3 iPhone Apps that Give You the Chance to Earn Money

Apps that Give You the Chance to Earn Money
iPhone app developers are not the only ones who can make money off of their applications. Some apps for iOS can actually help users earn money, as well. That said, if developers want to earn the most money, they need to make sure they employ the right marketing strategy. For instance, appnext.com is a leading social and mobile advertising network. appnext iphone ads can help developers make the most money possible through their smart targeting technology and advertising tools.

However, if you're a mobile user looking to gain a bit of cash or rewards from your apps, the following are some iPhone apps with these perks.

1) CheckPoints:

Earn points when you check into shopping malls, cafes, grocery stores, etc. To earn points that can later be redeemed for rewards, such as gift cards and other merchandise, scan the items you purchase and refer friends to take part in CheckPoints.

2) EasyShift:

Receive simple assignments and complete them (i.e. taking photos, giving an opinion, etc.). You are paid via PayPal after completing several tasks. The more you do the more you earn.

3) App Trailers:

Preview app trailers and obtain points for your efforts. Not only can you make your opinion count and assist app developers in improving their apps, but you get paid for viewing or tying out a demo.

Other rewarding apps include:

Gigwalk, Shopkick, Phewtick, GymPact, Field Agent, and Iconzoomer.

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Work at Home Opportunities

Work at Home Opportunities
We all want to live financially secure which is why we tend to get more jobs than the usual. Sometimes, we have an 8 hour job and take up another shift at another job. But, there are other ways for you to earn money. These options are far less complicated and far better for your health than working 16 hours a day. The internet is a vast landscape full of opportunities. These opportunities come in varied sizes and shapes. One can even become a company owner by just working over the internet. Here are some of the home revenue opportunities you can get by working over the internet.

1. Web Marketer:

More and more businesses now use the internet to sell their products. This is the right time for you to brush up on your marketing skills and take this job to make more sales over the internet. The best thing about it is that you do not have to face the person in real time. You only persuade the person through chat or email which erases the complications brought by first impressions or physical attributes. Gone are the days when you feel awkward at talking in front of people. Aside from that, you are also compensated handsomely if you tend to reach your quota either on a weekly or monthly basis.

2. Blogging:

Another way of earning money with the use of the internet is through blogging. If you love to write about different things, then you need to set up your own blog site and start blogging. Publish your blogs and make sure that it is at the front page so that people can actually notice it. The more blogs you posts, the more people will read it. The more people reading your blogs, the more traffic it drives hence you get more money out of it since online ads will happily pay you for advertising their products. Just make sure that you have readable and high quality content. Never try to copy from anyone from the web.

Have a look at: 6 simple ways to earn money from home!

3. Home Based Business:

This may be the best option for you to earn more cash. Set up a home based business and start promoting it through the use of social networking sites. There are no restrictions to home based business. You save a hefty amount of money by putting up a website rather than establishing a store down the street. You also save even more money since you do not have to hire employees to work for you. You can sell different items or put them up for auction on different websites. The thing about home based business is that it needs to have proper attention and visibility. People need to know that you are in the business which is why marketing and promotion is the key factor to a successful home based business.

4. Online Job:

More and more people are catching up to the current trend of working online. There are millions of businesses and offices out there that outsource their workload to talented people all over the world. If you have the right skills for the job, take the opportunity to earn extra cash by improving your skills and dominate the marketplace for this type of workforce. It may seem competitive at first but if you have the right set of skills and the right amount of attitude, you can easily fly above the competition and earn more than a thousand dollars a month. You can even start your own team and get even more projects to work on and you get all the profits as the team leader. The best thing about it is that you only work at the comforts of your own home.

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Alice McLean is a writer at bestessays.com with background in history, sociology and internet marketing. Now she is writing her first book on internet marketing.

Three Suggestions For Online Business Start-ups

Millions of people across the world have long said goodbye to a traditional, nine-to-five office job and have decided to pursue their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Many people have created successful and lucrative businesses all from the comforts of their own home. Many entrepreneurs today have totally based their businesses online, saving thousands of dollars a year in typical office-related costs and are enjoying the freedom and luxury of working from home. If you are currently in the midst of starting your own home-based, online business here are three suggestions on how to power up your new online start-up.


