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Touted by some as the next iPhone, people are excited and gearing up for Google Glass to be the best thing since sliced bread. While a laptop, iPhone or tablet brings you the world at your fingertips, Google Glass makes staying connected completely hands free. You can see the world and let the world see you. This lightweight, wearable device brings the world into your field of vision and allows you to share what you see as it happens.

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass a computer that you can wear. The small, lightweight device encompasses a camera, display screen, battery, microphone and touchpad and has 16GB of flash memory, built-in Bluetooth and WiFi. Like a futuristic pair of glasses, this device is sleek and comes in blue, red, white, grey and black. It is sturdy, yet flexible so it can stand up to everyday wear and still be comfortable. The device uses technology like a smartphone to perform voice commands allowing wearers to perform a variety of functions completely hands free.

What Can Google Glass Do?

Google Glass is equipped to perform a variety of functions. Being a Google product, it can run an internet search and find any topic that is on your mind, but it can also do so much more. Do you need directions? Ask Google Glass and you will see the map right in front of your eyes. Hopping a plane to another country? Google has you covered. Not only can you get flight times and be notified of boarding and delays as you dash through the airport, once you arrive the device can help you with translations. You will never miss another special moment either! With hands free pictures and video you can record the moment and share it live, all hands free. Sending messages is easy as well, with simple voice commands you can instantly message friends and family.

Who Wants Google Glass?

Google glass is specifically designed for those who love technology and want to stay connected. Google expects that the main demographic will be young people and business professionals because the technology can bring to these groups Google search, texting capabilities, photo and video, maps and directions, translations, flight arrival and departure times and even video conferencing all hands-free and on the go. Google is targeting both men and women in this demographic. Google is even working on versions of this technology that incorporate prescription lenses.

What's Next?

Right now, Google Glass is only available to a small number of testers at $1500 per pair, but this feature loaded wearable computer may just be the future of technology. It has been suggested that this device might be ready for the open market in late 2013 or early 2014, but development continues. By bringing consumers features such as Google search, messaging, photo, video, maps, translations, airport information and video conferencing right into the user's field of vision, Google hopes to free users from their desks and revolutionize the way we use technology.

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Google Glass: the Technology Breakthrough of 2013?

Google Glass: the Technology Breakthrough of 2013?

Technological innovation is continual and this is most evident when we examine Google’s new and revolutionary glasses. Back in 2012 when the rumours that the search engine giant was in fact in process of producing augmented reality goggles, it seemed unreal. Fast forward to 2013 and we are now able to give you the lowdown on Google Glass and why it is attracting so much attention worldwide. So here’s a quick look at what we can expect from Google glasses as well as the basic evaluation of the positive and negative implications of viewing the world through these futuristic glasses.

What is it?

This innovative system is essentially a pair of spectacle frames, with functions of a camera, touchpad, display and microphone incorporated in them, and can be worn facially. With the help of Google Glass, data can be freed from your computer or mobile device and displayed before your eyes allowing you to photograph, film and search online when out and about. Google Glass uses display technology and a prism screen to place data before you without impeding your vision, and allowing you to record the world around you with ease as well as interpret your chosen commands.

What does it do?

This technological headset is capable of a whole host of exciting features including video conferencing, enabling you to show your friends what you are looking at precisely at the moment of your conversation, the use of Google maps to get directions, the ability to directly translate spoken languages onto the display. There are as well a large number of exciting apps that are currently being developed in order to go hand in hand with this new technology.

How much will it cost?

The developer version currently being known as the Google Glass Explorer sells for about 1,500 dollars, however the consumer version due to hit the market later this years is expected to be much less expensive.

Google Glass specifications:

Google’s latest innovation offers a mooted 640 by 360 display, a built-in 5MP snapper camera with a 720p zoom, 24 hour battery life, 16 GB of built-in flash memory, Bluetooth and WiFi. The Google Glass frame will also come with adjustable nose-pads and there will be a touchpad to be worn on one arm. The dev versions will include a Micro USB cable and a charger and will come in five vivid colours. When it comes to the style, rumour has it that Google is at the moment in discussion with some of the biggest eyewear manufacturers and distributors to improve this aspect of their new product. A good way to stay up to date about the possible outcome of such rumours is to keep a close eye on the twitter feeds of the likes of Luxottica and Ray-Ban.

Negative aspects:

As with all new innovations there remains the potential for misuse. A number of establishments have already banned the use of Google Glass for copyright reasons. Many are also concerned about the possibility of conversations being logged and transcribed with the help of Google Glass. Therefore, it is likely that more and more different establishments will ban the use of these glasses as questions surrounding privacy and copyrights arise.

It is evident that Google Glass will provide the world with innovative and revolutionary technology. What remains to be seen in the future is to what degree we will be able to use these goggles to enhance our everyday life.