How to Convert PDF to Word for Free

The two most popular file formats used on a regular basis in the digital world are probably the PDF format and the Microsoft Word format. They are used in the office, at school and at home by just about every computer user for a large variety of purposes.

PDFs are used because they are universal and compact. This is what makes them great for sending information between people. However, they are hard to edit, which is one of their main downfalls. MS Word files, however, are easily editable. When people receive information as a PDF and they want to edit the information, converting the file into an MS Word file is one of the quickest and easiest ways to do so.

Thankfully, there are some great online converters that can take care of this for you - one is Convert PDF to Word. This online tool is completely free to use and it gives you high-quality conversions that maintain the form and structure of your PDF when converting it into a Word file.

The conversion can be performed with this online tool in three easy steps, with no need to download any type of desktop software.

1. Click “Browse” to select the PDF you want to convert.

2. Enter your email address.

3. Click “Send”.

A link for downloading your newly converted MS Word file will be sent to your email address.

It’s very reliable and quick, and of course, it is completely free. Anyone who needs to perform a quick and accurate conversion from PDF to Word should definitely try out Convert PDF to Word as a highly recommended free online option.

Using The Internet To Protect Your Home

Using The Internet To Protect Your Home
The Internet has grown to allow us to do wondrous things. We can communicate around the world in a matter of seconds and complete work entirely online. Today the Internet also allows people to add extra security to a home. Home security has forever changed with the advent of the Internet. People can monitor what is taking place inside their home to figure out whether or not danger is present at any given time. A homeowner can use the Internet to provide added safety to her home to feel more secure and protect all loved ones and guests.

Install Surveillance Cameras:

Surveillance cameras are used to monitor both the inside and outside of a home. Did you know that you could hook up your camera to the Internet? If you have a smartphone, you can link your camera's live feed directly to your phone. This means that you can monitor all activity going on in your home at all times. All you need is access to the Internet and you will have the ability to stream from your home surveillance camera. Cameras can also have saved recordings downloaded to a server. It does not matter if someone destroys your camera or home computer. Since the live feed can be recorded and saved to an outside server, there will always be evidence if a criminal breaks into your home or causes you harm. Surveillance cameras have played increasingly large roles in investigations in the past.

Power Outage:

Certain home security companies understand that if there is a power outage you could be left vulnerable. Technologically advanced home security systems are connected to the Internet to allow security companies to monitor the status of your home at all times. There are backup plans available to remain connected via satellite, even during a power outage. Refer to your home security company to see if this option exists in your area. You never know when the power is going to go out, and you don't know when it will return. It's a good idea to protect your home and family with a backup home security plan just in case the power goes out.

Silent Call for Help:

In the case of an emergency you might not have time to make a phone call to 911 or someone you know. You could be hiding from a burglar and as a result unable to talk on the phone. With smartphones you are connected to the Internet and can instantly inform people you are in danger. Social media allows you to Connect to thousands of people at once. There have been many scenarios where someone has used the Internet to let people know he or she is in danger. The Internet connects extremely fast so people have the ability to respond within seconds.

Internet Connected Devices:

Home security systems do not have to be connected to a landline anymore. Security systems exist that can connect to your home Internet through a wireless connection. You can connect your phone to the device and complete a variety of actions from your phone. You can set your alarm or turn it off if someone needs to enter your home. This type of home security system is definitely worth a look for an alternative form of home security.

Image source: SmartPhotoStock.

Author Bio:
Guest writer Leyland Suzuki and Denver, Colorado native loves blogging about home improvement and sharing his tips with an online audience. He is currently consulting with local Denver roofers to better secure his home.

The Internet Of Things: The Future Has Arrived

If you think the Internet of Things is a typing error of sorts, think again. It is a very real concept. In fact, it was predicted to be one of the top 10 technology trends for 2013 by industry experts.

The Internet of Things and its uses:

When asked to define the internet, you’d probably answer that it is a collection of web pages linked together. The Internet of Things work on the same concept, but instead of linking the pages from websites, it connects technological devices with each other and human users.

Like the internet as we know it, the Internet of Things will facilitate the exchange of information. But this information will come from the technological devices themselves, as opposed to being entered by humans. Think, for example, of a system that monitors the energy usage of your home. The appliance ‘speaks’ to the plug, in turn that plug sends information to your smartphone or tablet.

Tech experts predict that the Internet of Things and its method of communication will make its way into all parts of our everyday life eventually. In a business sense it can be used to track and control stock or monitor machinery in order to alert the business owner when a piece of equipment should be replaced, recalled or repaired. For the individual, the possibilities are limitless as well. The Internet of Things will serve you at home or on the road and in public places as well.

One global company that’s exploring ways to incorporate the Internet of Things into their product, is motor giant Ford. They’re envisioning pre-ordering coffee from your car and paying for fuel at a gas station via your vehicle. That’s not the end of it. Ford is also looking to implement a system that will be able to monitor the driver for a debilitating medical condition, like a heart attack or stroke. If such a condition is detected, the system will alert the vehicle and the vehicle will adapt the driving to prevent an accident from happening.

Other incredulous uses for the Internet of Things are billboards that are able to tailor their marketing message to the profile of the consumer in its vicinity. In the agricultural sector, it will relay information regarding soil quality and condition to farmers. The farmer will then be able to review and adjust his farming methods and techniques.

Concerns regarding the Internet of Things:

Due to the fact that the Internet of Things will connect just about every element of life and will enable M2M communication in its smartest form ever, there are some concerns regarding the concept. The main issue is of course security, especially in the business and government sector but also for the individual. All that information floating around means there are more chances for espionage, identity theft, fraud and other disruptive attacks. This just means that digital security measures will have to develop at the same pace as the Internet of Things. The usual methods won’t necessarily be enough to ensure that information is only delivered to the intended recipients.