In order to truly maximize the success of your business, you should take advantage of outsourcing critical business functions like web design, marketing materials creation, SEO, etc., to a worker overseas. Believe it or not, there are a plethora of online outsourcing websites like guru.com, freelance.com, and odesk.com, that allow online businesses to outsource projects to highly qualified individuals in countries like India, China and South America.

Finances and Bookkeeping:

You should learn from the get go not to scrupulously spend money without having in place a thorough and interactive bookkeeping system that will allow you to properly manage your monthly finances. There are a wide variety of online bookkeeping systems available that are completely user-friendly. Services such as Quickbooks and Outright allow small business owners such as yourself to track everything from business expenses, client payments, salaries, etc. Do your due diligence and find the right bookkeeping system that is suitable for your needs.

Leverage social media:

More and more people are increasingly using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as a source of information. Whether it's researching new businesses, getting advice from friends about particular products, or even staying on top of the latest fashion trends; many people are relying on the opinions generated by social media users to drive their buying decisions. Make sure that you cultivate a healthy and sustainable presence on these social media sites. You are missing out on potentially tens of thousands of customers if you do not take social media serious. In fact, major search engines such as Google and Yahoo are incorporate social media into their search algorithms. Likable content on these social media sites means higher SEO rankings.

In the end, it is important to always research the best and most cost-effective tools you can use in order to strengthen your new start up. There are plentiful opportunities to make money online when you put the right resources in place.

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This post comes courtesy of Pure Bookkeeping, a revolutionary bookkeeping system that is sure to make things simpler for business owners who work online.

How Much Is A Site Worth?

How much is a site worth
Most buyers consider the net profit made by the website annually plus some percentage higher than this amount. Suppose, for example, a website’s annual net profit amounts to $100,000.00 a buyer may multiply this amount with 1.5 and give an offer of $150,000.00 as the buying price for the entire website.

For a client, determining the value of his or her website is a difficult task.Here are some of the bases when pricing them:

  • Sales and Profit numbers and trends.
  • Traffic numbers and trends.
  • Age of the business.
  • Domain name value.
  • Industry sector trends and outlook.
  • Business growth potential.
  • Proprietary or non-proprietary products.
  • Unique content.
  • Inventory count (if applicable).
  • Advertising methods and costs.
  • Personnel expertise needed to operate the business.
  • Seller financing.
  • Non-compete terms.
At the core of the valuation process, the seller needs to determine the net profit of the website. To arrive at the actual net profit of the website requires subtracting all the expenses incurred in the course of running the website from the total revenues made. It is recommended that this calculation is based on a period of 12 months. After determining this amount, the seller may select a multiplier value. In majority of cases, for new websites, this value is set at 1.5. For high risk websites, this value ranges between 0.5 and 1.0; and for well established websites, the value may be between 1.5 and 2.5. It is important to note that this values presented here are based on websites with transactions over $1,000,000.00 over a period of a couple of years.

When you should sell your website?

To many website owners, their site is like their brainchild. To others, owning a website is a dream come true. Many owners would be hesitant to sell their website for sentimental reasons, but business is business and you bought that site before in order to gain profit. So, when is the right time to have your website listed for sale in a website brokerage like the BizBroker24?

There are several indicators that the right time has come for you to dispose your site and gain profit from the sale.

First, when the economy is healthy and buyers are offering good prices, it is probably time for you to sell your website. The economy fluctuates and you might regret it when it starts going down again, and along with its downward spiral goes the price offered for websites. You can wait for the price to go up but this might take months or years, when your site is not as attractive as it is today.

Second, you may consider it the right time to sell your website when you have just received a very good offer. This is an opportunity that is difficult to take for granted. Opportunity knocks only once so, grab it. You might not have that kind of offer anymore in your entire career as a website owner and internet businessman.

Third, you are in the period of your life when you want to relax and have fun for a while. You could have worked for so many years already and you think you need an important holiday. You are already tired of spending time and money on your websites. Well, it is time to sell your site and enjoy the profit from the sales.

Fourth, one reason why you must sell your site is the fact that you are interested in doing something else. You might want an office job, go abroad or have an offline business. It will be a punishment for you to run a site and perform tasks that you hate so, follow your mind’s direction. Sell that site and do something new.

