still restore everything to a new device.

Legal Research - WestlawNext (Free With Subscription)

Legal Research - WestlawNext (Free With Subscription)

If you have a WestlawNext account, they've made an intuitive app to give you legal access on the go. There are a handful of legal research apps that yield the same info, but this one offers a better interface and usability. This makes it perfect for anyone, from a senior partner like Bob Bratt all the way down to a local county clerk.

Remote Access - LogMeIn Ignition ($29.99)

Remote Access - LogMeIn Ignition

We've featured it before, but in two years no other app comes close. Thirty bucks is a small price to pay to use a remote access app that works across all platforms and is extremely user-friendly. You can look through your home files via a directory or screen share your desktop. The free account is all you need for these features and there's just nothing else that can match this price.

Top 3 Android Battery Saver Apps

With the advancement in smartphone technologies, we are now be able watch movies, make video calls, download file attachments, involve in group chats with friends, play video games for hours, download huge number of apps, etc., using our mobile devices. But the one thing which is missing from these advancements is the battery life of your phones.

It’s not just the usage of apps which is required to perform the above said actions, are sucking up your smartphone battery, but also the basic elements like phone display, Wi-Fi, GPS are certainly needs to be considered. Every one of the smartphone users is looking for a way to optimize their mobile devices for extra battery life, but it wouldn’t be possible without the use of batter saver apps.

Android Battery Saver Apps

Yes, that’s right. A battery saver app can help you to optimize the smartphone based on the usage and get you extra long battery life. Isn’t that you want? Well, let’s have a look at the top three android battery saver apps which are worth considering to get extra battery life.

1) DU Battery Saver & Widgets:

The DU Battery Saver & Widgets is a free battery saver app, which will help you to get additional battery life for your smartphones by lowering or shutting down some of its components. The application UI is really pleasing to watch and you will able to see, how much battery life of your mobile device is left just by looking at the display. In case if you would like to get extra battery life, say 7 hours instead of the 6 hours shown on the display you just need to click on the optimize option, which will show how you can optimize your device to get the extra battery life. By using this app plenty of users have benefited and we were able to get a maximum of 1 hours and 16 minutes extra battery life.

2) Greenify:

Greenify is one of the best battery life saver app, which is must have for people who would like to download and use plenty of apps. When you download and install the Greenify app, it will automatically hibernate the apps which are running in the background of your device after you have finished using them. But to use this automatic hibernate feature, you must add the apps which are needs to be Greenified while configuring the Greenify app. Although the app requires root access to work, using Greenify on your smartphone is the best way to save your battery life which was being used by unnecessary smartphone apps running the background.

3) Battery Doctor:

Battery Doctor, just like the other battery saver apps helps users to save the battery for extra usage. But what set it apart from the other apps, is its ability to teach some good battery saving habits to the smartphone user. The Battery Doctor app shows the amount of power which is being consumed by every app, and how you can modify certain things to improve battery life. Along with it, the app will make you to charge the device to a certain level regularly and never let the battery life go down below another level. Apart from the battery saving abilities, the batter doctor app will help your smartphone to perform faster while you’re using it.

All these three apps will help you save your smartphone battery and improve its battery life. If you are going for a trip or a meeting or to some place, where charging your smartphone battery is quite difficult, then it is wise to consider the apps given here.

Author Bio:
By Sathishkumar Varatharajan, An avid Android lover, Sathishkumar Varatharajan is regularly on the lookout of things which will make his smartphone better. He also writes about Android Rooting in one of his beloved Android blog for all the rooting lovers.

Tips To Choose Spy App For Mobile Phone Tracking

Spy App For Mobile Phone Tracking
Finding a perfect mobile phone monitoring software might be a difficult task because there’s so many different solutions online these days. The biggest problem most people face is that they only need one good app and with so many choices it’s hard to find the one that best suits your needs. With so many misleading information and web sites that often confuse you instead of making your choice easier it can be difficult do actually find out which ones are good and reliable apps and which ones offer everything you need. With a few guidelines you can find here it will be much easier for you to actually understand what to look for in a good monitoring app.

