Benefits Of Rooting Your Android Device

Rooting Your Android Device
Google’s Android is open, customizable and a highly versatile operating system compared to other mobile OSes. And rooting it allows users complete control on their devices. However, you may wonder as to what rooting your Android device involves and what are the benefits in doing so. First, it is essential to understand what rooting is all about.

For the uninitiated, rooting gives users root permission and access to their devices. Rooting also gives the users the ability to tweak the settings on their phones, flash custom ROMs on the phone for adding additional features, as well as modify the software on the device. However, rooting is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it can be done successfully provided the users follow the rooting instructions for their device carefully.

A thing to note is that with different kinds of Android phones available, the same rooting technique may not work for all. So before rooting, users need to ascertain whether or not a particular rooting method will actually work for their devices. Users should also know that doing so will void the manufacturer’s warranty on your device and there is a small chance that improper rooting can also damage the phone permanently. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of benefits to rooting your phone and it is a risk definitely worth taking.

Flash a custom ROM:

This is one of the best benefits of rooting an Android device. In simple terms, a custom ROM is a modified version of Android that users can install if they are not happy with the Android version that their device comes with. Adding a custom ROM adds more unique and convenient features to the phone that are not usually seen on their devices. Samsung devices are usually the most rooted of all, as users want to use stock Android ROMs that are much more agile than Samsung’s TouchWiz skin.

Flash a custom kernel:

A kernel allows apps on the phone to communicate directly with the hardware of the phone. A custom kernel helps improve the performance of the phone, enhance battery life, speed up battery charging, and also add advanced features such as Wi-Fi tethering on certain phones that do not come with this option.

Tweak under the hood settings: Users can tweak every little feature of their phone including customizing the keyboard layout, enhancing multitasking functionality, increasing the scrolling speed as well as adding interesting themes to the phone. Basically, rooting allows users to reach into the darkest corners of their phones and make the most of the changes that are possible.

Remove bloatware:

This is one of the best reasons for rooting. Often the phones are preloaded with software and apps that one does not use. These programs not only occupy the onboard memory, but can also drain the battery. Before uninstalling any apps, users should confirm that those apps are not vital to efficient functioning of their phones.


Having a backup of crucial data and settings is highly recommended. Should a user want to migrate to a new Android handset or wishes to restore the deleted data to the current handset for any reason, then a backup must be readily available. This is also helpful even if the user is not rooting his/her device.

Apart from these benefits, rooting also helps to block annoying ads that appear in apps, boost the speed and battery life of the phone, automate everything as well as unlock certain hidden features in the device and install certain apps that are otherwise considered as incompatible.

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Rohit Reddy is the editor of GadgetResearch. He is a gadget and technology enthusiast and loves blogging about them. In his free time he likes to follow the latest tech news and share it with his friends.

No Signal On Your Phone?

Cell phone Tower. No signal on phone
Sometimes for no reason at all there is no signal on your mobile phone. It could be that you are in an area where the signal is very bad, it may be there is a temporary problem with your nearest cell tower but sometimes the signal just drops off and does not come back. There are a few things you can do to try to get your signal so you can make a call.

Try moving around. It is possible that you have a dead spot in your house where there is just no signal at all, but a few steps either side you might have full signal bars. Stand near to windows and doors to see if that makes a difference. It may be that you will have to go outside to get a signal. If the lack of signal is a constant problem then you may need to change your network provider. It could be that your current provider no longer covers the region where you live, or has reduced the number of cell towers they have in the area so coverage will become intermittent.

Call Your Network:

If you find that this is happening to you, call your network provider to see if they have made any changes to their coverage. If they have and the changes are temporary, maybe work is being done to your local tower, and then they may be able to offer compensation for the lack of network availability. If the change is going to be long term, explain to them that you will need to change your provider and check to see what notice period is required to end your contract.

Search Manually:

You can also try manually searching for your network. This is done through the menus of your phone, but depending on the brand and the model, the instructions will vary.

In your menu there will be a settings icon. In there should be a network option. By clicking on the select network option you will be given the choice of Automatic or manual. Choose the manual option and the phone will search for all available networks in your area. Once the networks come up, choose your provider and the signal should return to your phone.

This is also used to find a network when aboard if one is not automatically selected on arrival in your destination country. If you check with your network provider before travelling, they will have a list of rates for calls and texts from abroad and the network available. That way when choosing the networks you will already know which one offers the best deals.

Change Networks:

If you have tried everything and still have no satisfactory signal then changing provider is really easy. If you are still in contract you may be able to come to some arrangement with your current provider, particularly if the signal problems are their fault. If your contract has expired then you can give notice and join with your new network at your own convenience. Just ask your old network for a PAC number and you can then port your number to the new network provider so that business contacts, family and friends do not need to learn your new number.

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Phil Turner has always found that getting a PAC number from his network has been very simple and he changes his network whenever he finds a better deal.

Tips To Choose Spy App For Mobile Phone Tracking

Spy App For Mobile Phone Tracking
Finding a perfect mobile phone monitoring software might be a difficult task because there’s so many different solutions online these days. The biggest problem most people face is that they only need one good app and with so many choices it’s hard to find the one that best suits your needs. With so many misleading information and web sites that often confuse you instead of making your choice easier it can be difficult do actually find out which ones are good and reliable apps and which ones offer everything you need. With a few guidelines you can find here it will be much easier for you to actually understand what to look for in a good monitoring app.

Avoid free software:

Monitoring apps are state of the art software solutions whose development costs money, so keep in mind that there’s no reliable free software out there. There are a lot of web sites that will offer you free monitoring apps but don’t trust them, because they are only trying to keep you on their web site or trying to get to your credit card information. If you find a web site that offers a free trial of a monitoring software, without asking you to give them your personal and credit card information, than it might be a good idea to try these apps. This could be a good way to find out if this is the best app for you.