Despite the concerns, the amalgamation of the Internet of Things into our day-to-day life is highly anticipated by the tech sector, businesses and individuals that are future-minded. They’re all of the opinion that the age of smart communication will mean a life lived much more efficiently. After all, the machines will think for us.

Author Bio:
I am Greg Jones: a food fundi, gym lover and family man. In my spare time, I love researching technological advancements and how they have an effect on our lives.

10 Of The Best Ways To Connect With People In The Digital Age

Ways To Connect With People In The Digital Age

The modern world is a place more connected than it has ever been in all of human history. The sheer number of options for communication and message diffusion available to us as individuals, groups, companies or organizations is an absolutely unprecedented kaleidoscope of technological innovation. What’s more, all of these communications options have become cheaper and more portable than ever before in history.

Thus, because of this, anyone from a goat herder in Mexico to a taxi driver in New York City to a socialite in Europe can access almost anyone else on Earth and spread their message to a large audience of digital contacts in just minutes. This can be used for things as simple as chatting with friends or it can incite whole revolutions and riots in repressive countries. All of this is possible thanks to the range of technologies described or represented below.

10) Hotmail, Yahoo email services:

Email itself is slowly dying in favor of other, more up to the minute communications mediums but the original warhorse email services such as Yahoo and Hotmail keep chugging along with just under 600 million users between the two of them. While their interfaces are in many ways deeply lacking as opposed to the power of Google’s Gmail, the inertia of being the first two major providers keeps them popular and as far as basic communications between friends and casual contacts is concerned, they’re not too bad.

9) Gmail:

The king of all the email providers, Gmail is a free email service run by Google and, while similar to Yahoo and Microsoft’s Hotmail (now called Live Mail) it’s interface and connectivity options are so much better. Add in a very effective anti-spam filter and the ability to connect with other highly used Google services, and it’s no wonder that Gmail is now the preferred choice for many professionals in all of their business or work related email needs. Gmail used to be the smaller of the three major email services but has now overtaken both Yahoo and Microsoft Live Mail with nearly 500 million users of its own.

8) WhatsApp:

The WhatsApp mobile device communication app is essentially a text messaging service that can be downloaded for free on yop of the existing SMS capability of your smart phone. However, unlike your existing provider, it’s free to use for the entire first year that you own it and costs less than $20 USD per year for every year after that. By using the power of 3G internet connectivity to send messages, WhatsApp lets you communicate quickly and easily with all your mobile contacts without running up your mobile minutes or phone contract costs.

7) Google Drive:

Another Google Service to make the list; Google Drive is the Cloud storage and transfer app that comes built right into your Google email (Gmail) account and into other Google services such as Google Apps. Drive isn’t really anything much different from what services like DropBox offer, except that its integration with any Google account means that you can use it to easily create collaborative document and data editing group accounts for yourself and other Google using partners. This is indeed very useful and great for business connectivity.

6) DropBox:

Simple enough: Open an account, download the app to your devices (along with its 2 GB of free storage space) and use it to quickly and easily share documents amongst your devices or send large files to your friends and coworkers by simply offering them a DropBox link that they can download from. A powerful cloud storage/sharing tool that lets you and others connect through shared data.

5) GoToMeeting:

A fairly powerful online video conferencing platform that’s very easy to use and very cheap as well. While GoToMeeting is possibly not the best solution for major business needs, it’s great as a small business and collaborative video calling service. Simple enough: you open an account (the first 30 days are free as part of a trial offer) set up a meeting platform on the GoTo website and invite as many as 25 other people to participate in the meeting through their own special access link at scheduled times that you’ve set in advance. No login is necessary for attendees and you can set meetings as often as you like.

4) InterCall:

InterCall is a perfect solution for real business connectivity in the digital age. Unlike other services such as Skype and Tango, or even GoToMeeting, the services provided by InterCall are designed for real corporate quality video, audio and telepresence meetings that give you access to a diverse range of different meeting formats, prices and styles. Their video conferencing options can be set up so you either set up and run a meeting with your own equipment and use Intercall to run the connection, or you can give them complete control of everything and simply focus on holding a digital meeting quickly and easily.

3) Twitter:

The Twitter social media site may seem overly simple –writing 150 character blurbs about what you’re doing or how you feel and maybe sharing a link inside them—but with this fairly basic range of communications options, this social app has been used to topple governments, coordinate mass rallies and protests and bring together large numbers of friends or connect celebrities directly with their followers. Twitter is much more powerful than it would seem.

2) Skype:

Skype is the oldest and most famous of the video calling apps. Now copied by other extremely similar products such as Apple’s FaceTime and Tango or oVoo, Skype is free, easy to use and very effective when it comes to visually interacting with friends and family over any sort of distance. You can use the Skype video interface from your PC, laptop or mobile device and even make calls to mobile or landline devices with it at discount rates.

1) Facebook:

Who doesn’t know what Facebook is all about? With over 1 billion users, this is now the world’s absolute most popular social network, and it’s a great tool for staying in touch with friends, family and even customers through fan pages and business pages. You can use Facebook for just about any sort of basic digital communication including video chat through their built in video platform.

Image Credit: Kromkrathog.

Author Bio:
Stephan Jukic is a freelance writer who generally covers a variety of subjects relating to the latest changes in white hat SEO, marketing, marketing tech and brand promotion. He also loves to read and write about subjects as varied as the idea of a location-free business, portable business management, and strategic marketing and advertising tactics. When he’s not busy writing or consulting, he spends his days enjoying life’s adventures either in Canada or Mexico. Connect with Stephan on LinkedIn.

Factors That Affect Your Broadband Speed

Factors That Affect Your Broadband Speed
The speed of broadband delivered to us is measured in megabytes per second (Mbps). Various websites offer free speed checks for your system. The Mbps you receive depends on the area where you live, and on what your internet service provider (isp) can deliver.