Fifth, it is time for you to sell a website when you notice that your income from it is falling down. Sell your website before the situation becomes worse and before your website becomes worthless. You will have difficulty making it perform as it used to do before.

Sixth, you need to move fast. Some of you would not sell your website because you are still waiting for a better offer but what if the dream will not come. What could happen is that you will be saddled with a website that has little worth or value.

Seventh, there is a threat in your niche. For instance, you are selling health products. Then, there are several products that are similar with what you sell that are cheaper yet, better than what you have. You will have reason to foresee losing your customers over to the sites that promote the new product. This could be the time to seriously consider selling your website.

Success in selling a website is mostly dependent on timing. Offer it for sale when you think everything is on your favors and you will surely get a good price for it.

About BizBroker24:
BizBroker24 is specialized in the listing and sales of websites and internet businesses. BizBroker24 represent the worldwide leader in Website Brokerage Service. Business Websites and Domains for sale. Buy and Sell your Online Business – Contact BizBroker24 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Tips On How To Make Your Online Business Succeed

Today, with the prevalence of the internet, most businesses are conducted online. Merchants feel that the internet is the place to advertise and sell their products. To be successful in this venture, one must know what the tastes of the customers are. They must also present their products in the most appealing way that will undoubtedly steal the online customer's attention!

Well Coded Website:

The first thing that one must have is a website that is well coded. It must look professional so that the customers can feel that you are a credible merchant. If you are to include images of the products you are selling, ensure that they are catchy. Gloomy and ill-formatted images will only lose your customers. You therefore need to obtain a good graphic design program to help you as you format and enhance your product images. If you use online money transfers, pick a secure server for these transfers.

Better SEO:

Your clients are likely to use some search engines and never use others. You therefore need to know them. When you analyse the search engine they mostly use, optimize it. Use SEO Techniques to make your website rank higher. Research shows that most online customers only click on the first five websites which appear on the first page of a search engine. Investing in SEO is therefore important. If you do not know how to use SEO, ask an expert to do it for you.

ppc Advertising:

Apart from SEO, you could use the "pay per click"(ppc) advertising feature. Once you pay for this, your website will be appearing higher on the serps once customers type keywords connected to your products. This will of course increase the likelihood that they will read the content on your website and hopefully buy your products.

Using Social Media:

Today, Social Media Sites pride themselves in having a huge number of people visiting them. You could use them to create an awareness of your website and product. You could for example create a social media page which talks about your products. You can include captivating images of your products in the posts that you make on the page.

Affiliate Programs:

Many online merchants think that investing in affiliate programs is a waste of money. The truth however is that it is not. Affiliate programs help create awareness of what you sell. The miniature commission you pay to webmasters who add your product adverts is virtually nothing as compared to what you get and the awareness it creates.


Good online merchants know how important blogs are. Blogs are informative and converse in a friendly way to your customers about your products. In your blog, you do not need the content to be written in a professional tone. You should use it to interact with your customers. Give them important information about your products. Resist the temptation to be promotional and just inform them.

Monitoring Your Customers:

Website and blog monitoring tools have proved invaluable to online merchants. With a good website monitoring tool, you get informative statistics of the traffic generated by your website. You can also analyse what your customers like about your website. These tools also show you which pages your customers are visiting on your website. With this information, you are able to enhance how you describe your products. You will also get to know the best advertising tool to use.

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Katie Day, blogger who researchers and talks about how to make your online business succeed for Integrity SEO.

Making Money With YouTube

Making Money With YouTube

Previously we have published an article on "Learn How To Create YouTube Videos With These Three Tips For Beginners" followed by that here is an article for you which explains how to convert your videos into money making machine.

Many people have been turning to YouTube over the past few years to make a little extra income on the side. Others, have been able to make a full-time business out of uploading videos to YouTube. Odds are, that if you are good at doing something, and you make an informative video about it, then people will watch.

What Makes A Good Video?

One of the most popular types of videos on YouTube are makeup tutorials. Many people make a living out of filming their makeup habits. Whether it's a makeup tutorial, a makeup haul, or a how-to video, there are so many different types of videos being uploaded every day, and just as many people are watching them.