Price is not the most important thing:

It’s understandable that you want to find a perfect app without having to pay a lot of money for it, but keep in mind that cheaper is not always better. You should first find out what does the app offer, does it offer everything you need or maybe more than you need. If you want an app with good value rates, check for mSpy app. Once you define what you actually want from a monitoring software then finding something that will stay within your budget should not be a problem with so many solutions out there. Do some research if you don’t want to pay an app that’s cheap and useless, or overpay an app with more features than you need.

Available features:

When you find a potential solution for your monitoring software always go to the app’s web site and check all the features it offers. Some of the products offer a lot of different features and advanced options and some of them only offer some basic and standard features. You should always consider what do you actually need and what exactly you want to monitor on a desired smartphone. If you just want to know with who the owner of a targeted phone is talking to or sending messages to than a basic monitoring app is enough for you. If you need additional options you should go for the advanced apps.

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Check compatibility:

This is an extremely important thing to check if you want your monitoring app to work at all. Many developers are saying that their app are working with all phones but this is mostly not true. Usually the majority of these apps are compatible with Android powered phones, iPhones and Blackberries. It’s also important to check if the app you want works not only with the operating system on the phone but with the version that it’s used.

Customer support:

Always choose apps that offer customer support. There’s no use in buying an app without being able to contact someone if something goes wrong. Reliable monitoring software developers always have customer support for their products, usually via phone, e-mail or live chat. Avoid developers that don’t offer adequate support for their apps.

With these guidelines and some research on your own you should be well informed in order to find a perfect monitoring software that will suit all your needs.

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The Rise Of The Mobile App

Smartphone's are pretty incredible, as is the internet itself. This article will chart the continued rise of the Smartphone and the applications that make them so appealing to their users. In the internet age we live in, having access to it at all times is vitally important. May it be because you need to do some shopping or check your bank account balance, the option has to be there.

Many of you will work in the city and have high pressure jobs that require a lot of phone calling and instant messaging; the only way to get that on the go is with one of these phones. Businesses are now fundamentally tailored around the functionality of mobile devices including tablets.

Think back to ten years ago and then compare the business world to what it is like now, the rise and change has been incredible. There are three key reasons why the mobile application has become so popular and I will explain them within the this article,

The Internet:

The Rise Of The Mobile App
The rise of the mobile application can be attributed solely to the rise in the internet and thus the rise in the number of Smartphone's on the market. It is frightening how far technology has come in such a short space of time and it is only going to get more detailed and advance.

Most people are internet literate nowadays and this is reflected in the complexity of apps and mobiles. As more people become comfortable with using the internet (don't forget it is still a new thing) wed developers are becoming more willing to advance the apps they produce.

You can get an application for almost anything; I will touch upon this later in the article.


A lot of people in the world today have experience everything that they want or need to experience, may it be travelling or purchasing goods. There is a lot of wealth in the world and people get very bored and mobile applications can often provide the stimulation they need.

It is something that is out of your control; you don't set the levels or create the rules. You have got to abide by someone else's and that frustration/sense of achievement after completion is something you can't get from buying the latest car on the market.

Ease of Access:

You can literally do anything on an app nowadays. You can do your banking, your shopping, book your holidays, have a gamble and check your Facebook, all within a few seconds. The ease of access and wide ranging nature of apps makes them so appealing and companies such as Made with Marmalade have recognized this.

They create cross border platforms for apps that can be used on all Smartphone's and thus they infiltrate every aspect of the market. This is just one example of how companies are clocking on to the fact the internet is the most progressive market to be involved in. The future can only get more advanced and people have such an open mind when it comes to technology that any new creations will certainly have the required audience.

Image Credit: Royalty Free or iStock.

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Andrew is an author with a love for modern technology. He likes to keep up to date with the latest phones and tablets as well as writing about them.

How to Save a Wet Cell Phone?

Chances are, you or someone you know has dropped their cell phone in water. It’s that moment when everything turns into slow motion, as your lifeline to social media, friends and family slowly succumbs to a watery death. But is there a way to rescue your cell phone once it’s taken the plunge? Keep reading and check out this infographic ,"How to Save a Wet Cell Phone".

With over 80% of the population using cell phones in the United States, it’s no surprise that many have lost a phone to water. Over 116,000 cell phones end up in the laundry each year, and over 850,000 end up in a toilet! There’s even a Facebook group dedicated to those poor souls that have lost a cell phone during a trip to the bathroom. 29% of cellphone users admit that their damage was caused by spilling a drink on them, and it’s no surprise that men are three times as likely to damage their phone via water!

Have a Look At: Saving Your Smart Phone When It Falls In The Toilet!

Once you’ve rescued your phone from the H2O, it’s time to act-and act quickly. First, turn off the device-if it’s off already, don’t turn it on! Dry it off, and take it apart-including sim cards and the battery. Don’t shake or jostle the phone too much, as this can force water into delicate parts of the device. If spray alcohol is available, spraying the inside may help disperse the water. Use a small vacuum to help suck out any water, and then immediately put the phone into a bag of rice. You can also purchase a first-aid kit from Dry-All to help save your cell phone. Whatever you do, do not put your phone in the microwave, take a hair dryer to it, or place the device on a heater.

Feel free to like, comment, and share this, “How to Save a Wet Cell Phone” infographic from!

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The Most Important Phonecalls Of All Time

Most Important Phonecalls!
Imagine a world without telephones, it’s pretty inconceivable. In a time when near enough everyone is little more than a punch of a few digits away, the youngest among us may struggle to think of a time when letters were the modus operandi.