Broadband Types:

If your broadband signal is carried over a standard telephone line using copper wire – ADSL broadband – its speed depends on the distance you are from the nearest telephone exchange. The shorter the distance, the faster the Mbps you can receive. If your isp delivers broadband carried over high quality fibre wires – Fibre broadband – it will not be affected by the distance from the telephone exchange.

Fibre broadband therefore offers higher speeds, so of course, it costs more than ADSL broadband. In the UK is offered by several isps, such as Virgin Media, Everything Everywhere, and BT, although the latter still uses copper wire locally, which can reduce the Mbps.

Satellite broadband is only normally used where the other options are not available, such as some areas Wales. This is complicated and expensive to set up: you need to buy a satellite dish and a satmodem to receive the signal. Monthly costs are also relatively high.

Recommended: Free Softwares To Increase Your Internet Speed!

The UK’s Code of Practice:

Most isps in the UK follow a voluntary Code of Practice, under which they give you an estimate of the maximum broadband speed they can offer for the package you are thinking of buying. If they have another package that should help, they should offer it to you if you find that the Mbps you actually get is much slower than their original estimate. The code also stipulates that they must explain the factors that affect speed and give advice where needed.

What Makes a Difference:

Apart from the distance from the exchange, for ADSL broadband, most will mention the complexity of your telephone wiring system and whether you have installed your broadband microfilters correctly.

For all types of broadband, the Mbps you experience can be reduced by:
  1. Using it in peak time when there is more traffic on it.
  2. The speed of the websites you visit.
  3. Running spyware, anti malware or some virus protection systems.
  4. The processing speed of your computer and router, and their connection.
  5. Running more than one computer or mobile devices that must share the connection.
ADSL broadband is likely to be slower in rural areas which are probably further from telephone exchanges than towns. Because they are more sparsely populated though, they might have the advantage of coping with less broadband traffic.

Broadband speed is never consistent. The factors mentioned above will affect it at different times of the day, so if you check the Mbps first thing or mid-morning, it’s not likely to be the same in the evening when many home users are going online after work.

If you are not happy with your broadband speed you may be able to change to a faster supplier. Just time it right so that you don’t incur penalties for leaving your current isp before the end of a contract.

Author Bio:
The author of this article Jane Richards believes that broadband speed issues can best be solved by approaching the broadband providers.

Coolest Online Learning Technologies

A Weapon for Knowledge:

Many educators are taking advantage of advances in online learning technology. This includes accessing teaching activities and resources online. At the same time, it utilizes different forms of communication, multimedia tools and online assessment.

An online assessment is use to gauge what the students have learned. Additionally, it employs Classroom technologies such as interactive whiteboards and personal response systems. One of the benefits of this program is that it provides an increased chance for dialogue between teachers and students. This in turn enhances the learning experience. Choosing the right online learning technology can be a daunting task. However, there are several online learning technologies that are worth checking out.


The use of webcams as a learning and teaching tool is gradually increasing. It also offers teachers an effective means to enable their students to see real time events. At the same time, it brings to life far off places. These two features alone can inspire imagination and curiosity. Teachers also employ webcams to provide lessons on a wide variety of topics. This includes live music lessons and online English language courses. They can be used for collaboration between schools and video conferencing as well.


This online learning technology helps teachers reach visual learners. These pupils have a tendency to learn effectively by viewing the material rather that reading it. Teachers can gain access to a wide range of video clips using the Internet instead of VHS tapes or DVDs.

Teachers can employ messaging programs as video e-learning tools. These messaging programs include Adobe Connect and Skype. They are also used to interact with experts and guest speakers on a particular topic. At the same time, interactive games are steadily being included in many higher education and K-12 institution curriculums.

Although research on utilizing video as an online learning tool is preliminary, early research shows great results and increased retention when it is employed in a lesson. Utilizing a systematic video development approach holds a lot of promise for making video models that have a positive impact on student learning.


Lessons on tape have been around for a long time. They have been used in classrooms around the world long before the advent of computers and video. Learning using audio has been fully implemented thanks to advancements in technology. This has allowed teachers to stream audio from the Internet. At the same time, there are many podcasts and webcasts available online for teachers and students to download.

At the same time, audio is often employed to effectively explain visuals. Examples of visual learning tools may include maps and flow charts. This is because teachers are directing data to both the visual and auditory channels to effectively distribute the mental workload. Using snippets of audio about a subject being discussed also adds authenticity to the content.


Many online users consider blogs to be a platform for communication. However, they have recently started to be used as an online learning tool. This allows pupils to ask questions, respond and interact with other students both outside and inside the classroom.

Students can also utilize a blog to do everything that they usually do on paper. Some of these things include answering homework questions, receiving feedback on project drafts and reflecting on reading assignments. At the same time, teachers can use them to provide feedback using comments. Other students may also utilize them to provide qualitative feedback.


This is a recent trend in online learning. There are a lot of screencasting tools that are available today that provide users with numerous benefits. One benefit is the ability to share their computer screens directly from their browsers. This allows people to create videos that are available online. Viewers can stream these videos directly.

Another advantage is that it gives the presenter the capability to show their flow of thoughts and ideas rather than simply explaining them. This enables them to mimic one on one experience between the student and teacher. Mimicking this experience enables teachers to deliver complete and clear instruction.

From the learner’s point of view, it provides the capability to rewind and pause the lesson. This allows them to learn at their own pace.

Author Bio:
Alex Faubel enjoys writing about topics related to business and the intersection of technology in career focused education programs.

10 Easy Steps To Configuring An Internet Answering Machine

Configuring Internet Answering Machine
An online answering machine works just like a regular answering device. The only divergence is that you have to connect your phone to the computer instead of a traditional answering device. The online answering works on both dial-up and broadband connections and ensures that you do not miss any call. The answering software allows you to listen to messages as and when they are being recorded, and also download other messages and listen to them much later.

