Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template

Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template: Nothing is impossible !! Some times due to personal reasons or systematic errors we have to shut down our Blog for better maintenance.In that case every blogger is confuse what to Do? There is nothing to worry, just Download your Blog Template and upload a temporary template Like "Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template",which will inform your blog readers that site/blog is under maintenance due to some personal reasons or any other reason.Moreover this template is a very responsive template and is ideal in situation when your blog is under Construction or Coming soon or Blog Maintenance.This template has 1 columns layout along with crystal black color background and touchy Out look.It has a professional appearance ready with social sharing buttons at header position.It works perfectly with all browsers.

Features Of Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template

  • Professional Style
  • Works with All Browsers
  • WordPress Look
  • 1 Columns
  • Gray
  • Subscription E-mail Widget
  • Black
  • Green 
  • Bookmark Ready

How To Install Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template


Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template
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Green SEO Blogger Template

Green SEO Blogger Template:- A new Stunning SEO Blogger template released by Template is SEO Optimized Built-inly,and that is the main thing which attract the hearts of bloggers.Now-a-days with-out SEO it is impossible to maintain your Site traffic and rank in Search Engines,For this Purpose Every Blogger take help from SEO.Now the Question is How to Do SEO?Is it an Easy Thing?Nah,So Then What To Do,Either May I Join any Classes for it or what? These random Questions arises in every one's Mind,but now here we got the best Solution.Actually we have found this template which is really an Optimized SEO blogger template.In simple Words You just Got 50% SEO for your Blog when you Upload this template to your Blog.As in SEO we talk about On Page in which the Design and Appearance of Blog Comes,So that part has been implemented in this template.Now You Don't have to Worry much about SEO. Moreover this template has 2 columns layout along with an impressive header which makes it a sexy template.Many Other Customized widgets are added to this template along-with 3 Columns Footer.The Background Color of this template is gray and have an attractive appearance.This template is Ads ready,SEO Ready,and Works with all browsers i.e Google Chrome,Mozilla and IE etc.You can Download it free from Our Blog.
Green SEO Blogger Template


  • Ads Ready
  • DROP Down menu
  • SEO Ready
  • 2 Columns Layout
  • 3 Columns Footer
  • Professional
  • One Right Side-bar
  • Works with All Browsers
  • Beautiful Header
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Stunning Appearance

How To Install Green SEO Blogger Template


Green SEO Blogger Template
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Tech Shadow Blogger Template

Tech Shadow Blogger Template is a Stunning Professional Blogger Template,ideal for Tech and Blogging Niche.It has 2 columns layout along with three columns footer which makes it an impressive and attractive Template.This Template has an awesome header which is divided into two section.This template has ready E-mail Subscription widget along with other Customized widgets.It has beautiful Drop Down menu ,when Ones hover a mouse it lights-up in a candling manner.Social Sharing buttons are builtinly added to this template.It has awesome gray Color which makes it appearance crystal clear touchy.This template works perfect with all types of Browsers.You Can get it free from Our Blog.
  • Template Name : Tech Shadow Blogger Template
  • Template Author and Designer :- Muhammad Yaqoob Of BloggerYard
  • Platform :- For Blogger/Blogspot
  • Released Date :- 21,June 2013
  • Layout :- 2 Columns
  • Professional And Stunning Design

Features Of Tech Shadow Blogger Template

  • SEO Friendly Template
  • 468x60 Ad Section In Header
  • Three Column Footer
  • Socializer Widget
  • Socializer Widget Header Subscription Area
  • Professional Style
  • White and Gray
  • Works with all Browsers
  • Threaded Comments
  • Related posts Widgets
  • Simple and Clean
  • Stunning Design

Installation and License Of Tech Shadow Blogger Template

Johny Prett Blogger Template

Johny Prett Blogger Template is a new versatile Magazine Style Blogger Template.It is specially designed for movie Blogs.However it is ideal for multi-niche,tech updates,or any niche.Many stunning and customized widgets are added to this template which makes it more impressive template.It has gray color background along with black header and drop down menu.It has an awesome appearance with crystal clear touch.Actually this template has 3 columns layout along with One right sidebar.Moreover it works perfect with all type of Browsers.You Can get it free from Our Blog.

Johny Prett Blogger Template

Features of Johny Prett Blogger Template

  1. One Beautiful Right Sidebar
  2. Drop Down menu
  3. Customized widgets Built-in
  4. 3 Columns
  5. Gray
  6. Magazine Style
  7. Search Box 
  8. Black header
  9. Clean and simple Design
  10. Works with All type of browsers
Installation and License Of Johny Prett Blogger Template

Top 10 Professional Free Blogger Templates 2013

You are searching for the Professional Blogger Templates?If Yes,then you are at the right place.It is very common Problem these days that when bloggers or new bloggers create a Blog/Website they cannot find a Beautiful Professional Template for their Blogs.And as template show the blog personality,so the only thing which can bring you lot of visitors and attraction is Blogger Template.Means if your blog template is stunning and simple and professional,then you will rock your Blog.Actually there is many websites which provides quality template but they are not free of cost.You have to pay a huge amount of money,In this regard we have collected a Top 10 Professional Free Blogger Templates 2013.These templates are designed and released by different authors and we have just share with you for making your Blogging Life compatible.

Features Of These Professional Blogger Templates

  • Responsive Blogger Templates
  • Ads and SEO Ready Templates
  • Simple and Clean Templates
  • Professional Look
  • Beautiful Header
  • 3 Columns,2 Columns,and 4 Columns Layout( different template contain different layouts)
  • Works Perfect with All type of Browsers i.e Google Chrome,Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Social Sharing Buttons along with Beautiful Subscription Widgets
  • Magazine Style
  • White,Gray,Blue,Yellow Color Backgrounds
  • Beautiful Comments Sections
  • Top Navigation Menus
  • Drop Down Menus

How To Install these Template to Blogger

When you Donwload any of these templates,then you have to install it to your Blog,Now how to install its an easy question.However some new bloggers can't do it,and as a result they damage their blog data,so for the sake of them we have created an awesome tutorial hope you will love it Read it Here.