Once, if you wanted to talk to someone you had to meet them face-to-face. The idea of which will surely send a shiver down the spine of many a tech-savvy, textaholic pre-teen.

So, what have been the most technologically significant phone calls in history? Perhaps these:

1867 – The beginning:

The first telephone call ever made. There is some question over whether Alexander Graham Bell or Elisha Gray should be fully credited with the invention of the telephone. It was, though, Bell who made the first telephone call in history in Boston on March 10, 1867.

The phone call, to his research assistant Thomas Watson – who was only in the next room – was as simple as: “Mr Watson, come here. I want to see you.”

1926 – The first transatlantic conversation:

After calling people within the same city, and then people within the same country, had been mastered the time came for overseas correspondence.

By 1926, making a call across a vast ocean was not a new idea. As early as 1915, short transmissions had been demonstrated as viable and calls had been made to ships for some time. A full conversation across an ocean as big as the Atlantic had not been a reality until the first call from London to New York was made. The first telephone cable between the UK and the US was laid underwater in 1956.

1946 – The first mobile telephone call:

Obviously a world away from the tiny, smooth handsets we have today, mobile phones have been about in some form or another for over 60 years. In the US, engineers from Bell Labs began work on a system to allow telephone calls to and from automobiles – this first of which was on June 17, 1946 in St Louis. Shortly after, AT&T offered Mobile Telephone Service. A range of unreliable, rudimentary mobile phones that offered limited coverage. Reporters and truck fleets were among the first to use the early mobile phones, which were very expensive and equally cumbersome.

1973 – The first hand-held call:

On April 3, 1973, Motorola employee Martin Cooper made the first ever hand-held mobile phone call to Joel Engel, head of research at AT&T's Bell Labs. The device was the huge – to today’s eyes at least – Motorola DynaTAC prototype. It weighed 2.5 pounds and measured 9 inches long, it offered a talk time of just 30 minutes and took ten hours to re-charge.

Prior to 1973, mobile telephony was limited to phones installed in cars and other vehicles.

1992 – The first text:

Not really classed as a ‘telephone call’ but important all the same. Short message service (SMS) was born on December 3, 1992. British engineer Neil Papworth, 22 at the time, used his computer to wish a "Merry Christmas" to Richard Jarvis, of Vodafone. He didn't get a reply because there was no way to send a text from a phone in those days.

That had to wait for Nokia's first mobile phone in 1993.

Image Credit: Flickr.

Author Bio:
Guest post contributed by Lauren Jones, an expert in the telephone system business, helping people & business to see the benefits of call handling services.

What? You Actually Call People On Your Phone?

According to the Office of National Statistics, over 17.5 million people use their mobile phones to browse the internet. Around 45% of those using the internet use their phone. Around 6 million people used their phone to access the internet for the first time in 2011. Back in 2009, only around 8.5 million people in the UK used their phones to browse the internet.

So what is behind this trend for increasing mobile phone usage?

The Smartphone Revolution:

Smartphones have certainly impacted on these trends. Since the advent of the iPhone series in 2007, phones have become better and better and have captured the imagination of the public.

The smartphone sector grew through recession and has been extremely buoyant despite the expensive contracts and expensive premium end phones. We’ve now seen new phones come on to the market that provide superb functionality, excellent screens, and 3G connectivity at budget prices. This has driven consumers to increasingly enjoy their mobile phone browsing experience.

Network Development:

Alongside the development in the smartphone market, the mobile phone networks have increased apace. We now have 4G connectivity with theoretical speeds of 14.4MBps and 3G connectivity is able to do around a tenth of that. Therefore we can get decent connectivity through 3G and excellent connectivity through 4G. With LTE and further advancements, we are going to be looking at even faster mobile broadband- mega fast.

It Depends Where You Are:

Only around 13% of rural mobile broadband users say that they have decent 3G connectivity consistently. Compare that to mobile broadband in London where you have well over 90% of users with good 3G activity.

According to the Office of National Statistics, 38% of people now use their mobile phones to surf while outside their homes and the rest jump on Wi-Fi.

Increasing Use of Wi-Fi Hotspots:

Over 5 million people now use Wi-Fi hotspots. This is a figure that is increasing fast and the variety of options to get on Wi-Fi hotspots is increasing. BT provides Wi-Fi hotspots, Sky offers them as well. There are even special cloud based Wi-Fi networks that you can get on in public places, paying a small fee.

Social Media:

The integration of social media into our phones has certainly been a major contributor to us getting online with them. As people have browsed Facebook, many have realised the speed and capacity of their phones to do more than just phone, text, and e-mail.

In addition, people have realised the benefits of being in touch on the go, especially with services such as eBay, where time really matters. You no longer have to sit in front of your computer to stay online.

Advertising Revenue Potential:

Companies like Facebook and Twitter are looking to increase their revenues from mobile phone markets. Increasingly, they are understanding that the potential of smartphones is so great, and that revenues from mobile broadband could end up surpassing their other revenue streams. They are drastically innovating and testing to find ways to generate the maximum that they can from this new and exciting revolution in technology.

Top Tip:

If you have a decent allowance of data on your phone, you can set it up as a wireless hotspot so you can jump online on your tablet or your laptop. There are many applications that can be downloaded through IOS, Windows, and Android. It really can be very simple to make your phone a mobile modem.

Author Bio:
Phil Turner bought his first smartphone recently, tempted by Sky offers he had received in the post about free wifi hotspots for Sky subscribers.

Interesting Facts That You Didn't Know About Your Smartphone

Interesting Facts About SmartPhone
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Smartphones are amazing devices that have greater capabilities than supercomputers used to twenty to thirty years ago. Technology moves fast and technology that once needed to be housed in a large room now fits in your pocket. The amazing features of smartphones have become commonplace however and what once amazed us now just seems commonplace. Here are six facts that you didn't know about your smartphone that you may find amazing and compelling.