Avoid free software:

Monitoring apps are state of the art software solutions whose development costs money, so keep in mind that there’s no reliable free software out there. There are a lot of web sites that will offer you free monitoring apps but don’t trust them, because they are only trying to keep you on their web site or trying to get to your credit card information. If you find a web site that offers a free trial of a monitoring software, without asking you to give them your personal and credit card information, than it might be a good idea to try these apps. This could be a good way to find out if this is the best app for you.

Price is not the most important thing:

It’s understandable that you want to find a perfect app without having to pay a lot of money for it, but keep in mind that cheaper is not always better. You should first find out what does the app offer, does it offer everything you need or maybe more than you need. If you want an app with good value rates, check for mSpy app. Once you define what you actually want from a monitoring software then finding something that will stay within your budget should not be a problem with so many solutions out there. Do some research if you don’t want to pay an app that’s cheap and useless, or overpay an app with more features than you need.

Available features:

When you find a potential solution for your monitoring software always go to the app’s web site and check all the features it offers. Some of the products offer a lot of different features and advanced options and some of them only offer some basic and standard features. You should always consider what do you actually need and what exactly you want to monitor on a desired smartphone. If you just want to know with who the owner of a targeted phone is talking to or sending messages to than a basic monitoring app is enough for you. If you need additional options you should go for the advanced apps.

Recommended: How To Launch Parental Control On Different Platform.

Check compatibility:

This is an extremely important thing to check if you want your monitoring app to work at all. Many developers are saying that their app are working with all phones but this is mostly not true. Usually the majority of these apps are compatible with Android powered phones, iPhones and Blackberries. It’s also important to check if the app you want works not only with the operating system on the phone but with the version that it’s used.

Customer support:

Always choose apps that offer customer support. There’s no use in buying an app without being able to contact someone if something goes wrong. Reliable monitoring software developers always have customer support for their products, usually via phone, e-mail or live chat. Avoid developers that don’t offer adequate support for their apps.

With these guidelines and some research on your own you should be well informed in order to find a perfect monitoring software that will suit all your needs.

Image Credit: David Castillo Dominici.

Best Picture Sharing Apps of iPhone And Android

Nowadays image Sharing is kind of Common. There was a time when Digital Cameras were used for this purpose however now most of Smartphones features a nice camera to capture a stunning image.. However simply taking photos isn't enough, everybody desires to Share their photos with their friends and family, therefore here are some applications that can be used to share photos from your Smartphone. Whether it’s a iPhone iPod or iPad or an android Smartphone.


Picture Sharing App - Flickr

Flickr is a picture sharing and video Sharing App, it's a cross platform app that can be used from Windows also as From Smartphones, it has been taken by Yahoo In 2005. Its network has countless photos which you can like or share.


Picture Sharing App - Wink

You have Personal photos and you only wish to share with somebody special in your contacts. Here let me present you the right app. As it’s a personal image sharing application. From this app you'll be able to directly share photos along with your specified contacts. It conjointly syncs your contacts from your phone memory therefore you don’t need to Add individuals on your own.


Picture Sharing App - Instagram

Instagram is a image sharing, video sharing and a social Application, from this photos may also be shared to other social networks sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ and tumbler. it had been created in October 2010 and its one of the foremost quick growing application; In august 2011 instagram proclaimed that a hundred and fifty million photos were shared through instagram. You can also edit your photos and apply numerous different filters to your photos before uploading or sharing them. Photos can be liked and commented upon; its platform it very tempting and this application is used from Windows and Android and iOSSmartphones.

It’s a free app,In both PlayStore and iStore.


Picture Sharing App - Photobucket

It’s a image sharing application only for android users and it's expected that its IOS version is going to be released shortly; as it’s a really far-famed and quick growing application for videos and image sharing, its one among the numerous advantage is that you can link the uploaded photos to Numerous other websites, it’s a cross platformapplication; you can use it on windows and your smartphone or tablet, image can be edited with a lot of filters present in the tools and another awesome feature is that the you can combine your different pictures to create a combo image. It’san extremely nice application that can be used for sharing photos along with your friends and family.