Here are step-by-step instructions that will help you install and setup online answering software:

  1. Before downloading and installing the software, do check if your computer has the necessary space and memory, and the appropriate modem. You will need a voice modem – space and memory should not be a constraint.
  2. Before buying any software, download the trial version and test it. It must be easy to use and you should take a liking to it before buying it. Most answering software companies offer a free trial, and you should try 3-4 different software before zeroing on to one.
  3. After choosing convenient answering software, you should buy and download it. Save the exe file in a folder of your choice.
  4. Remove the line cord from your telephone and connect it to the modem port in your computer. The other end should be plugged into the wall jack. Connect the telephone line to your modem. If you need clarity on this step, talk to customer support of the online answering software vendor.
  5. Now, install the answering software. Install it as recommended in its manual or as per directions printed on the installation screens.
  6. You have to now configure the software based on your preferences – For example: set the number of rings that should be allowed before the software answers the phone, set the silence detector and the toll saver features. You also should configure the recording time limit for messages. Check all the other features in the software and set them up as per your requirements.
  7. Next, set up one or many mailboxes to record a greeting message. You can record multiple messages – one each for every mailbox. Many software tools have a feature that allows you to record a special greeting for a few phone numbers of your choice.
  8. To stop unauthorized people from accessing your messages, you must setup a password. Note down the password in your diary. Remember, you can even access your messages remotely.
  9. If you are the type of guy who gets very important messages all the time, then you should enable email forwarding of messages. That way every message will be forwarded to your email inbox.
  10. If you want to be alerted every time a new message rolls in, then you have to configure the appropriate alert option.

Finally, do not install an Internet answering machine without equipping your computer with a robust firewall and antivirus programs. You don’t want people hacking into your computer and stealing your precious data, including the important messages in your mailboxes.

Author Bio:
Roger A. Delatorre is a blogger from Minneapolis, MN who recommends checking out MaxEmail for a simple solution for an internet answering machine.

Are You Using The Internet Efficiently Time-Wise?

Are You Using The Internet Efficiently Time-Wise?
Creative Commons image source.
If you’re reading this, you’re most likely sitting on your computer and looking for things to do. A few years ago, Nielsen and the Pew Center released a graphic to show how people use the internet and for the most part, internet users spent their time viewing content. Fourty-Two percent of their time was spent viewing text, images and video. In second, came email and commerce with 36%. Finally, in third place was social networking at 22%. Now if we were talking about today, with the emergence of social media as a must-stop for most internet users, the percentage of time spent using social media has most likely gone up.

Given these numbers, some may question whether or not we’re using our time as wisely as we should be. The Internet offers people a number of things to do, and sometimes those things can actually be useful. While social media can certainly provide quality information, many of us sometimes go through a social media rabbit hole. You go on to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and seemingly lose track of time as you go through all of your friends’ profiles. Then you look up at the clock and realize you’ve spent hours on your computer. Wouldn’t you like to use the internet to learn a skill you’ve always wanted? Here are some of the many options out there:

Teach yourself code in 8 weeks:

While you might not be able to work for Facebook as a senior programmer, Lifehacker does show you that it’s possible to learn basic coding in as little as 8 weeks. In this particular post, the author gives the reader a step by step guide for what he did to learn Python. Google offers a free class with detailed instructions and video as well as exercises to get the basics down. From there, there are a variety of courses and guides you can use to build your very own prototype.

Teach yourself guitar without ever leaving the house:

If you have a fear of meeting with an instructor in person, but you still want to learn the guitar for your own personal endeavors, it’s possible to learn to play the guitar online. Look into live music tutors who guide you through the basics and will be there each step of the way as you improve on your instrument of choice. Even if you’re a beginner who just wants a working knowledge of playing the guitar or you’re an experienced guitarist who just wants to learn a new song, a live music tutor can help. And the best part is: all you need is a webcam and WIFI connection.

Go to Yale without paying the tuition:

If you love to learn for learning’s sake to expand your mind, Yale University offers a few free courses as part of its Open Yale Courses program. You can access these courses online through iTunes, YouTube or Yale’s website; and there are a variety of courses to choose from, including Milton, the American Novel-Post 1945, and a philosophical look on Death.

Author Bio:
Kay Kissinger is a writer who stronger believes we can benefit from the interenet.

A Password Manager Ensures Safe Browsing Anywhere

Password Manager to ensure safe browsing!
A password manager keeps people safe from hackers.
Consumers who regularly sign up for some type of online service are likely required to include a password to access their account. The process of filling out complex phrases that include punctuation marks, numbers and other symbols can be tiresome for anyone, but using complex passwords is one way to make it more difficult for hackers to obtain sensitive information.

A password manager,such as Sticky Password, is another and more effective option for consumers looking for ways to improve their password security. Such tools create complex passwords for accounts so people don't have to. These phrases are backed by advanced algorithms, making them a challenge for any hackers to break.

In addition to staying safe on a home computer, people must also practice safe browsing habits while on the move. Smartphones have become a staple for consumers and employees alike. These powerful gadgets are not just for making phone calls or sending text messages. The devices come equipped with mobile browsers, making it possible for people to access their most important accounts. Apple's iPhone remains the king of the smartphone arena, but its popularity means that cybercriminals are likely trying to take advantage of iPhone owners. Luckily, password managers keep users of iOS devices safe anywhere they travel.

Passwords are sometimes overlooked for various reasons. Although it may seem impossible that a hacker can guess a person's unique phrase, cybercriminals prove this is possible on a daily basis. Instead of trying to create a uncrackable password, consumers can use a password manager to do the heavy lifting for them and protect their most critical information from being breached. The only safeguard a person must remember is a master password and the rest is handled by the manager.

6 Online Tools To Enhance Your Jobsearch

With the proliferation of computing and internet technology, searching for a job has changed quite a bit. With all the new technology software coming out, and mobile devices and apps becoming more popular, it is hard to keep up with the latest tools, techniques and best practices for finding a job. Knowing and having the right tools for the job can make all the difference, and the saying also applies to job searching. Below are the 6 online resources you can use to enhance your job search.