Other types of popular videos are pregnancy blogs, day-in-the-life-videos, video diaries, and music videos - such as cover songs, karaoke songs, or ones which have their lyrics posted along with the song.

Monetization Counts:

Once a YouTube channel earns subscribers you can begin to monetize your videos. For each person who clicks to watch your video, they will have to watch a short clip of a commercial before your video begins playing. Each time a commercial plays, you will earn money. The more subscribers you have on your channel, and the more people who watch your videos, the more money you can make.

If your channel becomes very popular, sponsors will start to take notice. You many even start receiving free samples from the companies. When a sample is sent to someone who has a YouTube channel, it usually relates to the topic of conversation. Many sponsors will send you free items and ask you to give them a brief mention in your video, or even ask you to do a full review.

Once you have gained sponsor attention they might even pay you for your services. If you refer enough people to their company, they will give you a percentage of credit for every new customer gained.

Now, its important to remember when creating a YouTube channel that you must own all of the information you are sharing with your viewers. You can't include any music that is copyrighted, or protected by its owner. Also, your videos will have to be original and not copied from any other source.

Share On Social Media:

Sharring Your YouTube Videos on Social Media.
Image credit MyBlogGuest.com
Another great idea is to share your YouTube videos over social media. This will help you to gain new subscribers and viewers. You might even think of hosting a giveaway. By offering something to your viewers, you can ask them to like and subscribe to your videos in return for an entry into the giveaway. You may also ask them to share your videos across social media as a bonus entry, which will help you gain even more subscribers. You could host a giveaway once every month or so - this will keep your audience coming back to your channel in hopes to win something for participating.

When you have acquired a large viewing audience, YouTube may even approach you to be featured on their front page. This will showcase your channel to millions of YouTube viewers world-wide. As your fan-base grows, so will your income.

It doesn't take much to get started earning money from YouTube. All you basically need is a camera, some good lighting, and a great topic to talk about, or teach others how to do. It's also important to be comfortable talking into your camera. If you aren't able to explain exactly what you are doing in your video, then others might not be able to follow along. Your video should be interesting and keep your audience entertained at all times. Lastly, remember to have fun!

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Ryan Simms is the owner of www.flvto.com. Be sure to check stay up to date with Flvto by viewing our fanpage on Facebook.

How To Identify Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunities?

Home based business opportunities and franchise opportunities are at a hike.  The increasing demand of work for less pay is making more and more to opt for independent sources of income that would allow them to learn while on the job or out of job. As there are many options of home based businesses it is important to identify a valid and trust worthy source that would be 100% risk free.

Here are Few tips to help identify a legitimate home based business opportunity:
  • Businesses that are started through experiential learning are certainly worth listening to.  As they are real life people who have faced real time situations, they would be able to provide a platform that is not overwhelming and is definitely promising.
  • Sharing of information that would help a person focus on home based business in a general sense is another way of assessing the validity of the business. If a particular business is focused on only promoting themselves the results would remain the same. Some businesses however link their service with an aim to empower people with knowledge on finding the right resources.
  • Provide flexible options of working part-time or offer trail opportunities can be trusted.  As they are confident about their services they provide a time for the new entrant without overpowering their idea of being a part of this highly rewarding business line.
  • Businesses that extend support in terms of helping through the start up process and providing constant guidance would be a legitimate source of a home based business opportunity.
  • Social presence of the business is another aspect that can help to understand their stance in the market and their ranking among the competitors. The higher they are ranked the better are the prospects of earning. 
  • Reviews and testimonials are other sources of information that not only inspire but also provide an insight into the way the entire business operates. As most that have become successful do leave a note behind, it helps as a great boost for those who are contemplating about choosing the home based business opportunity.
  • Discussion forums, video lectures and data sharing are a few other facilities that home based business providers extend for the benefit of the entrant.
  • A website is also a way of analyzing the impact the business has when compared to other opportunities. The website should have constant updates with valid information that would support the business that is being promoted.
  • Discussing various options to choose from that have a higher pay out through forums and blogs would also help in analyzing the best home based business opportunities.
  • Training material in support to the product or service is another way of checking the validity of the business opportunity.  If the business is investing in training someone they aim to experience a result oriented business.
  • There are many helpful websites that provide a review on each of the legitimate home based business opportunities and their success ratio.  This would also provide an insight into the benefit that one can make if a particular online opportunity is taken up.