Picture Sharing App - SphereShare

Sphereshare is presently an android application however it'll be shortly launched for IOS.. Its speciality is that you just can upload panorama photos from your android smartphone or tablet and share them along with your friends and family. Photos of 360 degrees can also be uploaded and there is a option to see them in 3D, which make them look real. Photos can be liked andyou can comment on them and you can upload and download the images and share them on social networks sites like Facebook, twitter, tumbler and Google plus. And you'll be able to also check in at some city or area through this app with yourGoogle account

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3 Apps Every Parent Needs

Becoming a parent will make your life incredibly, significantly busier - no doubt about that. I grew up in a large family so there was always some sort of chaos with the younger kids. If it be potty training, what they needed to eat, cleaning up after them, making sure they were doing their homework, or whatever else, there is always something to do. Although there is good news and there is help! If you know where to look, there are many tools available to help you with your kids. Here are a few apps that can offer some help to a parent in need.

1.) Fooducate

Not only can this app be helpful to you and help you lose weight, but if you're concerned about what your child is eating this app is just for you. In this app you able to grade you food and tell you whats really in it. You can scan a product and then it will tell you the real ingredients and how healthy it really is, and then give you a healthier option of what you could eat. This has the largest market available of UPCs with over 200,000 products ad more being added. This app was rated as the number one iPhone Health and Fitness category in the Apple App Store, 1st Prize in US Surgeon General Healthy App Challenge, and was even featured on Oprah, ABC, FOX, and others. This is a fantastic app for anyone wanting to keep a close eye on what they eat and what they're feeding their children.


This app is great for anyone with a family. What this app does is it links up to your home security systems and allows you to monitor and control every part of your home security system from the app. You can control the lights, unlock or lock the doors, control the thermostat, and even set up certain wall plugs to be turned on or off from the app. So if you accidentally left your curling iron on you could turn off the wall plug from your app. This app is perfect for anyone that has babysitters as well. The app can also link up to any home security cameras you have so you could keep a close eye on you kids and your babysitter at all times.

3.) 2Do: Tasks Done in Style

Moms are known for their multitasking, but all that mental energy and trying to remember everything can bring on a lot of stress and frustration. With this app you can sync all of your to-do lists in one place. This app can go from a simple checklist - to a huge project manager. It's incredibly easy to use and allows you to prioritize your to-do list so you don't get anything mixed up or misplaced. It can sync from your dropbox, iCloud, Yahoo, and a lot more. You can even tell Siri to remind you of something and it will sync to this app.

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David Michael LeMarr is a musician, blogger, public communicator, and future architect - follow him on Twitter // Facebook // Wordpress.

Top 5 Investment Apps

Top 5 Investment Apps
Creative Commons image source
Technology is more than a source for investments that have the potential for big payoffs in a short amount of time. Technology is providing us with tools for smarter investing in other areas of finance, allowing virtually anyone to track prominent trends, quickly make trades, and put money to work efficiently on the open market. One of the fastest growing forms of this type of technology is coming in the form of Apps for smart phones and tablets. Because more and more people are making their trades on the go, the following Apps are ideal for investors of all experience levels who do not want to necessarily be tied to a desk.

Motif Investing:

Available in both a desktop format or as an iPhone App, this free software streamlines one's portfolio and is capable of creating over 90 different themes. It handles 30 stocks per portfolio well, encouraging users to funnel their investments into more concentrated areas of the market. Each portfolio comes with a $9.95 charge, and the minimum investment amount is $250. This App is not geared towards the long-term investor, but it is perfectly designed for the day trader or those wishing to begin dabbling in the world of high finance. The acclaim for this App has come from both novice traders and MIT instructors who are experts in the field of finance.


