How to download YouTube Video, MP3, Playlist for iPhone 5S and 5C For Free

Finally, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 C have been released. If you are about to get your new Apple product, you might be interested how to fill it with your favorite songs and video clips. That’s where you need a good and free YouTube Converter. Let’s learn how it works.

First of all, let’s install free software that will help you. I recommend Freemake YouTube Converter because it can download various YouTube files such as video, songs, playlists and so on.

Click “Download” button on a site to start the downloading process. Then start the installation. Please, be attentive. The software will offer you to install some other programs. If you don’t want to have them on your PC, opt out of any offers. However, it’s the only disadvantage of Freemake YouTube Converter.

If you download YouTube on a regular basis, agree to install a special browser extension. It will let you grab YouTube in one click.

As soon as you are done with the installation, run the software. As you see the interface looks pretty much easy to use. Everything you need to do it to copy and paste YouTube link into it.

FreeMake Youtube Convertor

Now choose what you want to do:

1) Download YouTube video:

When you paste the link into the program, choose a desirable video quality and “Convert to iPhone/iPod” option. Click “Download&Convert” to save videos onto a PC.

Download Youtube Video

2) Download YouTube song:

Paste a link to music video that you want to save in MP3. Again, choose a quality and “Convert to MP3” option. Select “Export to iTunes” if you want to send new files right to your iTunes media library.

Download Youtube Audio

3) Download YouTube playlist, channel, favorites:

Go to YouTube playlist or channel you want to download and copy its link. Paste in into the software and choose if you want to save the playlist in MP3 or as video files. Don’t forget to select “Export to iTunes”.

Download Youtube Playlist

Now, when you have all the content you need, go to iTunes and synchronize it with your iPhone 5S or 5C.


1) For those who download YouTube on a regular basis, it’s better use “one-click” download mode. Activate it in the top right corner of the software. Choose “Action” (download, convert to…), “Quality

(best, medium, low) and “Destination” folder.

Download Youtube Video

2) In case you have a slow Internet connection, you may limit download speed. Just click “speed” at the bottom of the software and choose the speed you need.

Author Bio:
This post is written by Selin Longhkaster from Freemake. She is fond of ice skating, technology, photography, music and writing for tech blogs.

Gecko Monitor (Computer Spying/Monitoring Software) Giveaway!

Hi my dear Friends! For the first time I am conducting a Software Giveaway contest on our blog Daily Tips Nd Tricks. First let me tell you about the software on which this Giveaway is based on!

The software which you are about to get through this Giveaway is Gecko Monitor. This software is priced to about $40 on their site

But through this Giveaway 10 winners are about to grab a lifetime licence of this software worth $40 for FREE!!

What Can Be Done with Gecko Monitor:

Gecko Monitor is a "Computer Monitoring Software" to monitor everything that happens on your PC when you are away. If you are a parent you can monitor your child's activity such as The websites he/she visits, Applications he/she runs, keystrokes he/she types, etc... This software is a boon to Bosses who wants to monitor their employees computers.

In my case: As i am a student, It is a boon to me as i can install it on my College systems and Get my friend's/Staff's password by recording the keystrokes typed by them in the hidden mode offered by this software :D


A screenshot of trial version! (Click for better view)
  • Takes screenshots of all windows & websites.
  • Logs every application used and tells you when it was used.
  • Logs every website visited and tells you when it was visited.
  • Reports what was typed into every application & website.
  • Monitors all printed documents, including times printed.
  • Emails reports to you remotely & secretly, at times set by you.
  • Innovative timeline feature - an easy to understand timeline of events.
  • Monitors all file activity, including saved, opened & deleted files.
  • Does all of this completely hidden, un-hides with a secret key combo.

Enter into the Below Giveaway and Get this software for FREE!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tips To Win This Giveaway:

  • Your points are calculated in entries. entries earned shows the points you earned for that day.
  • Options such as Share on Facebook, Share on Google+, Tweet, Pin To Pinterest, Answer this Question are Re-Doable (Once per day), So Bookmark this page (Click Ctrl+D ) and do those options daily to increase your entries.
  • If you need any further clarification, Leave then in the comment box below! I will reply you as soon as Possible :)

6 Types Of Photo Stitching Software Available In The Market

Six types of photo stitching software are available in the market. These are software programs through which you can combine scenes from several photos into a single, richer photo, also known as a panorama. Awareness of the six type of photograph stitching software available in the market can help you make a good choice, when seeking to lay your hands on such software. It is common knowledge, in almost all life situations, that we are apt to make bad choices if we lack proper and full awareness of all options before us. It is for that reason, then, that awareness of the types of photograph stitching software available in the market can be useful to a person looking to lay his or her hands on such software.