Author Bio:
Claudia Martinez is an expert content writer who writes for several blogs and websites including business and home based business blogs.

How to Make Profit as a Freelance Writer

A freelance writer has more opportunities to earn a living than have ever existed. Back in the 20thcentury, a freelance writer had only a very small chance of even getting their work published at all. Even writers who were hired to write directly for businesses were generally only hired for short term low paying contract work. In the age of the internet, though, demand for the written word is higher than ever in history. Every website you see has some type of written content on it. This could be anything from a few paragraphs to hundreds of articles to full books. Nearly every business that wants to market their products or services on the internet needs a constant supply of well written content. There are also more ways than ever to deliver that content to the consumer.

If you want to make a living as a writer today, all you need is a computer and an internet connection and you are fully set up and ready to go. Control your own schedule and work where you want to. All you need is the drive to get the job done and a little knowledge about marketing. You can pick up all sorts of regular freelance work without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. In addition, a writer no longer has to spend years trying to convince a publisher to print their book or novel. Everything can now be done online, including marketing.

If you want to make a profit as a freelance writer, you don’t have to worry much about business expenses. You just need to sit down and write every single day. The most effective way to get noticed and to pick up lucrative writing jobs is to have a substantial portfolio of work to show to potential employers. Make it easy for potential clients to be able to find your work and determine if you are a good fit for their business. Regularly submit articles to reputable websites in order to get links published back to your own website where you offer your writing services.

If you have specialized knowledge, be sure to take advantage of it. Quite a few writers specialize in specific subject areas and even in specific types of content. For example, if you have experience and knowledge in the real estate business, market your services to real estate agents for their websites and customer newsletters. If you enjoy writing long detailed works, then market yourself as an eBook writer, or better yet publish books of your own through Amazon’s Kindle platform. If you enjoy writing marketing material, then market yourself as a copywriter and help others with sales pages, autoresponder emails and web content. Most writers do a little bit of each of those things, but you can feel free and make a profit doing the tasks you do best.

One of the easiest ways to market your self is by joining some of the freelancing web sites such as elance.com, guru.com or freelancer.com. You can probably find many more with an easy Google search. These sites can help you get a fast start while you market yourself to higher paying clients. Each of these sites has different procedures but usually the process involves potential employers posting jobs they need done and the freelancers have the opportunity to bid on the jobs. Once you have won the bid for the job, the payment is placed in escrow until you successfully complete the job. There are also sites such as textbroker.com where you can simply “claim” jobs and you get paid through the site when you complete the work.

Another great source for freelance writing work is the local business community. All businesses need to have a marketing presence on the internet today and those businesses need web content. A lot of it. Local businesses today need to hire writers. Blogging is a perfect way for a business to continually build a relationship with potential customers and most business owners don’t have the time to do it Join local business networking groups and give presentations on online marketing (including the need for regular content). Offer to provide that content for those businesses for a regular monthly fee.

If you want to make a living as a writer, spend a few hours each day or every other day working on your writing and another few hours each day or every other day soliciting clients and before you know it, you your career as a freelance writer will be underway.

Author Bio:
Matthew is an Internet Marketer, specializing in helping webmasters put a website online and make money. In particular, he helps with the web hosting portion of becoming a webmaster. Check out his tips and tricks at How to Sign Up For Web Hosting.

How To Get Free Mobile Recharge

How To Get Free Mobile Recharge

Hai guys, I found some intresting sites through which you can get mobile recharge free of cost. Some sites offers Free Mobile Recharge by matching last digits of your mobile no. with their set of numbers, on a daily basis. Others offer free mobile recharge for completing surveys, offers, playing games, etc. that the provide after signing up to them.
Info.: The sites mentioned in this article are 100% Genuine and tested by me.
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Below are some sites to get free mobile recharge. Check them out,


1.) Embee Pay:

              Embee Pay is a facebook App, Available worldwide for many countries including India. Embee Pay rewards it's user's with Embee Points Which can be redeemed into real money and can be used for recharging your mobile online. You can get free mobile recharge by doing various activities like inviting your friends, daily login, signing up to sites, etc..

More sites will be added soooooooooonnnnnnn!!!!