Usage Amongst Smartphone Owners:

Smartphones have been growing in popularity steadily ever since they were first introduced in 2001. It is estimated that the number of smartphones in existence by 2015 will be approximately 1.5 to 2 billion. That means that there is likely to be one smartphone for every six to seven people alive, which is quite amazing. In the United States, current smartphone usage equates to 35% of adults having a smartphone. People are also spending tons of time using their smartphones. On average, people check their smartphones 150 times per day which equates to once every six to seven minutes. What are people primary using smartphones for? That depends on the country that the user is living in. Usage tends to fluctuate widely from country to country though with social media being less popular in Japan and restaurant apps being more popular in the United States.

Apps have grown in popularity in recent years as well due to improved download speeds and an increase in the number of computer programmers designing new applications. Having said that, approximately 90% of apps that are downloaded are only used ten times or less once they are downloaded. What types of apps are being used by individuals? Approximately 60% of smartphones are used to play games though health apps are also prominently featured on many cell phones with approximately 90% of smartphones having a health or fitness app on it.

Cell Phone Costs:

Those text messages that you send do not cost your cell phone provider a thing. That is because the size of text messages are small enough to be inserted in data transfers by your cell phone provider that fit neatly into the spectrum that cell phone companies rent from the government. The space a text message uses is less than the space used to set up the transmittal of information between a call tower and a phone. As a result, the cost to a provider is zero and the amount you pay is all profit to a cell phone provider. The most expensive part of a smartphone is the screen. Touchscreens have grown in complexity and sensitivity and the cost of these screens have grown in accordance with these technologies. Gorilla glass, commonly used on iPhones and other smartphones are durable and sensitive to touch and have led to new functionality for smartphones. The presence of these sensitive touchscreens have led to a decrease in popularity of other input devices for smartphones including pens, points, physical keyboards, and scroll wheels, all of which were used when smartphones were first introduced to consumers.


Smartphones are continuing to revolutionize the cell phone world and have become ever more popular in recent years. While it is difficult to predict what direction smartphones will head, they are bound to become more powerful and add new functionality for users. As this occurs, expect smartphones to become even more common amongst users.

Author Bio:
Today's guest post was contributed by Brian S., article writer for When Brian isn't busy blogging he likes enjoying the finer things in life.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Smart Phone

Getting The Most Out Of Your Smart Phone
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If you're a smartphone owner, chances are, you're probably overwhelmed when choosing apps. While some people refuse to put more than one or two apps on their sound, others end up with far too many, slowing down their phone and not getting much use out of them. If you want to know how to make more out of your smartphone apps, use these tips to choose the best select apps for your phone.

Figure Out What You Need

What is the one thing that you wish your phone could do? Many people sit down and write a list, which may seem time consuming, but can turn out to be helpful. Do you want your phone to work as a GPS, store shopping lists, be able to find restaurants close? Figure out the top five or ten functions that you want to see in your phone. There are apps for almost everything today, so don't feel limited. Keep your list to 15 items or less if you want to maintain the speed of your phone.

Do your research after you have your list, search for apps and read what each app does and if it will be the best thing for your life style. If you want an app that tracks your running progress, look through a few of the many options before choosing one. Each app has slightly different specifications and browsing through a few before settling on one will make sure that you get the most use out of every app.

Limit Yourself

You may be tempted to choose multiple apps for the same function, but chances are you won't use these. For instance, there are multiple free news apps that are great for travelers who want to stay current. However, having 5 news apps is only going to clutter your phone and be redundant. You probably can get by with one or at the most, two newspaper apps. Try to stick with just one app for everything on your list of "must-haves" and avoid adding apps that you already have similar versions.

Break Out Your Wallet

There are many free apps and most of these free offers are great! Chances are, you can probably get the apps you want without spending a penny. However, in some instances, you may be better off paying a few bucks for one of your apps. This applies to Rippln mobile especially if you consider the benefits it brings. This goes back to the quality idea. A free app that doesn't do what you ask it to be worthless. If you pay a few bucks for an app that you'll use three times as much as a free one, you're getting your money's worth.

Switch It Out

Everyone changes and you'll find that the apps you originally chose for your phone may not be needed after a few months. Just like you spring clean your home, don't be afraid to spring clean your phone. Periodically check through your apps and find out which ones you're really not practicing anymore. This will help you to get the most use from each app and avoid slowing down your phone.

Author Bio:
Jocelyn D. Mejia is an active blogger on internet marketing trends, innovations and happenings in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pros And Cons Of IPhones

Pros And Cons Of IPhones
Img. Credit: freedigitalphotos
There is a great deal of buzz in the smart phone arena as of late. With the HTC Droid DNA and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy4 giving iPhone a run for its money. With the new kids on the block many are wondering where iPhone stands in what it provides. This article will not be a comparison review, mainly because the iPhone will probably appeal to a different kind of person that the Android operated phones. This will be more of a pro and con evaluation of the iPhone 5.


For the past 6+ years the iPhone has established itself as the ultimate in smartphones. The iPhone almost made the Blackberry obsolete. What makes the iPhone a constant, even with the challenge of the up and comers, is its dependability. The IOS system through which the iPhone operates is the easiest one of the most dependable on the market. It allows for easy interface navigation and system storage. With the iPhone, most every function is a touch or a swipe away. The S model also allows for ultimate voice management of the phone.

Because the iPhone is the most popular phone on the market there are numerous applications for almost any service and company you can imagine. You can do your banking, shopping, and numerous other tasks through applications without ever going directly to your web-browser. The applications are designed to store all of the user’s information, so that the user does not have enter that information on each visit, exposing their personal information.