1.) Google Docs:

Nowadays, it is important to utilize technology to enhance your opportunities and acquire any advantage possible. Collaboration is an important part of this process. Using document collaboration software, like Google Docs, can help you work with others on creating and editing your resume. With Google Docs, you can easily give access to your resume to other users you have invited to edit your document. This is much easier than emailing a bunch of files to different people.

2.) Indeed:

Once your resume is done, you can begin your job search, but instead of searching several different job sites all day long, you can use to make searching easier. Indeed aggregates job openings from a myriad of websites, employer sites, newspapers, social networks and more. They have a very large following and have even surpassed in terms of unique visitors. Their site also allows you to post your resume for employers to find on Indeed.

3.) Simply Hired:

SimplyHired is another great job aggregation platform.With SimplyHired, you can create job searches and have a list of openings sent to your inbox. The list will consist of job openings from several major job boards, and will link directly to the job posting. This saves you time and energy, and the site allows you to create multiple searches.

4.) Facebook:

A great way to network and find out about open positions is by using Facebook. Facebook not only lets you stay in contact with friends and family, but it is a great way to network with people in your industry. In addition, you can also stay in contact with businesses that have pages on Facebook. This will allow you to keep tabs on whether they may be hiring, expanding or developing new products that may require more staff.

5.) LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is designed for professional networking and advancement. It is crucial to have a profile on LinkedIn and utilize it to search for people, companies and jobs. In addition, you can write articles and posts to allow other to see your expertise in a particular area. There are also many discussion and forums where you can continue to network and grow, many of these are moderated by recruiters and businesses.

6.) Job Boards:

Although Simply Hired aggregates job openings from several job boards and sends them to your inbox, it does not help employers find you. Therefore, it is important to post your more relevant and up to date resume on these job boards so employers and recruiters who are looking for candidates can find you.

Author Bio:
This article was written by Dominic Slaters, a tech oriented talent manager. He recommends that you visit Joblist South Africa, an online resource for jobs search in South Africa

Attributes Of A Great Web Browser For Students

Attributes Of A Great Web Browser For Students
Getting work done as a student involves constant research and a reliable web browser. Let's go over the attributes of a great web browser for students.

While many students first work with Internet Explorer when they are younger, other choices may prove more appealing. Recently, web browsers such as Chrome , TorchBrowser, and Firefox have gained broad audiences. Additional choices for mobile use mean students can continue working away from laptops and desktop computers.

A great web browser should make the basic functions easy to handle. Downloads should be a snap to start and they should be quick to locate once completed. Ideally, a user should be able to enable a master password to protect user names and passwords for websites. Keyboard shortcuts that aren't complicated make work flow faster for research throughout the day.

Tab Management:

The ability to manage tabs is another important factor for students. Researching a paper can involve the use of multiple tabs during a browsing session. Firefox's ability to make tab groups as separate sections is a plus.

Speed is an essential attribute as well. A student can't waste time waiting for a browser to load forever. Loading pages, even with multiple tabs open, shouldn't take longer than a few seconds. Gregg Keizer of Computerworld notes that Google recently added a speed boost to the latest version of Chrome. Another useful tool is a speed dial feature like the one in Opera. The speed dial displays a user's favorite sites on opening the browser.


Synchronizing browsers between different computers is a must-have feature for students. This is useful if commuting between school and home or working on a lab partner's computer. It's also handy if one switches between operating systems like a Mac at school and a Windows PC at home. Firefox Sync allows a student to share passwords, tabs, history and bookmarks between various computers. A user signing into a Google account on Chrome can opt for synchronizing too.

Mobile browsers allow students to learn in the library, to learn right outside of class or to learn on the go. A mobile browser should be robust and able to open a student's essential websites properly. It should also let a user switch between an iPad, a smartphone and a laptop seamlessly. Mobile versions of Chrome and Firefox are available. Opera is installed on many mobile devices. Dolphin is another useful mobile browser for tablets and smartphones.


Extensions and add-ons bring useful features to a web browser. A great web browser should have a broad range of extensions and add-ons with helpful user reviews. Look for extensions and add-ons that enhance research and improve social networking. Others can block websites when students don't want to be distracted or check for grammar errors.

Students should also check into a web browser's privacy features,
  • If sharing a computer, it should be easy to sign out of a web browser.
  • Erasing cookies and browsing history should be fast.
  • Anonymous tabs and windows should be quick to implement.
Everyone loves to personalize their computers and mobile devices. A web browser can be just as eye-catching with customized themes featuring colorful graphics and art. The web browser should allow users to easily customize fonts and background colors as well.

Selecting the right web browser can contribute to a student's productivity. Look over the attributes of a great web browser for students to find a good fit.

Author Bio:
Sarah Anderson is guiding users of all ages how to use to download torrent files. A youthful face for web browsing and downloading in the hi-tech world.

3 Great Facebook Alternatives

3 Great Facebook Alternatives

Maybe you’re tired of the the ticker. Or the timeline. Maybe it’s because your parents constantly check your profile. If it’s not any of these then you’ve probably had it with the constant stream of ads that are specifically tailored to target you. Because let’s face it: we are a bit tired of Facebook. It’s time to unlike them and chose a different social media platform.

Here are three great alternatives:

3.) MeetMe

According to their website you should join as it is “fun, friendly and free!” and currently boasts more than 90 million users MeetMe is different from Facebook in the sense that it is a place to meet new people rather than staying in touch with friends you already know. MeetMe was founded eight years ago under the name myYearbook by two students. On the site people use a virtual currency with which they can send gifts to each other: lunch money. You can earn lunch money by playing Flash games on the site. On MeetMe you’ll find the chance to instant message your new friends, ask them to rate your appearance and play games like truth or lie.