(For India Alone)

Based on Luck:

You need to check the below two sites on a daily basis to get the chance of winning free mobile recharge one or another day!

1.) Luckyrecharge:

As the name suggests, If you are lucky you can get  free mobile recharge of Rs.10 to Rs.100 based on the last 3 to 7 digits of your mobile number.

Lucky Recharge offers free prepaid mobile recharge on all operators across India. The recharge value varies between Rs.10 to Rs.100 based on the last 3 to 7 digits of your mobile number. Just enter your mobile number and check your luck for the day.

2.) Trackmobile:

TrackMobile offers you to get free mobile recharge (woth Rs.100 / Rs.50 / Rs.10) if the last 5 / 4 / 3 digits of your mobile number falls under the "Todays Offer Number". The offer number will change daily inorder to give more oppertunity for trackmobile customers to get free recharge.

By Doing Some Work:

In these sites you have to do some activities like Playing quiz, Answering questions, attending polls, clicking on the ads, signing up for a site, etc... to get free mobile recharge!

In the below list Laaptu is my My Favourite when compared to others. Below You will find the reasons for it to be my favourite. Iam sure that on signing up to Laptoo in addition to FullOnSMS, PicksUp & ULtoo You can get the maximum amount of free recharge daily. :)
 Don't Forget to Verify your mobile no. (Just enter the code they send to your mobile on the box provided on the site) & E-Mail address (Just go to your inbox-->check for the mail-->Then click the link in it) after signing up to the site mentioned below to start earning. It's important to keep your mobile in hand while signing up to these sites.

1.) Laaptu: (My Favourite)

Laaptu has amazing ways to get free mobile recharge like, Guess and win!FACT or FART (A simple True or False Game), Invite And Earn, etc... Just check it out and if you find it intresting, Share your opinion with us through the below comment box! :)

2.) PicksUp: (Pays Higher)

Through PickzUp you can get free mobile recharge by Playing Games, By Participating in contests and winning, Vote and earn credits(10credits=1Rs.), Refer your friends and earn.

In PicksupYou can redeem your earned amount as recharge to your mobile, Send it to your bank account Or Shop Online!

 Tip: Keep your mobile in your hand when signing up to this site, as you will receive the password as a text msg. to your mobile. Use this password to signup to this site, Later you can change this password.

3.) FullOnSMS:

FullOnSMS is similar to Waytosms which you will see later, Through FullOnSms you can get free recharge by playing Quiz games daily and you can earn Rs.2 for each friend who join via your invite.

4.) ULtoo: (Get Free Mobile Recharge for Sending SMS to your friends)

Ultoo is another site throught which you can get free mobile recharge for sending SMS to your friends mobile, playing quiz, Answering Poll questions, inviting people, etc...

Enough of worrying about the SMS cost's. Send Free SMS using Ultoo and even get paid for each SMS that you send to your friends or your family. :)

5.) Waytosms:

Through waytosms you can not only get free mobile recharge, but also send unlimited sms to any mobiles in India.

You can get free mobile recharge by displaying the ads they provide, on your social network like fb, google+, etc... Whenever someone clicks on the ads that you share, you get paid for it. And you can recharge your mobile online with that payment.

In waytosms you can also earn money by refering your friends and relatives through the link that they provide to you as Referral link.

6.) Amulyam:

Through Amulyam you can get free mobile recharge by creating contest, playing games, reading mails which they send to your inbox, by signing up to sites, by inviting your friends and relatives through referral link they provide, etc...

7.) AndyPlay:

This is another new site which allows you to recharge your mobile for free by playing "True or False, Quiz, Inviting Friends, etc..." Through Andyplay you can earn upto Rs.2 per friend who joins via you! Join Now!

8.) Freetalkie:

Free talkie offers free mobile recharge for completing offers like signing up to the websites, they have listed or by shopping online, liking fb pages, etc... Just check if it suits you.

More sites will be updated soonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!

6 simple ways to earn money from home

6 simple ways to earn money from home

1. Paid surveys:

          Online surveys are a very easy way to earn quick money from home using your computer. All you need is an internet connection and be over the age of 16/18 (depends on the company). In this role you will answer surveys on a wide range of issues.