The iPhone also allows for easy music and video downloads through the Apple Store. The Apple Store provides a secure place to locate and download your favorite songs and movies. You can also integrate you iPhone with your iTunes application which will help you manage your applications as well as allow you to store all of your music and movie files. iTunes also allows you to sync all of your information to the iCloud for safe keeping.

One of the most powerful pros to owning an iPhone is the access to Apples’ exceptional customer care. Apple is widely recognized as an industry leader in customer service and customer satisfaction.


When it comes to the cons to owning an iPhone, there would be very few, but they are worth mentioning.

One of the things that makes this phone special can also be a hang up for some users. The fact that you have to go the through the iPhone store to download anything can be a little annoying. Even if you find an application that you want on the web, you will have to go through the iStore to purchase and download it.

Another con is the inability to personalize the phone at any extensive level. There are no aftermarket themes that will allow you to make your iPhone your own.

Though the phone has improved in the area of durability it is still the most damaged smartphone on the market.

In short, the iPhone is dependable and predictable. It does not provide the frills of some of the up and comers, but it has a track record of being trustworthy.

Author Bio:
Louis Rossmann is a straight shooting tech guy who specializes in repair and LCD replacement. Contact him through his Rossman Group website.

Saving Your Smart Phone When It Falls In The Toilet

You walk into the bathroom, your bladder is throbbing. You throw open the lid of the toilet, bend down, and before you have time to react you’re new iPhone 5 has fallen from your jacket and floats in a new resting place in the toilet bowl. Suddenly, relieving yourself has taken a backseat to retrieving and attempting to salvage your phone. Regardless of the brand and model of smartphone, the urgency to save your expensive technology is the same. The next time you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, keep in mind the following tips to rescue and resuscitate your fallen phone.

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Extract the Phone Immediately:

This should probably just go without saying since your instinctive reaction will likely be to thrust your hand into the toilet bowl and pull the phone out. If you already relieved yourself when the phone fell, your unfortunate situation just got a little more unfortunate -- and interesting. The plastic on most smart phones is pretty tight, but you should assume it is waterlogged and make haste to pull it out.

Remove the Battery and Place on a Towel:

How long the phone was immersed in water will determine the damage. Sometimes if the phone was not in the water for too long, there will not be much damage. Instead of immediately patting the phone dry after taking it out, remove the battery cover and battery and place them on the towel.

This is essential to preserving the function of the phone since many electrical circuits in the phone will still function after immersion in water if they are unattached to a power source. You should also remove any covers or accessories from the phone. Taking out the SIM card is also a good idea since all of your contact data is stored here.

Dry the Phone Well:

Even a little bit of water still inside the phone can ruin it. Damaging the circuitry and corroding other essential components is possible with the presence of just a little water. Keep the phone still on a flat surface and gently wipe it with an absorbent cloth or towel. Try not to shake or move the phone around too much since this could spread water around inside. Often this is the last step to resolving the crisis. Once dry, turn the phone on and see if it works.

Vacuum Dry:

This is an additional step that may not be necessary after towel drying. Holding a vacuum cleaner suction tube over the phone to remove residual moisture can effectively dry your phone in a short time. Always hold the vacuum away from the phone to prevent static electricity from building up. After vacuuming, wait a couple of hours to turn your phone on, even if it appears dry. This will ensure proper evaporation of all of the components of the phone to prevent an electrical short.

Test the Phone:

After drying your phone using whatever means you have available, the final step is to turn the phone on and test it. Waiting until the phone is completely dried out is a good idea before turning it on. Of course, if the phone doesn’t even turn on, you’ve completed the test and it has failed -- you either need a new battery, a charge, or need to consult a professional. Check the ports and crevasses for moisture, insert the battery, and power it on. Ensure the phone functions and that there are no strange noises. If all appears well, you’ve learned a valuable lesson and still have a functioning phone.

Author Bio:
Ben Vaughn is a contributing writer for ACR Services. He writes on topics ranging from choosing a plumber and water conservation tips to saving your smartphone from a slow drowning death in the toilet.

Protecting Your Mobile Phone

Protecting Your Mobile Phone!
Image Credit: Karpati Gabor
Having a mobile phone is a lifeline for most of us, especially when it comes to work, so if it gets lost, stolen or damaged then you’ll not only have lost your phone, but important numbers and data. You can back up your information, but if you are not insured then you’ll also be liable for continuing to pay contract fees even though you no longer own the phone. Worse still, the growing use of smartphones opens you up to other, and more dangerous risks too. So read on to find out how to protect yourself from the costs of your mobile phone being lost, stolen, or hacked.

Mobile Phone Risks:

Despite the increased value of our phones, 63% of people have no mobile phone insurance* yet mobile phone theft has risen by 25% in recent years.* This is annoying and inconvenient, but the costs of having your phone stolen don’t stop there. Not only can a thief rack up hundreds of pounds of call costs, but because smartphones now hold virtually all of our personal data, a phone thief can also use your phone to find your personal information. This can enable them to get hold of your passwords, banking details, emails and photos, which can then be used to access your money or even to steal your identity.

To minimise the risks of having your phone stolen, you should always:
  • Use your phone in a well-lit area at night.
  • Never walk and text.
  • Stay aware of who is around you when you’re talking on the phone.
  • Take your phone everywhere with you, even when out with friends.
  • Keep your phone and headphones hidden unless in actual use.