The six types of photo stitching software available in the market include:

Specialized photograph stitching software:

This is, in other words, software that is created purposely for the photograph stitching role. The software in question here is capable of doing nothing else but facilitating photograph stitching. This sort of software may be available as a stand-alone application. Alternatively (and more commonly) it may be available as some sort of a plug-in for a photo editing software suite.

Non-specialized photograph stitching software:

This is software that is capable of doing a wide array of things, with photograph stitching being just one of the things it can do. As a matter of fact, a vast majority of the photograph stitching applications found in the market at the moment are in this non-specialized group. They are general-purpose photo editing applications, with photograph stitching capabilities inbuilt in them.

Proprietary photograph stitching software:

This is best (and most simply) described as photograph editing software whose rights belong to a given entity (typically a company), and which you have to pay some money for, in order to install and use. The code that powers this type of software is also typically hidden (that is, it is not open for viewing or editing).

Open source photograph stitching software:

The defining feature of the photograph editing applications in this particular class is that the code powering them is not hidden (it is open). The rights to these applications typically belong to communities of enthusiasts, and normally, the applications are not sold at a fee. They are available to be used free of charge.

Basic photograph stitching software:

the photograph stitching applications in this family tend to have the most basic of features. They are also created for beginners. Thus, for instance, if you really don't know how to make a panorama, this is the software for you. The measure of whether or not you really know how to make a panorama is subjective, but deep within you, you can tell whether or not you are beginner. And if indeed you are a beginner, you will find that there is software created just for you.

Advanced photograph stitching software:

the photograph stitching software programs in this family tend to have high-end features, and they are meant for use by real pro's. They are ideal for use in situations where the photograph stitching tasks that need to be undertaken are very complex.

Author Bio:
Annabel Lee used to be a video editing newbie who knows nothing about how to make a panorama, now she's an advanced video editor who create 3d panorama with her panorama software.

MalwareBytes: It's Free, But Is It Any Good?

In the sea of anti-malware programs there are some programs that standout for one reason or another...most often it's simply because of reliability and overall value. Malwarebytes is one of those programs. Malwarebytes is a complete anti-spyware software that is recognized for its simplicity and ease of use.


As a primary freeware software program, Malwarebytes is more than respectable in its ability to protect computer systems against malware attacks. Honestly, Malwarebytes does not score as well as the pricier and more recognized protection software packages on the market, but what is does do is provide a simple interface that is easy for the less technical person to nagivate and effectively use.

Malwarebytes has the capability of detecting all types of known malware threats as well as many stealth malware threats that are present on your system. Not only does this program do a good job in detecting these threats it also does a respectable job in removing these threats from your computer. When there is a threat that Malwarebytes had difficulty removing it is usually on a system that is heavily infected and requires more detailed cleaning. For systems that are relatively clean this program generally runs smoothly.

As mentioned earlier one of the best features of this program is its ease of use. One does not have to be technically savvy in order to make optimal use of this program.

Down Side:

Although this program performs on an acceptable level on some key fronts, it does have some associated cons. One of the most significant down sides to this program is the fact that is does slow your computer down while performing active scans. Unlike some of the more popular anti-malware programs, Malwarebytes does not have the ability to effectively perform a full scan behind the scenes without a significant drag being placed on the operation system. Because scans can be time consuming and interfere with the normal work process, it is best to run them during normal down times.

Malwarebytes also performs below expectations in detecting and removing spyware. During the process of scanning for spyware, the program used, on average, 90MB of memory. This is significantly more than the average program with similar performance standards. Outside of the fact that the system scan monopolizes memory, the scan is excruciatingly slow, progressing at an average rate of 10MB per second. The combination of these two issues results in an overall poor system performance for your computer. To run regular functions during a scan is not recommended.

Bottom Line:

Malwarebytes is an effective anti-malware program. Although it has its challenges in performing in certain areas, it more than makes up for it with its simplicity and straight forward user interface.

If you suspect that your computer is already highly infected with malware and spyware, this is not the program for you, but if you have recently had your system cleaned and debugged, Malwarebytes is a viable alternative to some of the pricier programs on the market. As a freeware, it rates at the top.

Author Bio:
Louis Rossmann is a straight shooting tech guy who specializes in repair and LCD replacement. Contact him through his Rossmann Group website.

How On Earth Can I Download A Youtube Video?

