How To Check Your Remote Control Using Your Mobile's Camera

Hi friends Iam back with a new trick. Yesterday i struck with a problem (i.e) My TV remote is not working I replaced the battery of my remote but eventhough it is not working. Then i thaught that there would be some problem with my remotes circuit. I just tried to search for these problems online. Unfortunately i came with a trick to check my remote's control using mobile's camera. After doing this trick only i came to realize that there was some problem with my TV and not with my Remote.

Here is what i did:

  • Open the Camera on you mobile.
  • Then keep your remote's head near the camera.
  • Then press the remote's buttons you can see the light ray visible on your mobile's camera (If your remote is working)

See the screenshots below:

How To Check Your Remote Control Using Your Mobile's Camera

How To Check Your Remote Control Using Your Mobile's Camera

How it works:

  • The 'Infra-Red' light that comes from a remote is usually invisible........ until viewed digitally.
  • Just look at a Digital camera LCD display whilst getting someone to use the remote aimed at the camera.
  • You should see little flashes of White light. This works best close-up, in a darkened room.
  • (You could also use a camcorder, and of course any mobile phone with a camera. Try it!)
  • If you dont have a digital camera, just operate the remote near the aerial of a radio, switched to AM or MW. (but not FM.)
  • You should hear a blip, or pulsing sound if your remote if functioning properly.

Hope this helps you too...If so feel free to comment or share this post.

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