Many investors have no problem establishing a portfolio with which to work. However, once their money is in place, a great deal of traders are unsure of how to optimize them for their personal goals in the market. This App takes the most important data from your portfolio and puts it on a single page that is organized in a dashboard fashion. From there, the program makes recommendations based on the relevant data. SigFig is free and works on all desktop computers, iPhones, and Android devices. The program is much better suited for long-term investors. It is capable of synching with up to 90 different brokerages in order to track 401(ks), general investments, and IRAs.

Personal Capital:

This App finds its strength in the number of tools built in to manage money and maintain investing budgets. It provides a complete listing of all your investments at the touch of a button in addition to summarizing your total investments in a way that puts the numbers in context of the market at large. The management tools have received high marks from the editor of as well. Although the App and the website are free, users have access to financial advice on a regular basis for a flat fee. This program also allows users to make money transfers using bank accounts and track credit card information in real time.


Compatible with desktop computers, iPhones, Android devices, Blackberries, and Windows Phones, this App opens people's eyes to the in and outs of the high-finance world. Each investment comes with reliable and well-researched data that is updated in real time. There are few other Apps that put so much data at the fingertips of investors. The charts that users can access to guide their decisions are interactive and constantly updated. This App will even construct new charts based on the performance of investments in order to better guide the individual investor.

Morning Star:

Geared towards research and the exchange of mutual funds, Morning Star constantly updates users as to the top-performing holdings and exchange funds. This powerful software is capable of handling up to 8,100 mutual funds at any given time, giving users a huge amount of freedom when it comes to diversifying their investments on the open market.

When it comes to money, finances, and investments, it's always good to have information at your fingertips. No matter which app you choose, you'll be confident using modern technology to keep tabs on your investments no matter where you are.

Author Bio:
Financial advisor Frank Starr enjoys sharing money managing tips and investment advice with his readers. Frank also has contributed to educational material featuring online masters in finance programs for others interested in a career in finance.

Super Smartphone Apps For Drivers

While using a mobile while driving is illegal unless it's on hands free (and there is a school of thought says that it's unsafe to talk on a mobile while driving at all), modern smartphones can be very useful to drivers. Everybody knows about maps, so let's take a look at some other interesting apps to help motorists.

I=iPhone, A=Android, W=Windows Phone, B=Blackberry

AA Parking (I,A)

This is essentially a searchable database of parking places. You can look for car parks near where you are or get organized and enter a destination to find parking places where you're going. The app shows prices (where applicable) and whether or not the spaces are covered and/or attended.

Trapster (I, A, W, B)

This is an outstanding example of using technology to make it more convenient for people to help each other like they always have. In the old days, if a driver saw a road hazard up ahead, they'd flash their lights to alert the people behind, now they just upload it to Trapster (along with various sorts of law-enforcement cameras).

DailyRoads Voyager (A)

Essentially a black box for cars to provide evidence in the event that the smartphone's owner has an accident. Basically it sits on your dashboard and films through your windscreen on a loop. While it's filming, it's also monitoring and recording your speed and location (via GPS). You choose what to keep by tapping on the screen.

As a piece of completely unrelated trivia, the black boxes in planes are actually orange. They're formally known as flight data recorders or accident data recorders and nobody actually knows for sure how they came to be known as black boxes. Contrary to urban myth it had nothing to do with being invented by a person with the surname Black.

Trip Advisor (I,A,W)

Not technically a car-related app, but it certainly can be useful for people on the road, particularly those with children. While travellers with families will probably try to book ahead for accommodation, Trip Advisor may be handy as plan B for emergencies. It's also a great way to find places to eat and has plenty of other handy information, such as details of local attractions.

IonRoad (I,A)

May be a terrible pun, but it's a relatively new app with a lot of potential. Going by the user reviews, there are still some teething problems with the free version, although overall the reviews seem to be more positive than negative. The very affordable paid-for version gets a higher rating. Both versions essentially do the same job, which is to warn drivers when they're in danger of hitting another vehicle. As well as being useful for learner drivers who are still learning to judge distances, it's vastly more accurate than the human eye in low-visibility conditions. Although it's intended to prevent collisions between cars, the technology will also work for other similar hazards, which could be very useful for those who have to drive on country roads and have to negotiate occasional fallen trees and stray sheep.