Smartphone Risks:

Smartphones are transforming the way we access information and communicate, but it’s important to remember they are mini-computers and so are vulnerable to cybercrime. Cybercrime through mobile devices is growing at a rapid rate, so you need to be on your guard. Malicious software can be used to harvest your data, so you should always be certain that any downloads or emails you open come from a legitimate source, as well as being vigilant about the websites you access on your mobile device. Dependent on your mobile insurance provider you may be covered for unauthorised call costs should your phone be stolen, but you won’t be protected against cybercrime unless your bank reimburses you.

So to minimise the danger of becoming a victim of cybercrime on your phone, you should always:
  • Protect both your phone and sim with a password and pin.
  • Use reputable apps and websites.
  • Keep Bluetooth switched off unless you need it so that hackers cannot access it.
  • Don’t open emails unless you’re certain they’re legitimate, and never reply with bank details.
  • Always run updates for the latest security protection.
  • Never click on links unless you’re sure of their source.
  • Install Mobile Tracking and information wiping apps.
  • Use a password encrypted network when accessing the internet through wi-fi.
  • Delete all of your personal information if you decide to recycle your phone.


Author Bio:
Rob Rudd is a writer and journalist. He enjoys writing for a variety of blogs from technology and gadgetry to finance and savings.

What Do I Need To Consider When Buying A Phone For Kids?

It's not uncommon nowadays to see even young children with a cell phone. And with pink phones, Hello Kitty phones and even specific mobile phone plans for kids it seems like children are the target of a lot of marketing too. But should you buy a phone for your child? A recent report stated that three quarters of UK ten year olds owned a mobile phone, so obviously many people think it is appropriate for young kids to own a phone. If you're trying to decide whether or not to get a cell phone for your kid, there are a few things that you need to take into account...

It's Not as Bad as You Think...

Firstly, don't be close minded about the idea. Just because your kid is pestering you for the hundredth time doesn't necessarily mean that getting a phone is a bad idea. There are a lot of advantages. For example, your child will be able to get hold of you any time he or she needs you, and vice versa. They miss the school bus? No problem. When it comes to safety and security having a phone may be a better idea than you think it is. As long as mobile phone use is controlled properly, then there's no reason that having a phone should be anything other than a benefit to you and you kid.

Be Careful with Financing...

Face it, there's a pretty high chance that your kid is going to lose, break, or drop his phone (probably down the toilet). For this reason, it's not only inadvisable that you buy an expensive device, but also think about financing. When you sign up for a phone plan and get a phone included in the contract you are paying for that phone month by month. You kid loses the phone after three months, guess what? You still have to keep paying for it until the end of your contract. No matter what cool hand set your kid might have his eye on, going for something robust and cheap but functional is your best bet.

Make Sure it's Protected...

And that means protected in every way, shape and form. There's no reason to give younger kids access to the internet, and even older ones should have some form of child lock to prevent them accessing unsuitable material. Text messages should be checked regularly to make sure that you always know what's going on. And watch out for the money.

In general, a pay as you go phone is a better idea, particularly for younger kids, since it's far easier to control spending on PAYG. Contract phones can rapidly become billing nightmares with kids, since they're frequently irresponsible about staying on top of calling minute and text message limits. Finally, you might want to consider a special kids contract for the phone.

Many mobile service operators offer special features for phones that will belong to a child, including the ability to limit service to certain hours of the day, meaning that your kid can't use the phone in school or late at night. Having a kid contract might be an easy way of controlling your child's phone habits...

Author Bio:
Phil Turner has two granddaughters who have been hinting that they want pink phones for their birthdays next month.

How To Erase Personal Data From Your IPhone

If you're looking to sell your used iPhone, you're going to have a bit of a problem. One of the great things about smart phones is that they save all your data. All those hundreds of text messages that you've sent and received, all your emails, your contacts, your photos, even the passwords on your favourite web sites or web based email programmes. Selling your iPhone ebay style might seem like a great way to make a little extra cash, and it is. But before you can sell your phone you're going to have to make sure that all that personal data is gone. You don't want whoever buys your phone to get their hands on your embarrassing pictures, or, even worse, your online banking passwords. Fortunately, erasing data from an iPhone is pretty easy, and should just take a few minutes of your time. If you want to make some extra money by selling your old iPhone ebay might be the way to go, just make sure you read and follow the steps below to remove your personal data first...

Make Sure:

Before you do any of this, make absolutely sure that you want to erase all data from your iPhone. Once it's gone, you can't bring it back. Ever. It's a pretty good idea to back up your iPhone on iTunes first, so you'll have an extra copy of all your data. This is especially important if you're selling an old iPhone in order to get a new iPhone, since it will let you reinstall all your data onto your new model. But even if you're not going to get a new iPhone, it's best to back up, just in case, you never know what you might need in the future.

Find the Menus:

To start off with, Just follow the below steps:
  • Go to the Settings icon on your iPhone, you should find this easily on your home screen.
  • Under the Settings menu, find “General” and click it, then find the tab that says “Reset” and click it.
  • Now, You will now be presented with a pretty long list of options, so don't panic. Look for the option that says “Erase All Content and Settings”.
  • We've warned you before, but we'll say it again. Once you click this button there is no going back, you cannot magically get all your data back again.
  • If you do not have a back up copy of your iPhone on your computer using iTunes, the data will be gone forever. Back up your phone, just in case.
  • Once you're absolutely sure that this is what you want to do, then click the button that says “Erase All Content and Settings”.
  • Now click the red button that says “Erase iPhone.”
  • You will be asked to confirm the deletion one more time. There is the possibility that you'll be asked for a security PIN at this point.
  • The default PIN for all iPhones is 0000.
  • If this doesn't work, try entering the PIN you use for your voice mail, or the PIN given to you with your SIM card by your mobile service operator.

Wait for the erase to complete, which may take some time. Your phone will reboot after the process is finished. Once rebooted, your phone should be empty of all personal data, and is ready to be sold.