2.) Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a social network platform that specifically targets a special geographical area. Their website informs us that “when neighbours start talking, good things happen.” You will be able to only get in touch with people that live really close to you. Upon registering you need to fill in your address. Once this is done you’ll get a list of people living nearby who are also using Nextdoor. The website hopes to build a stronger neighbourhood by helping neighbours connect so that they can inform each other and share local information.

1.) Google +

This will not come as a surprise to many, but the best alternative to Facebook is Google +. G+ is the second biggest social network site in the world. With 500 million users, it surpassed Twitter in January this year. Where you share with your friends on Facebook, on Google + you share with your circles. The most striking feature is Google hangouts: a place where you can invite people from your circles to join a video chat. Other features are games and instant messaging. In a ‘community’ you can invite people to share information as you would do with a group on Facebook. Users can see what plussers talk about most in the ‘what’s hot’ section.

These are some Facebook alternatives that are definitely worth checking out. Do you know which one you want to sign up on next?

Author Bio:
This guest post is written by Rens van der Windt, a digital marketing executive from London. One of his clients is Intralinks more than a VDR, a secure document storage provider.

How To Identify Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunities?

Home based business opportunities and franchise opportunities are at a hike.  The increasing demand of work for less pay is making more and more to opt for independent sources of income that would allow them to learn while on the job or out of job. As there are many options of home based businesses it is important to identify a valid and trust worthy source that would be 100% risk free.

Here are Few tips to help identify a legitimate home based business opportunity:
  • Businesses that are started through experiential learning are certainly worth listening to.  As they are real life people who have faced real time situations, they would be able to provide a platform that is not overwhelming and is definitely promising.
  • Sharing of information that would help a person focus on home based business in a general sense is another way of assessing the validity of the business. If a particular business is focused on only promoting themselves the results would remain the same. Some businesses however link their service with an aim to empower people with knowledge on finding the right resources.
  • Provide flexible options of working part-time or offer trail opportunities can be trusted.  As they are confident about their services they provide a time for the new entrant without overpowering their idea of being a part of this highly rewarding business line.
  • Businesses that extend support in terms of helping through the start up process and providing constant guidance would be a legitimate source of a home based business opportunity.
  • Social presence of the business is another aspect that can help to understand their stance in the market and their ranking among the competitors. The higher they are ranked the better are the prospects of earning. 
  • Reviews and testimonials are other sources of information that not only inspire but also provide an insight into the way the entire business operates. As most that have become successful do leave a note behind, it helps as a great boost for those who are contemplating about choosing the home based business opportunity.
  • Discussion forums, video lectures and data sharing are a few other facilities that home based business providers extend for the benefit of the entrant.
  • A website is also a way of analyzing the impact the business has when compared to other opportunities. The website should have constant updates with valid information that would support the business that is being promoted.
  • Discussing various options to choose from that have a higher pay out through forums and blogs would also help in analyzing the best home based business opportunities.
  • Training material in support to the product or service is another way of checking the validity of the business opportunity.  If the business is investing in training someone they aim to experience a result oriented business.
  • There are many helpful websites that provide a review on each of the legitimate home based business opportunities and their success ratio.  This would also provide an insight into the benefit that one can make if a particular online opportunity is taken up.

Author Bio:
Claudia Martinez is an expert content writer who writes for several blogs and websites including business and home based business blogs.

How To Get Free Mobile Recharge

How To Get Free Mobile Recharge

Hai guys, I found some intresting sites through which you can get mobile recharge free of cost. Some sites offers Free Mobile Recharge by matching last digits of your mobile no. with their set of numbers, on a daily basis. Others offer free mobile recharge for completing surveys, offers, playing games, etc. that the provide after signing up to them.
Info.: The sites mentioned in this article are 100% Genuine and tested by me.
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Below are some sites to get free mobile recharge. Check them out,


1.) Embee Pay:

              Embee Pay is a facebook App, Available worldwide for many countries including India. Embee Pay rewards it's user's with Embee Points Which can be redeemed into real money and can be used for recharging your mobile online. You can get free mobile recharge by doing various activities like inviting your friends, daily login, signing up to sites, etc..

More sites will be added soooooooooonnnnnnn!!!!

(For India Alone)

Based on Luck:

You need to check the below two sites on a daily basis to get the chance of winning free mobile recharge one or another day!

1.) Luckyrecharge:

As the name suggests, If you are lucky you can get  free mobile recharge of Rs.10 to Rs.100 based on the last 3 to 7 digits of your mobile number.

Lucky Recharge offers free prepaid mobile recharge on all operators across India. The recharge value varies between Rs.10 to Rs.100 based on the last 3 to 7 digits of your mobile number. Just enter your mobile number and check your luck for the day.

2.) Trackmobile:

TrackMobile offers you to get free mobile recharge (woth Rs.100 / Rs.50 / Rs.10) if the last 5 / 4 / 3 digits of your mobile number falls under the "Todays Offer Number". The offer number will change daily inorder to give more oppertunity for trackmobile customers to get free recharge.

By Doing Some Work:

In these sites you have to do some activities like Playing quiz, Answering questions, attending polls, clicking on the ads, signing up for a site, etc... to get free mobile recharge!

In the below list Laaptu is my My Favourite when compared to others. Below You will find the reasons for it to be my favourite. Iam sure that on signing up to Laptoo in addition to FullOnSMS, PicksUp & ULtoo You can get the maximum amount of free recharge daily. :)
 Don't Forget to Verify your mobile no. (Just enter the code they send to your mobile on the box provided on the site) & E-Mail address (Just go to your inbox-->check for the mail-->Then click the link in it) after signing up to the site mentioned below to start earning. It's important to keep your mobile in hand while signing up to these sites.

1.) Laaptu: (My Favourite)

Laaptu has amazing ways to get free mobile recharge like, Guess and win!FACT or FART (A simple True or False Game), Invite And Earn, etc... Just check it out and if you find it intresting, Share your opinion with us through the below comment box! :)

2.) PicksUp: (Pays Higher)

Through PickzUp you can get free mobile recharge by Playing Games, By Participating in contests and winning, Vote and earn credits(10credits=1Rs.), Refer your friends and earn.