Find My Car (I,A) and Sally Park (I)

These two apps essentially do the same job. They help you find where you left your car. The main difference is that Find My Car is free, whereas Sally Park charges a small fee for a neater interface. Basically you train yourself to fire up either of these apps whenever you leave your car and, assuming it's still in the same place when you want to find it again, either of these apps will reunite you with your wheels. They may not be lifesavers, but they can certain save massive amounts of time and many arguments.

Top Gear (I,A)

Some say that it's an icon of British culture and that it's refreshingly frank and uniquely quirky, all we know is if you don't have a clue what the opening to this paragraph was all about you at least need to watch one episode. Rather like the programme, this app serves basically no practical purpose whatsoever and divides opinions over whether it's entertaining or just annoying. While free to download and use, it's probably best kept for places where you can get wifi.

Author Bio:
After almost 15 years working for various financial service companies, Kit MacLean escaped to work as a freelance writer and translator. She has a keen interest in cars and motoring and likes to keep her own set of wheels in tip top condition. Although she's not a big fan of cleaning, so typically uses a local car valeter to do that bit for her! Well, why get your hands dirty when you can put your feet up and let someone else do it for you?

The Best Concert Ticket Apps For Amazing Deals

Getting tickets for the biggest concert of the Summer is not always plain sailing and quite often we need to tighten the purse strings so we can afford that ticket. Concert ticket sites like BoxOfficeHero and TicketMaster usually offer some good value deals for shows, but to be sure that you are getting the best possible deal you should take a look at these powerful smartphone apps specifically for buying tickets, to make real savings on your tickets.

eSeats Tickets (Free)

eSeats is an app that is well loved by all of its users. Money back guarantees and a dedication to customer service make it a safe bet for those of us that are new to ticket apps. eSeats prides itself on allowing only genuine tickets to be sold through its app and their well placed connections within the business enable them to offer tickets to shows that are already sold out.

Verdict – A simple app with great resources for finding good deals and excellent customer service.

StubHub (Free)

Download via iTunes
StubHub boasts that they bring the world’s largest ticket marketplace right to your Smartphone, and with hundreds of ticket retailers to choose from, finding good value for money is not such a difficult task. StubHub also allows ticket holders to sell on unwanted tickets through the app and while buying tickets in this manner usually ends up costing a small fortune, you’d be surprised how much some will sell their extra stubs for just to get rid of them.

Verdict – A large database of ticket retailers plus private sellers gives you greater odds at finding a good deal.

Live Nation (Free)

Download via Google play
The world’s leading live entertainment company have now got their very own app. Live Nation seems to be the app that’s in the know when it comes to ticket sales. Exclusive app pre-sales, on sales, and last minute tickets are just some of the great deals that can be found in app. Find tickets for concerts that you thought were sold out and even get bargain tickets for the biggest shows.

Verdict – A great app for offering a variety of deals on tickets and a sure thing for good value.

SeatGeek (Free)

Download via iTunes
By far and away one of the best apps for getting deals on tickets is the SeatGeek app. This brilliant app has interactive maps that let you get right into the venue before you buy your ticket. You can easily see which tickets are good value as all of those available are highlighted in green and the pricey tickets are a dark red and easy to avoid. SeatGeek also uses a deal rating system that scores each ticket from 1-100 with regards to how good a deal you are getting.

Verdict – With fantastic interactive venue maps and a simple but very effective deal rating system, SeatGeek is an absolute must for concert goers looking for amazing deals.

5 Must Have Mobile Phone Apps For Your Job Interview

5 Must Have Mobile Phone Apps For Your Job Interview
Img. Credit: freedigitalphotos
A Mobile phone is the most handy gadget we have access to anytime, any day and depending on how you adapt yours, it can be a lot more functional for you. If you are a job seeker, there are brilliant apps that can make your job search much more efficient and these are discussed below.

