7 Traits of Rock-Star Employees

Finding the right person for the job can be very challenging.  Businesses always look for the most highly qualified workers with the skills to help them get ahead in this highly competitive market. The most successful companies hire for future success, and heavily consider personality when determining the best employees. Star employees in an organization always have a great future; they excel in their jobs, and their career progress is like a rock-star’s record on the charts. They are skilled, capable and trusted to do well in almost any job.

7 Traits of Rock-Star Employees

Regardless of their, salary, age or sex, rock-star employees possess some common traits. Here are seven of them.

1. They Take Initiative
An employee’s ability to produce insightful thoughts generally indicates they are dedicated to success. Star employees possess a can-do attitude, and a willingness to learn and accept criticism. These self-directed employees who look for new opportunities and imagine fresh possibilities will best represent an organization. They step up and take ownership in solving problems and achieving the right results. These star employees motivate the team and add more energy.

2. They Have Integrity
Integrity means keeping promises, doing hard work, and showing diligence and perseverance.  Star employees are always true to themselves and their full potential, which means performing excellent work. Great employees display strong ethical values. Trust, kindness, and respect for other coworkers make them model employees. They act by the rules and help others do the same.

3. They Deliver results
Great employees always feel proud of their work. They believe in delivering results because they want to contribute to the company’s success and feel valued. Most of all, star employees take action and take chances. New opportunities lead them to success and mold confidence to produce breakthrough ideas. Action-oriented employees always make money for the company.

4. They Communicate Well
Rock-star employees always use the most effective, influential and clear way of communicating their point. Communication skills have a strong connection with other important features a great employee possesses, such as the ability to disseminate information and motivate fellow workers. Solid communication skills also help you and your boss better understand each other, which is key to success.

5. They’re Adaptable
Great employees are flexible. They perform well with several assignments, both individually or as a team member. They embrace versatility to meet the pace of the business. Rock-star employees eagerly accept diverse tasks. The way an employee reacts to sudden changes measures his potential to adapt to needs of the business world. Their ability to compete is dependent upon their ability to adjust in an odd situation. A star performer embraces flexibility to lead the change.

6. They Don’t Create Drama
Great employees keep themselves calm in challenging situations, and look for solutions instead of creating arguments. They don’t allow themselves to be drawn into the fight, to pull rank or to lose their temper.  They always prepare themselves for a potentially unpredictable condition by attaining strong control over their emotions.  As a rock-star employee, they become the voice of authority and motivation – and preserve the peace rather than creating more chaos.

7. They Have Passion
At work, “passion” has become an unavoidable word in recent years. Passion is what makes an employee stand out above the rest. Unlike many other traits, passion is easy to spot in great employees — you can often sense someone’s passion as soon as you meet them. Although you can’t force yourself to be passionate about your job, you can pursue a line of work that you feel passionately about to help ensure success. A truly passionate person will even influence their fellow workers to care as much as they do about achieving even the loftiest goals.

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