Author Bio:
“It’s a piece of cake”, says Phil Turner, “to auction your used iPhone. Ebay does everything for you. All you have to do is wait to cash in!”

Why Android is The Best Choice For Your Next Phone

Why Android is The Best Choice For Your Next Phone
License: Royalty Free or iStock
The smart phone market is big business these days, and a number of massive multinational corporations are vying the top spot. Whilst Apple are the other main player in the field, many onlookers believe that their offerings are beginning to reduce in quality. It's all very well bringing out lighter, larger capacity items - but how much of their new product range is really revolutionary?

Are Apple's Days Numbered?

Apple used to be the smaller alternative competitor to Microsoft's juggernaut, but in recent times the company has seen its stocks rise to become the number 1 player in the market. Microsoft are expected to fight back, as they begin their assault on the smart phone battlefield - but Apple is still the biggest player in town. However, in recent months Apple's share price has started to fall, and many predict that this is set to continue.

Critics argue relentlessly about why Apple is set to decline, and reasons include stale product offerings which rely too heavily on a loyal customer-base. After all, sometimes when you've been number one for so long, resistance grows and people look for alternatives. Many critics feel this might be starting to happen to Apple.

Android - Racing Ahead of the Pack:

The main winner in all of this is Android. While two long-term rivals battle it out with multi-billion dollar budgets, the open-source platform has continued to grow. Make no mistake, backed by Google's billions - Android is no amateur operation. However, they have managed to capture a decent chunk of the market while offering not only usability and reliability - but FLEXIBILITY as well.

One of the major criticisms of Apple's product line up is that they keep users "locked in" and only able to use devices in a manner deemed appropriate by Apple. If you want to purchase Apps or Mp3s, you've got to use Apple's own store - and you can only buy things that the company have previously "ok'd". This flies in the face of how the consumer electronics market is heading, and Android has managed to capitalize.

How Android is Different:

By offering an open-source platform, Android allows the ability to work together and provide software and support themselves. If you want to make your own Android app, that's fine - you're free to do what you want. Apps are available for free from a number of sources. Although Android does have it's own Marketplace - you aren't forced to use it.

Another great thing about Android - it's not tied to one system or handset provider. That means there's competition involved even amongst Android supporting phones, which drives down prices and allows more people the chance to own one. As you've probably seen, Android phones are normally considerably cheaper than the newest iPhone equivalent. But that's not because they're inferior - many believe Android phones are BETTER.

Author Bio:
Josh Robertson writes for which specialize in helping you get your next cell phone for free - find out more here.

Tips To Keep Your iPhone Safe

Very many people look forward to the release of iPhones every time Apple announces an upcoming debut of a new model. Eager consumers are not the only ones enthusiastic about the releases of iPhones. Thieves too. You can easily lose your iPhone to theft cases or damage of some kind. iPhone theft in New York alone went up by 40% following the release of iPhone 5. Other than theft, another danger is getting the device damaged. So, how can one protect his or her iPhone from these?

Install Safety Apps:

There is an app for almost anything, making the iPhone one of the phones with the highest number of target apps. Among the apps, one should never miss to install some safety apps to keep his or her iPhone safe. Install Find My iPhone app. This app can quickly locate a missing device using the GPS system on the phone. That way, you will be able to lock your iPhone remotely and even wipe all your personal data.

Another app, Gadget Trak can snap photos of the person with the phone using its cameras. In October 2012, police in Brooklyn arrested an iPhone thief within an hour using Find My iPhone app.

License: Creative Commons image source

Apply for Apple Care:

Since 2007, Americans have spent $5.9 billion to repair damaged iPhone devices. That means that your own clumsiness can lead to the damage of your iPhone. Sometimes it is the nature of your job that puts your phone in danger of damage. As soon as you purchase your iPhone device, you have 30 days to apply for Apple Care, which covers up to two incidents of iPhone device damages including shattered screens, spills and any other unforeseen forms of damage.

Shield the Screen:

The screen is one of those iPhone device parts that can be very difficult to protect. It is prone to scratches and other forms of damage that can occur on the screen. An iPhone case is not enough to protect the screen of the device, but there are screen shields out in the market that are invisible, so you will be able to use your iPhone without having to worry about it getting scratches. "Crystal Clear Screen Protector" is a screen protection product that will keep your device safe from physical damage on the screen.

Purchase an iPhone Case:

There is a wide array of iPhone cases on the market today. Low quality cases may not protect your device from damage, but there are quite a lot of other cases that can protect your iPhone from various kinds of physical damage. Choose tough, sealed and water-light iPhone cases that will provide protection to your iPhone from accidental drops and water damage. Try to explore iphone5 cases with some vendors such as and others have quite a lot of these cases so you can choose one that is suitable for the exact kind of protection you want to give your iPhone.

License: Creative Commons image source

Author Bio:
Simpson, the author, was one of the first consumers to stand in the long queues to buy his iPhone 5. Since standing on the lengthy and tiring queues, he keeps learning intuitive ways of protecting his precious iPhone device from damage and theft, which he shares with other enthusiasts.

How To Get Free Mobile Recharge

How To Get Free Mobile Recharge

Hai guys, I found some intresting sites through which you can get mobile recharge free of cost. Some sites offers Free Mobile Recharge by matching last digits of your mobile no. with their set of numbers, on a daily basis. Others offer free mobile recharge for completing surveys, offers, playing games, etc. that the provide after signing up to them.
Info.: The sites mentioned in this article are 100% Genuine and tested by me.
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Below are some sites to get free mobile recharge. Check them out,


1.) Embee Pay:

              Embee Pay is a facebook App, Available worldwide for many countries including India. Embee Pay rewards it's user's with Embee Points Which can be redeemed into real money and can be used for recharging your mobile online. You can get free mobile recharge by doing various activities like inviting your friends, daily login, signing up to sites, etc..