The data you give is used by marketing companies for research purposes. This is therefore fairly valuable to them because the success or failure of their efforts relies on quality information. With most online survey companies you get paid in blocks once you have reached a certain threshold. The most common payment methods are check/cheque or PayPal.

2. Data Entry:

          Data entry is a growing market any many people are making regular money online from it. The demand for freelance data organization work has increased significantly in recent years. The reason for this is that more and more processes are becoming digitally recorded and managed.

The web is growing at a rapid pace many organizations are struggling to keep up. This has presented an opportunity for people to make good money sorting out data from home. You will be employed as and when you’re needed. The work is regular and reliable.

Have a look at: Work At Home Opportunities!

3. Graphic Design:

           If you have decent enough skills to be able to create logos or touch up photos you can monetize this. There is a big demand for freelance graphic design workers, visual aspects of web design and marketing are becoming more important in attracting and retaining customers.

Not all companies have the time/resources to employ a full time graphic artist. In such cases they will hire a freelancer on a job-by-job basis. If you can earn a reputation as a good freelancer a lot of work and incredible rates will come to you.

4. Be a virtual assistant:

          Virtual assistants are pretty much home based office workers. In these full time/part time positions you will work with a business to help with any additional or unexpected work that arises. This means that you will probably not be specializing in any one department. You will be aiding the business with whatever additional work they have.

 Once you’ve worked with a business for a while and built up a relationship it is probable that your pay will increase. The reason for this is that good VA’s are hard to come by, so when someone dependable and hard working comes along they want to keep them!

5. Article writing:

          Have you heard the phrase ‘content is king’? Well it’s the message that is being passed around the online marketing world currently. The way to build a solid converting traffic base is to have great content that engages readers.

Anyone with good English grammar skills can earn money writing articles and content online. There are a lot of communities set up to unite authors with writers; but the real money is in working with businesses/webmasters on a private client basis. This way you can vary your rates and don’t have to pay commission fees/

6. Affiliate marketing:

           Affiliate marketing is the process of making money through referral commissions. There are literally hundreds of thousands of affiliate products and opportunities out there. People can make money from a wide range of customer referrals. This can be the sale of a product on Amazon.com, an independently sold ebook or a subscription based service such as Netflix (is an example only).

Most people earn affiliate commissions by first building up an audience somewhere online. This could be on facebook,twitter, linkedin, a blog, youtube etc. As long as you have an audience that will listen to what you say you’re likely to make money out of affiliate marketing.

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Two Top Paying Sites for completing tasks

Two Top Paying Sites for completing tasks

Hi friends I found two great sites which pays for completing tasks online. They cut and distribute the work given by the companies into tasks to the workers. Every worker get paid for completing this tasks online. The works are like copy pasting, finding email addresses, completing surveys, picture to text, etc...

The Sites:

1.) MobileWorks:

The community of MobileWorkers comes from around the world and has a wide range of skills and abilities. Some users work for just a few minutes a day, and others complete tasks for many hours. You can work as long as you want, whenever you like.

Click Here to go to that site...

2.) mTurk:

Step 1: Find work
Search or browse through the Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) and click on the one that interests you.

Step 2: Work on your HIT
Accept the HIT and follow the instructions. When you're done, submit your work.

Step 3: Get paid for your work

After the requester approves your work, money is deposited into your Amazon Payments account.

Click Here to go to that site...

After opening the site to signup click Sign in as a worker at the top right corner of the page. Then select Iam a new user and sign in with your email and password.

That's it.

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Get Paid For Solving CAPTCHA Codes

Yes, There is a site which really pays for solving CAPTCHA codes. They are getting correct answers for the codes. By which they check whether someone on some site are entering it correctly. This the easiest way to earn online but many don't know it. Here is the best really paying Site for this job.

The Site:

1.) http://www.megatypers.com

 Note: You need to enter this code  3RAN  to signup in the above site.

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Complete Surveys To Earn Online

Completing Surveys to earn online is somewhat the best ways to earn online because you can earn upto 20$ or more $ per survey. But to find some best sites which really pays is the difficult task because many sites on the net or fake and are not paying. So i made a list of some really paying sites which you can choose from below. To be open the sites are referral links.

Survey Sites:

1.) Paid View Point

2.) soon when it is found not fake

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