1# Labnol Blogger Template

2# Spice Up Your Blog Template

3#  EStyle Blogger Template

4# Copy Blogger Template version 2.0

5# Sensational Blogger Template


7# WebDesign Blogger Template

8# Timeline Blogger Template

9#  PreVouge Blogger Template

10# FlatUi Responsive Blogger Template

These were some beautiful Professional Blogger Templates,hope you found it interesting,share you beautiful ideas with us :) Stay Blessed.

Top 10 Professional Free Blogger Templates 2013
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Rating: 5

Main Photo Responsive Blogger Template

The Trend of Photography,Gags,Trolls, and Funny Pictures Blogs are popular these days.Every One is taking this too much easy,that's no Problem.But finding an awesome template for these blogs makes the problem.Now here we are providing you the most beautiful and responsive Blogger Template whose name is  Main Photo Responsive Blogger Template.Actually this template is design by Ajah and its author is Maskolis.This Template has 2 Columns Layout along with 3 Columns Footer,it is Gallery Style Blogger Template.It has Gray Color Background which makes it more awesome Template,it works perfect with all type of Browsers.You Can Download it free from Our Blog.

Features Of Main Photo Responsive Blogger Template

  • Gallery Style
  • Ads Ready
  • SEO Ready
  • Gray Color background
  • beautiful Search Box
  • Header Awesome
  • Top Navigation Menu
  • 3 Columns Footer
  • 2 Columns Layout
  • Works with all Browsers
  • Responsive
  • Social Sharing Buttons

Installation Of Main Photo responsive Blogger Template

Pro Gray Blogger Template

Pro Gray Blogger Template is a new simple and clean blogger Template.This Template is design for Tech and Personal Blogs,This Template has two columns layout along with 3 columns footer.As it name indicates this template has gray background which makes it a Professional and stylish Template.Actually Pro Gray Blogger Template works with all type of Browsers i.e Internet Explorer,Google Chrome,Safari,and Mozilla etc.Pro Gray Template is designed by BloggerHack,you can download it free from our Blog.

Features of Pro Gray Blogger Template

  • Professional and Clean Look
  • Elegant Style
  • White
  • Gray Background
  • Top Navigation Menu 
  • Ads Ready
  • SEO Ready
  • 3 Columns Footer
  • 2 Columns Layout
  • Works with Google Chrome and all browsers
  • Beautiful Comment Style

Installation Of Yaminth Blogger Template 2013

Installing a template is easy process,however new blogger sometime do a big mistake,as a result they lose their blog contents,so here is a full fledged article which will help you to install a blogger template easily.

Responsive and Magazine Style Blogger Templates 2013

You may have seen that some templates work fine in PC's,Laptops,and some other devices but not on iPhone or mobile etc.This is due to a reason which is that templates are not Responsive Blogger templates.Bloggers and template developers are now trying to solve this issue,and all is done in 2013.Many Responsive Blogger templates have been released which have make the life style of blogging awesome.Likewise Magazine Style Blogger Templates are also very popular templates.Magazine Style Blogger Templates have Professional Design along with many features.However Magazine Style Blogger Templates are better then custom blogger templates.

1# Elite Minima Blogger Template

Elite Minima Blogger Template

Elite Minima 

2# Responsival Blogger Template

3# Sensational Blogger Template

4# Copy Blogger Version 2 Blogger Template

5# Top Blogging Ideas Clone Blogger Template

These were some responsive Blogger Templates ,so now let's take a look on some magazine style blogger templates.

1# Easy Magazine Blogger Template

Easy Magazine

2# Sporty Magazine Blogger Template

Sporty Magazine Blogger Template

3# Blogger News Times Blogger Template

Blogger News Times - Blogger Template

4# Confidence Blogger Template 

Confidence Blogger Template

5# Collective Blogger Template

Collective Blogger Template

What's Up :- Do You Like These Templates ? Any One Your Favorite Template ? Which one You like the most ? Any Question in mind ? Share Your views with us :) Stay Blessed.

Johny Ribet Blogger Template

Johny Ribet Blogger Template is a new responsive gallery style Blogger Template.This template is designed by Maskolis.It has 2 columns layout.Ribet Blogger Template has 3 columns footer which makes it more cool template.Johny Ribet Blogger Template has gray color background along with one right sidebar.This template is SEO Optimized Template,this template is designed for personal blog,but we are not forcing you,you can use it for any type of blog.It has light red color drop down menu and beautiful header.It works with all browsers,you can download it free from our blog.
Johny Ribet Blogger Template

Features Of Johny Ribet Blogger Template

  • Gallery Style
  • Professional Style
  • One Right Sidebar
  • Search Box
  • Gray Color Background
  • 3 Columns Footer
  • 2 Columns layout
  • Read more built-in
  • Top navigation menu
  • Drop Down menu
  • Social share widget
  • Works with Google Chrome,Mozilla and Firefox etc

Installing Johny Ribet Blogger Template

Installing Blogger Template to blog is obviously very easy,but we have prepared an awesome post for new bloggers,where all the steps are mentioned i.e installing,backup,and other tips.Visit the below link and read the tips for installing the template.
So What's Up:- Did You Like this Template?Which feature you like the most?No,You don,t like this template?Pass comments and share your ideas with us,stay blessed.