In PicksupYou can redeem your earned amount as recharge to your mobile, Send it to your bank account Or Shop Online!

 Tip: Keep your mobile in your hand when signing up to this site, as you will receive the password as a text msg. to your mobile. Use this password to signup to this site, Later you can change this password.

3.) FullOnSMS:

FullOnSMS is similar to Waytosms which you will see later, Through FullOnSms you can get free recharge by playing Quiz games daily and you can earn Rs.2 for each friend who join via your invite.

4.) ULtoo: (Get Free Mobile Recharge for Sending SMS to your friends)

Ultoo is another site throught which you can get free mobile recharge for sending SMS to your friends mobile, playing quiz, Answering Poll questions, inviting people, etc...

Enough of worrying about the SMS cost's. Send Free SMS using Ultoo and even get paid for each SMS that you send to your friends or your family. :)

5.) Waytosms:

Through waytosms you can not only get free mobile recharge, but also send unlimited sms to any mobiles in India.

You can get free mobile recharge by displaying the ads they provide, on your social network like fb, google+, etc... Whenever someone clicks on the ads that you share, you get paid for it. And you can recharge your mobile online with that payment.

In waytosms you can also earn money by refering your friends and relatives through the link that they provide to you as Referral link.

6.) Amulyam:

Through Amulyam you can get free mobile recharge by creating contest, playing games, reading mails which they send to your inbox, by signing up to sites, by inviting your friends and relatives through referral link they provide, etc...

7.) AndyPlay:

This is another new site which allows you to recharge your mobile for free by playing "True or False, Quiz, Inviting Friends, etc..." Through Andyplay you can earn upto Rs.2 per friend who joins via you! Join Now!

8.) Freetalkie:

Free talkie offers free mobile recharge for completing offers like signing up to the websites, they have listed or by shopping online, liking fb pages, etc... Just check if it suits you.

More sites will be updated soonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!

Now You Can Watch TV, Anytime...Anywhere!

Entertainment has changed considerably over the years, with technology taking on many different forms. The Internet is being used to earn an income, play games and research anything your heart desires. You can easily download programs and applications that promise to improve your lifestyle and of course stores offer their products, at any hour of the day or night. Television still commands a huge chunk of our time, so it is not surprising that we can either stream or watch recorded programs on our personal computer. You can consider Virgin Media TV packages for a better TV experience before considering the below online methods.


           Because our busy lifestyles may not always allow us the time to sit in front of the television, not to mention the different shows that come on at the same time, colliding with each other, most of the major networks have made it possible for viewers to watch TV shows on their websites. This opportunity to watch TV on your PC requires nothing but an Internet connection.

Scanning the globe:

           We all enjoy having choices when sitting down to watch TV and that is probably why there are so many cable channels available to us. Part of the problem with many channels is that we have to settle down and make a choice as to which one to watch. is one of those television opportunities where the choices are extensive, covering many countries, not just stations and requires nothing more than an Internet connection.

More opportunities:

            Another option that requires nothing but a computer and an Internet connection (preferably wide band) is Since 2007, this television alternative has taken Internet TV one step further and also offers full length movies. The basic FREE service provides viewers with many television shows, however, some of the most popular television shows, require that you pay a nominal monthly fee.

Streaming it:

           Television fanatics will probably appreciate the option provided by, if nothing else, the choices are endless. With upwards of 12,000 channels to choose from, all for a one time fee of less than $100.00, viewers can get rid of their expensive cable bill and watch streaming television from all over the world. There will be some software to install and the moment your membership is accepted (when payment is received) you will be well on your way to watching TV on your PC.

Free and clear:

          The final option we will consider today is an external TV tuner. This little invention starts from around $30.00 and can easily get up to $200.00. The basic equipment comes with a USB connector on one side and the ability to attach an antenna on the other. The initial cost may seem a little high, but when you realize that you will no longer have to pay for cable, it will all make sense.

Author Bio:
This has been a guest post from Jayvee at Australia's TV on PC website. if you'd like to know more about how to watch telvision shows on your computer, check it out!

Google Apps for Businesses

Google is one of the most trusted names in the world mobile industry today. Google’s software is immensely popular among small and large enterprises of the world. Promoting a smooth and efficient flow of work, the Google apps have generated attention among business owners, clients, and customers at cost effective rates.

Listed below are few reasons why startups and established businesses should deploy Google mobile apps:

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1. Streamlining internal communication:

             Gmail is one of the most efficient ways of communication known to organization workforce and individuals. Since Gmail is browser based and one does not have to install any software for utilizing its benefits, workers can remain connected to their mails and access or share anything from there without the need of Wi-Fi or internet connectivity (this is known as Gmail Offline). Installing the Gmail app ensures integration of chat features which leads to quick delivery of messages in real time; the threaded conversation feature on the other hand helps users to simplify the process of message exchange. In reality, Google’s Gmail app helps businesses to cut down its internal telephony system costs.

2. Syncing events and meetings:

             The Google calendar application has made it possible for employees of a business house to eliminate the possibility of a missed meeting or slip up in the project completion date. The syncing of meeting dates or the day of any other official event to the Google calendar app means that an employee will receive notifications of important announcements and upcoming events directly in his/her Gmail inbox. An advanced feature of the calendar app allows employees to use color codes for distinguishing between different tasks and be notified if there is a change from the original schedule.

3. Improving the quality of business collaboration and project management:

              The Google Docs app allows employees of a business unit to edit documents and also share them with the rest of the workforce without having to email an attachment of the same document to each worker. This Google application is extremely beneficial for businesses of all sizes and types because it reduces the risk involved in misplacing important documents which otherwise have to be distributed within the organization. Moreover, Google Docs makes sure that latest versions of files are available to the workforce immediately after they are updated.