Download youtube videos!
YouTube has given a new turn to video sharing and viewing. It is the most popular video site and hosts the largest number of videos. It serves most of the humans on earth. Take online lectures, learn recipes, share your own personalized videos and seek comments, learn whatever in the world you want to learn about. YouTube has the whole universe in it. The increasing magnitude of the YouTube platform explains its ownership by Google. Yes! It may be a news for few, but YouTube is owned by Google.

As already said, All Video Lovers tend to view videos via YouTube, but this is strange that YouTube does not allow video downloading directly from its website. People can only view movies while staying connected to the internet. If the internet speed is not enough, buffering may take longer and one has to wait till the video is ready for viewing. People who do not have access to the internet all the time or those who want to share the video with others, like to download few and keep them for later viewing. The situation has given a rise to the demand of YouTube video downloading software. A handsome number of websites now offer such software through which you can download YouTube videos and can even Convert Videos in any format depending upon PC compatibility and personal preferences. These software ensures the quality of the video even while converting them to various formats.

So How To Download?

1.) Using Software:

Downloading process is very easy. You either can install the software on your system to download the file or can download it straight from the website. In case you are using software (Such as YouTube Video Downloader), after it is installed on your system, open its User Interface, copy the link of the YouTube video and paste it in the place provided and click Download. You can provide a path to the location on your PC where you want the file to be saved.

2.) Using Someother Sites:

In case, you are downloading the video from the website (such as, provide the link on the bar available on the video page of Youtube, select the required format and click convert. Once the file is converted, a notification will appear on your screen that your file is ready for download. You can provide a path to the location on your system where you want the file to be saved. Downloading time would depend upon the size of the video. Large videos may take longer time while the small ones can be downloaded in just few seconds.

Remember, internet connectivity is must for downloading a YouTube video. If the connection is lost during the process, at times you have the option of resuming the downloading from the same point while in few cases, the file has to be downloaded from the beginning. Speed of internet also determines the time a file will take to download.

When the file is ready for use, you can open it in any media player and enjoy a you tube video offline and keep it in your system for as long as you want.

Author Bio:
Brandon is a tech blogger who loves to write on latest in technology and gadgets. He regularly uses youtubeconverter to convert and download his favourite videos.

Review On Bitdefender Internet Security 2013

Bitdefender Internet Security 2013
According to AV-Test in Germany Bitdefender was declared as the Best Antivirus engine in terms of protection, repair and usability. Bitdefender also received "Best Product Of The Year 2013" award and is ranking on the top in Top Ten Reviews in terms of it's Performance, Features & Help and Support. There are to many if we have to talk about it's achievements, So let's get into the review of this World's Best Antivirus "Bitdefender Internet Security 2013".


Bitdefender Internet Security 2013

Bitdefender Internet Security Offers a variety of security features to protect us from variety of online threats and to safeguard our privacy online. It is empowered with lot of tools for parents to monitor their child's activity online, and allowing you to block Suspicious sites, messages and email that contain flagged words or Phrases. Also You can limit time of internet access for each child. When you search for something on a search engine like Google, Bitdefender gives each url in the search results a security rank based on the no. of votes it receives.

Bitdefender Makes Online banking more secure through it Safepay(Sandboxed Web Browser) feature. This feature prevents any type of keylogger, spyware, etc.. from stealing info. on your bank or other transitions you make online. It is really a must needed tool for safe online transitions.

Bitdefender automatically check for updates periodically to protect you from the new kind of threads emerging day to day. This feature can be disabled if you plan to check it manually. But it is necessary to get the most out of it's Security.

Speed and Performance:

Speed and Performance
Like other Antivirus programs Bitdefender also slightly appears to slow the system when a scan is in progress, But fortunately it is empowered with some additional features to utilize best time to scan without slowing your system. Bitdefender Internet Security can run full system scan quickly with less utilization of Internal memory. You can even schedule scans. But Don't worry! These scans runs on background without affecting your work in progress and allowing you to do multitask at one time. Usually bitdefender Scans only if your system is idle. The Scan Dispatcher tool will make a scan only if the PC usage falls below a certain level.

Bitdefender's "AutoPilot" which is present at the top right corner of the window can be turned on/off. Autopilot is really a great option if you are busy and don't want to get interrupted in the middle of your work in applying decisions to the actions to be taken against the threats.

Help & Support:

When it comes to Help & Support Bitdefender is 24/7 and ready to help you at any time. You can search for your answers online, ask questions to the professionals, chat with them or even call them. Their Blog has interesting post on Security topics and Emerging Threats.