5 Must Have Mobile Apps for Job Seekers

1.) iPQ Career Planner

This app is a definite must if you are a college graduate in the uncertain job market. What this app allows any job seeker to do is take an assessment, answering questions about your own personal traits to assess your strengths and weaknesses. It also allows the user to familiarize themselves with questions an interviewer may use during the personal assessment. The most important feature of this app is its ability to download a report that summarizes the strengths, weaknesses, and helps identify a suitable job for your desired career path.

2.) Pocket Resume

This keen app is for career seekers on the go, who want to showcase their skills in a short amount of time. With Pocket Resume, you are allowed to create a resume directly from your smart phone or tablet by just entering the requested details asked by the app. There is no need to focus on the formatting or layout of the resume, the app will generate all of this for you upon completion. You are allowed to create and store multiple resumes, and also send them directly from your mobile device to your desired employer. This app is essential for those who are always travelling and on the go, but need to make small changes to their current resume for different positions.

3.) Hidden Jobs

Unknown to most career seekers, the majority of open jobs are not posted in the classified ads or online job sites. The Hidden Jobs app is capable of tracking millions of unadvertised careers from company leads before they begin to hire. The app is not a job seeking app, but more of a career scouting app, notifying you where jobs will open in the near future in a location near you. This app uses Google to find open jobs at the company you decide to track, and sends push notifications once any hiring initiative has begun.

4.) Good Job

This is one of the most valuable job searching apps on the market to date. This app the perfect assistant in one’s job search, with its multitude of features, such as saving client information, tracking successful and disappointing interviews, allowing for multiple resume storage and sending the right documents to the right companies. You are also allowed to store, back up, and send files from your mobile device in PDF format straight to your PC. The simplicity of the app allows for the reduction in overall paperwork, and is great for the multitasking career hunter.

5.) BeKnown

This mobile job seeking app has increased in trending popularity, because of the platforms it uses to attract attention to your personal profile. The app works with Facebook’s timeline without revealing social network interactions, so business and pleasure are never combined. Facebook is the #1 site employers browse online, more than any other site. This application allows for one to utilize their education and professional experience from their Facebook profile, while using a separate discreet website to showcase your professionalism.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Zendra Thurmin, a technology enthusiast and career adviser with useful tips on the best methods for effective job search in South Africa.

Top 2 Apps For Flickr Users

With DSLR cameras becoming more accessible to ordinary consumers, photo sharing and photo print products has almost become a norm in our society. Now with a mobile device one can take almost unlimited shots of one’s favorites and store, organize and create a photo album off them. Additionally, there are also almost endless lists of photo editing apps designed to help people better create stunning photos and storystreams with their shots. One of such apps with remarkable recommendation is Picasa.

Picasa is a popular image organizer and viewer used for organizing and editing digital photos. It is integrated with a photo sharing website called Picasa Web Albums (PWA) to enable users share their photos with ease.

Now, a very similar website to PWA is Flickr, a popular media hosting website where people host and share their personal photographs. However, Flickr has become the media home on which bloggers host the images they embed in their blogs and social media thereby making it one of the biggest media host on the internet. If you are one of those who use Flickr almost on daily basis or perhaps an individual who just fancy this photo platform, here are the top 3 apps you should consider having installed in your device to enhance your Flickr experience.

Flickit Pro

Flickit Pro

Flickit Pro is an app designed to enhance Flickr experience on iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad. It is a product from the Green Volcano Software and requires iOS 4.0 and later.

Basic features:

Photoflow - A clean photo navigation feature resembling Cover Flow on iPods or in iTunes. Additionally, users can enable the tilt ‘mode’ so they can scroll through photos using their device accelerometer.

Infinite Scrolls – Perhaps you have a photostream on Flickr with thousands of photos. With Flickit Pro you can just scroll through them endlessly as a single list of photos without any waiting time that may distract your browsing.

Batch Uploads – Flickit Pro enables users to upload their photos in batches instead of one by one. Additionally, users can also choose sets, tags or groups, and set metadata defaults. You can also auto post to twitter and other logging services, and if you are using a device with 3GS, you can even upload videos.