4. Sharing details and knowledge about the organization and promoting its services:

             The Google Sites app is a software that provides tools for the creation of a basic site that will help a business unit to share details of its products and services with an extended audience base and thus promote its brand. Businesses can create both public domain sites and private internet hubs for the company and its employees respectively using the tools available under the Google Sites application. This leads to the creation of a site which is comparable to the wiki system, since it helps the business to organize all its files; therefore, presentations, calendars, and all other important documents can now be stored in a central location.

The above were some of the most prominent Google applications which have contributed to the increased productivity of businesses worldwide. These apps have also made work for the business workforce easier by allowing them to concentrate upon business matters that require more attention in order to ensure mobility.


Author Bio:
The Author is associated with a trusted mobility consultant firm in India, with headquarter in Dallas has experienced team of mobile app developer. The app developers Dallas has created more than 300 applications for clients from various industry verticals.

Protecting Yourself Against Online Identity Thieves

Identity thieves, send out thousands of fake emails daily, claiming that they are representing certain official entities. So take care if you receive emails saying they are from some government agency or department, as it may be that these emails are part of phishing schemes.

Phishing typically is when someone sends you emails with "bad" links in them. When you click on these links you get redirected to a "fake" site which is an exact mirror of the official site. Here you are then prompted to submit some confidential information. This information that you provide is then used to log into your real account leaving you totally clueless as to what happened. You should be aware that companies rarely communicate via email if it is in relation with sensitive account information. If they do, it is typically in response to an email that you have sent them.

OK, so what exactly can I do to protect myself against identity thieves on the web?
  1. Simple, just do not be gullible. These guys strike when you least expect it, so always be on the lookout for suspicious looking emails.
  2. If you receive a suspicious mail, don't fill out any forms requesting sensitive personal information. In fact, do not do anything. Verify whether the email is legitimate or not. Nowadays, most agencies or companies are listed on the web. Their contact information readily is available. With this information at hand you can verify whether or not any communications you received are legitimate.
  3. Don't click on or save attachments that come with suspicious emails. Delete these files immediately. Alternatively, if you have a good anti-virus, scan the attachments first before opening.
  4. Update regularly. Windows posts updates almost daily, especially security patches. Make sure you have your settings set that you can download these automatically. I know it's a pain and eats away at your bandwidth and RAM. But I like to think that it's better to be safe than sorry!
  5. Even though you should never take action on suspicious sites or emails, be sure to watch out that the address bar starts with "HTTPS". This means that the page is encrypted and should be secure. If there is no "HTTPS" then leave at once.
Unfortunately no Anti-virus software can protect you against phishing schemes.

In conclusion, if you keep these tips in mind when receiving strange suspicious emails you should be fine. And remember to always be awary of phishing schemes.

15 Useful Google Tricks

Hai friends below are the very intresting and unknown tools provided by google. 
Please don't forget to share if you really find them useful!!!

And if you find any cool tricks which is not mentioned here, Just post it in the comment box below and that too will be added here! :)

1.) To Search For A Particular Type of Document:

If you are looking for a particular type of document like .pdf .ppt, etc... You can use the file type operator to limit the search to those which are of that file type.

Search term: filetype: pdf
Replace the term filetype with the document that u are looking for.

2.) How To Track Flights:

Tracking the flight of a loved one's has never been easier, simply enter the airline and flight number into the Google's search box and you will get the arrival and departure times.

Eg: American Airlines 4506

3.) Movie Showtimes In Theaters Near You:

To find reviews and showtimes for movies playing near you, type "movies" or the name of a current film into the google's search box. If you have already saved your location on a previous search, the top search result will display the names of the movies & Trailer's if available, by clicking the movie name you can find the timings of the display in theaters near you.

Search Term: movies

4.) To Find Weather In You Area:

This is the very simple way you can adopt to check the Weather in your area.

Search Term: Weather

Note: Make sure the location is set to your current place by clicking the search tools button below the search box in the result page.

5.) Unit Conversion:

You can make use of Google to convert between different variety of units for measurement of height, weight, volume, etc... Just enter your desired conversion into the search box and it will do the rest.

Eg: m to km

6.) Google's Calculator:

To use Google's Built-in calculator function, simply enter the calculation you would like to get it done into the search box.

Eg: 5+7

7.) Fill In The Blanks:

Use an asterisk * within a query as a placeholder for any unknown or "wildcard" terms. Use with quotation marks to find variations of that exact phrase or to remember words in the middle of a phrase.

  1. all that * is not *
  2. a * saved is a * earned

8.) Search within a specific site:

Precede your query with site: if you know you want your answer from within a specific site or type of site (.org, .edu). For example: site:edu or

Eg: facebook

In the above eg. Replace the facebook with your search term to search my site on Google.

9.) Search numbers in a range:

Stay within your budget by searching only for items within a number range by putting a string .. between amounts.

Eg: Sony TV $300..$500

10.) Get the Current Time:

To see what time it is anywhere in the world, search time and followed by the city or country.

Eg: time india

11.) Get currency conversions:

Get current exchange rates by searching currency 1 in currency 2.

Eg: Dollar in Rupee

12.) Get definitions:

Put define: in front of any word to get its definition.

Eg: define: computer

13.) Get local sunrise/sunset times:

To see the exact times of sunrises and sunsets in cities around the U.S. and the world, search sunrise or sunset followed by the city name.

14.) Search for an address:

To map any location, type in the city name or zip code followed by the word map, and you'll see a map of that location. Click on the map to see it on Google Maps.

Eg: puducherry map

15.) Search by voice:
To search the web by speaking, tap the microphone button on the Google search box on your home screen, or press down for a few seconds on the physical search button on your phone to activate the "Speak Now" screen.

Suggested By Readers Like You:

1.) Phone number lookup: (Suggested By Charls)

Enter a full phone number with area code in the search box to display the name and address associated with that phone number.