More sites will be added soooooooooonnnnnnn!!!!

(For India Alone)

Based on Luck:

You need to check the below two sites on a daily basis to get the chance of winning free mobile recharge one or another day!

1.) Luckyrecharge:

As the name suggests, If you are lucky you can get  free mobile recharge of Rs.10 to Rs.100 based on the last 3 to 7 digits of your mobile number.

Lucky Recharge offers free prepaid mobile recharge on all operators across India. The recharge value varies between Rs.10 to Rs.100 based on the last 3 to 7 digits of your mobile number. Just enter your mobile number and check your luck for the day.

2.) Trackmobile:

TrackMobile offers you to get free mobile recharge (woth Rs.100 / Rs.50 / Rs.10) if the last 5 / 4 / 3 digits of your mobile number falls under the "Todays Offer Number". The offer number will change daily inorder to give more oppertunity for trackmobile customers to get free recharge.

By Doing Some Work:

In these sites you have to do some activities like Playing quiz, Answering questions, attending polls, clicking on the ads, signing up for a site, etc... to get free mobile recharge!

In the below list Laaptu is my My Favourite when compared to others. Below You will find the reasons for it to be my favourite. Iam sure that on signing up to Laptoo in addition to FullOnSMS, PicksUp & ULtoo You can get the maximum amount of free recharge daily. :)
 Don't Forget to Verify your mobile no. (Just enter the code they send to your mobile on the box provided on the site) & E-Mail address (Just go to your inbox-->check for the mail-->Then click the link in it) after signing up to the site mentioned below to start earning. It's important to keep your mobile in hand while signing up to these sites.

1.) Laaptu: (My Favourite)

Laaptu has amazing ways to get free mobile recharge like, Guess and win!FACT or FART (A simple True or False Game), Invite And Earn, etc... Just check it out and if you find it intresting, Share your opinion with us through the below comment box! :)

2.) PicksUp: (Pays Higher)

Through PickzUp you can get free mobile recharge by Playing Games, By Participating in contests and winning, Vote and earn credits(10credits=1Rs.), Refer your friends and earn.

In PicksupYou can redeem your earned amount as recharge to your mobile, Send it to your bank account Or Shop Online!

 Tip: Keep your mobile in your hand when signing up to this site, as you will receive the password as a text msg. to your mobile. Use this password to signup to this site, Later you can change this password.

3.) FullOnSMS:

FullOnSMS is similar to Waytosms which you will see later, Through FullOnSms you can get free recharge by playing Quiz games daily and you can earn Rs.2 for each friend who join via your invite.

4.) ULtoo: (Get Free Mobile Recharge for Sending SMS to your friends)

Ultoo is another site throught which you can get free mobile recharge for sending SMS to your friends mobile, playing quiz, Answering Poll questions, inviting people, etc...

Enough of worrying about the SMS cost's. Send Free SMS using Ultoo and even get paid for each SMS that you send to your friends or your family. :)

5.) Waytosms:

Through waytosms you can not only get free mobile recharge, but also send unlimited sms to any mobiles in India.

You can get free mobile recharge by displaying the ads they provide, on your social network like fb, google+, etc... Whenever someone clicks on the ads that you share, you get paid for it. And you can recharge your mobile online with that payment.

In waytosms you can also earn money by refering your friends and relatives through the link that they provide to you as Referral link.

6.) Amulyam:

Through Amulyam you can get free mobile recharge by creating contest, playing games, reading mails which they send to your inbox, by signing up to sites, by inviting your friends and relatives through referral link they provide, etc...

7.) AndyPlay:

This is another new site which allows you to recharge your mobile for free by playing "True or False, Quiz, Inviting Friends, etc..." Through Andyplay you can earn upto Rs.2 per friend who joins via you! Join Now!

8.) Freetalkie:

Free talkie offers free mobile recharge for completing offers like signing up to the websites, they have listed or by shopping online, liking fb pages, etc... Just check if it suits you.

More sites will be updated soonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!

How to fix your Android phone

The demand for Android phone has always been high, but there could be technical hitches. Need to make an urgent business call or an emergency call and suddenly your mobile does not respond, that’s the last you want to face. Before you begin with the fixing phone, do not forget to take a backup of the files. This is an important thing to remember since there is always a chance to lose the phone’s memory and lose valuable data. To fix the issues with your android mobile there are various methods and it includes -

One of the most commonly followed way of fixing the technical hitch primarily starts with removing the battery of the phone and putting it back again. This is one of the simplest solutions followed by most mobile users or service centers. One of the reasons why this method is followed is by taking the battery out; the user is forcing the device to reset by itself. And by fixing the battery once again you are loading the device.

If the technical hitch doesn’t stop there, it could probably be a software issue. Software updates can be a major reason to fix a technical issue. One of the important factors to remember while going in for a software update would be charging your phone completely and ensuring an internet connection. Because the updating process could be time consuming and it may drain the battery.

The phone updates will be available in the phone settings and upon reset updates will take place. In case if the user is unable to reset the updates, he can connect the device to a computer and follow instruction and do the required software updates. In spite of a software update if the phone still does not work, the user may try out resetting the factory settings. By setting the phone in the factory mode, you will gain back the basic setting of your device.

Before trying the factory setting, the user needs to ensure that the data backup is taken. By setting the factory resetting, the phone memory is erased and all stored data will be lost. The device will be rebooting after the resetting process. The process brings back the original setting of the device or rather the factory state. These are the immediate steps to recover your smartphone and the process that can be followed in case the user faces a technical glitch.

Julian Robert works with Zco's android game development team as a copywriter.