Favorite Contacts – With Flickit Pro you can create a customized list of favorite contacts so you get to follow only your family and friends or get updates only from those your cherish their work.

In addition to all these cutting edge features, Flickit Pro will also allow you to get details on photos, including reading comments on them and being able to add your own comments. You can also view Flickr videos, find photos with keyword search, view nearby photos and explore other interesting photos on Flickr right from your mobile device. Flickr Pro sells for a mere $4.99.

What The Users Think of Flickit:

Flickit Pro is a popular app that has gained way too much popularity among Flickr lovers because of the wealth of features it provides. Many users have used and continue to recommend this app based on its ease of use, the ability to multi-upload and organize photos in a way to suit the user. This is the one app that combines almost all features of other 3rd party apps for Flickr, even those that couldn’t be found on other apps. For instance, while no other app supports putting photos into multiple sets, Flickit Pro allowed a user to conduct a 365 project right from his device.


  • Supports multiple photo uploads.
  • Upload and view videos.
  • Cutting edge photo organizing features.
  • Exceptional photo navigation features.


App might be slow on some devices. If this happens to you be sure you are using the latest version and running on the recommended iOS.

FlickFolio for Flickr

FlickFolio for Flickr

FlickFolio is an app designed to facilitate Flickr photo gallery organizing and batch uploads from Android devices. It is a perfect app that excels at offline viewing.


FlickFolio grows with your device - It is perfect for tablets running on Honeycomb (Android 3.0), comes with a native functionality that is ICS (Android 4.0) ready, and decodes JPG on Android 2.3.3+ devices.

Supports offline viewing – With FlickFolio, you can auto download your photos and take them anywhere you go with you. To make sure this doesn’t interface with other commands on your device, the auto downloads are made small and syncs when your phone is charging.

Unlimited exploration – Explore Flickr to its fullest; find photos that interest you, create contacts, find groups and create favorites. Find details to reach photo, see their comment and add your own comments.

Make stunning presentations – You can use FlickFolio to make a clean presentation to family and friends or to your clients. The app automatically optimizes your photo size to fit your device; your phone or tablet.

Supports batch uploads – You can upload photos in batches in the background while you do other things with your device. You can simply share photos from your gallery with FlickFolio to upload them or set up your auto uploads to add your photos and videos to your photostream.

Ease of use with amazing UI – FlickFolio comes with an amazing user interface that is not only easy to use but presents all the control options in a clean pattern. You can view photos in full screen slideshows, move photos between albums, upload with geolocation and share your photos via email, facebook and twitter.

It is reasonably priced – Regardless of all its features, FlickFolio sells for $2.99

What The Users Think of FlickFolio:

With a dominant of 5 star ratings on independent review sites like, and on some app listing sites, FlickFolio seems to have built a huge database of well satisfied users. Users love its boatload of functionalities, customization and control options. The fact that one can schedule batch uploads at the background which doesn’t interface with other activities on the device made it a worthy app for some users. Additionally, many people loved that they were able to get such a great app at fewer than 3 bucks.


  • Supports batch uploads.
  • Auto optimizes image to fit device screen.
  • Accommodates different Android OS versions and grows with your device.
  • Provides great offline access to photos.


A few customers had problems with logging in and staying logged in on Kindle Fire device.

Author Bio:
Steven is an avid android user, who is always looking for new applications to write reviews and evaluations about, and a writer in his software blog. Steven focuses on online services, like cloud storage, photo sharing platforms and online printing.

Make Your Road-Trips Exciting With These Apps

Make Your Road-Trips Exciting With These Apps
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With the bright summer around, almost everyone’s making plans for picnics, trips, and more travel. Road trips can be fun and adventurous, but confirming on the right pit stop could be tricky. With mobile apps designed for all your needs, it surely does make your road trip easier and exciting.

If you are planning on an adventurous road trip, but not sure about the plan of action, here come some of the best mobile apps to guide you through the entire trip and make it memorable.

1.) Waze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic

The smartest navigational solution that provide services like - crowdsourcing fuel prices, real time traffic data, alert on road hazards and speed traps, and help you save time and money. With the help of Waze, you can easily find out the nearest and the cheapest community gas station, keep your friends posted about your joy ride with a real-time map showing your location, fully voice guided navigation, report on any road closures with real time data and much more. The app is a perfect solution to make any road trip hassle free and memorable.

2.) Food Tripping

The GPS designed app helps the user to find the nearest food joints, juice corners, farmers’ market, breweries, etc. with one of the best user interface, the app provides the best database with healthy and popular food stuffs, various food category, popular food joints, new business offering suggestion, sharing details through social media, and much more. FoodTripping app is available for both iOS and Android platform.

3.) Serendipitor

Worried about getting lost in a road trip or trying to find a route, Serendipitor comes to the rescue. The user can simply put up the starting point and the desired destination, and the app provides the road map for the route. It gives you a systematic direction guide, which makes the navigation easier. The app also gives its user some fun detours and location, which can make your road trip even more exciting. The app definitely offers the best of hassle free travel.

4.) Hotel Tonight

This is one is specifically for the sudden multiday trips, where you just hit the road and later realize you are yet to book a hotel. Hotel Tonight is specially designed for all those adventure travelers, who can grab the best and last –minute deals with the help of this app. One of the biggest adventures about the app is that it provides last minute hotel deal over 12 countries.

Author Bio:
Michael is a copywriter with Zco Corporation, One of the Largest Custom Mobile App Developers in the World.

Mobile Phones Apps Great For Keeping On Track Of Gold And Silver Prices

Mobile Phones Apps Great For Keeping On Track Of Gold And Silver Prices

Given today's current economic crises around the world, some people have chosen to invest in precious metals to ensure future financial security. According to an article submitted to Zero Hedge, a top financial blog, "This is the first time in human history in which all the world's major currencies are collapsing together." Mike Maloney, the originator of the article, addresses the fact that the state of money throughout the world is constantly in flux, and right now, we're at the end stages before a new currency is introduced into the system backed by "sound money," or money backed by precious metals. Those who invest in gold, silver and other precious metals will find greater security in the coming years. How do you know the worth of these metals? There are apps for that.

The following lists several apps to help you stay informed on the going rate of precious metals.

For Android devices:

1.) Gold Live!

Developed by Kitco, one of the leading metals information sites in the industry, Gold Live! offers a plethora of features for those staying on top of the metals game. Its layout is customizable and interactive, allowing users to see the information they need quickly. With multiple language options, real-time metal pricing updates and rate comparisons with 13 countries, Gold Live! presents a wide array of features and is free to download.

2.) Gold & Silver Price Checker

If you're looking for a simple, intuitive app to help you buy and sell precious metals, then Gold & Silver Price Checker for Android is your go-to app. Its 2-click system allows users to access updated information quickly. This simple app features historical charts on gold prices as well as current spots, letting you find the information you need quickly, for free.

For Apple devices:

1.) Gold Silver

Developed by the American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX), the free Gold Silver app for iPhone brings you up-to-date information on a comprehensive list of precious metals. Unlike other apps, this one locates over 40 types of precious metals and their current pricing, which means you have a complete list of all major metals in the palm of your hand.

2.) Gold Tracker

According to the app's developer, Hearn Apps, LLC, "Gold Tracker has the most advanced calculator of any precious metals app on the App Store." With over 150 currencies available on the app, dealers and investors alike will find the information they need for currencies around the world. Its comprehensive set of features includes accurate updates, history charts and personalized records to help you stay on top of your metals. The fee for the app is $2.99 as of this writing.

If you need to stay on top of gold, silver and other precious metal prices, then having a handy app will help you to do that. These four apps come highly rated by thousands of happy customers. Whatever type of mobile device you own, you can stay up-to-date on the latest values of gold and silver in the current economy, which will allow you to determine whether it's time to buy, sell or invest in precious metals.

Author Bio:
Sally writes for hard to find metals company Dynamic Metals who also stock 300M steel alloy and many other hard to find metals.