System Requirements:

If you ask for minimum system requirements. Then here it is,
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32 bit) , Vista (SP2), Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), Microsoft Windows 8
  • CPU: 800MHz processor
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB
  • Available free hard disk space: 1.8 GB free space (at least 800 MB on the system drive)
  • Additional Softwares: .NET Framework 3.5 (automatically installed by Bitdefender if necessary)


Bitdefender is comparatively low when compared to other Antivirus softwares who have less features when compared to Bitdefender.

1PC                         -               $24.97 (1 Year)  $44.98(2 Year)   $64.98(3 Year)
Upto 3PC's             -               $34.97(1 Year)   $54.97(2 Year)   $79.97(3 Year)
Upto 5PC's             -               $54.97(1 Year)   $89.98(2 Year)   $124.97(3 Year)
Upto 10PC's           -               $89.98(1 Year)   $159.97(2 Year) $214.97(3 Year)

You can visit Bitdefender Antivirus to download a trial version/buy this product, or check out other antivirus solutions.

Teach Your Mother To Type With These 5 Apps

Three decades ago, computers were hardly popular as they are today. This means that there’s a good chance that your mother hasn’t yet perfected the art of typing on a keyboard. However, if you feel awkward watching her circulate a finger in search of a letter, you can help her by introducing her to one of the following five typing tour apps.

1.) Typing Trainer:

Typing Trainer is a free program that can help your mother improve her skills within 45 minutes. The software features real-life analysis as she types and provides customized exercises based on the problems it detects. She will also have access for two months to a five-hour web-based touch typing course that complements the app. In addition, it creates advanced tests that come with printable reports. These aside, she can have fun while typing by initiating one of the four games that come with Typing Tutor.

2.) TypingMaster Pro Typing Tutor:

TypingMaster Pro is a smart typing tutor that adapts to her needs in order to provide her with customized exercises and the guidance she needs to improve her skills. With this software, you can rest assured that her typing speed will improve. In addition, TypingMaster Pro is divided into stages which she can adjust based on her progress. This will easily turn her into a pro after her fifth hour of training. Other benefits of this app include:
  • Reducing the amount of typos she makes.
  • Enhancing her typing speed.
  • Improving ergonomics.
  • Boosting her confidence around computers.
  • Additional exercises to review mistakes and ensure that they aren’t repeated.

3.) Rapid Typing Tutor:

If your mother is still at an initial level, you’ll probably be better off with Rapid Typing Tutor. In addition to catering to beginners as well as advanced typists, this free app doesn’t require registration nor will it flash adware or nag screens that will annoy her. These aside, Rapid Typing Tutor features the following:
  • A Virtual Keyboard – This will teach her how to place her fingers on the keyboard. The virtual keyboard also comes with zone highlights to indicate where her hands should be placed.
  • Moving Hands – Beginners will make the most of this feature since it shows which fingers go where on the keyboard.
  • Progress Tracking – Rapid Typing Tutor creates progress charts which show how her typing speed and accuracy have improved since she started training.
  • Customizable Plans and Lessons – You can customize the lessons for your mother or create plans according to her capabilities.

4.) Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 17 Deluxe:

One of the oldest typing tutors around is Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. There’s even a good chance that your mother has worked with this software during her first days with a computer. So, in addition to honing her skills, you will be giving her a blast from the past. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 17 Deluxe delivers customized training, motivates users and engages them in the learning process. Plus, the following features add to the award-winning software’s appeal:
  • Over 75 custom lessons which help her achieve her training goals.
  • Progress tracking features so that she can see how much she achieved.
  • Arcade-style typing practice games which teach while entertaining her.
  • Support for Spanish in case she wants to practice typing in that language.

5.) TypeFaster:

TypeFaster is another free app which teaches users how to touch-type. As a result, your mom will be able to type without looking at the keyboard just like a professional. You can download one of the three versions of the software:
  • Standard Version – The Standard Version offers different keyboard layouts and supports over 10 languages, including Danish, Portuguese and French. It also features a 3D typing game, typing statistics, multiple user support and variable text sizes.
  • Accessible Version – Developed for visually impaired users, the Accessible Version of TypeFaster comes with a free text-to-speech feature. However, the current version only supports US-English for the time being.
  • Spanish Version – This version features all the specs of the Standard Version but with a Spanish interface.
Even if your mom can type, these apps will improve her technique and give her a full command on the keyboard. So, sign her up for one of these and let her enjoy flexing her typing skills.

Author Bio:
This article was proudly presented by Dmitri Blackthorn, an expert in mobile apps and a devoted technical writer from IQmango software team. IQmango currently offers DVD copy and free DVD burner applications at no cost.

How To Extract Words From Pictures And Pdf Files [Freeware]

How To Extract Words From Pictures And Pdf Files?

Hai guys, I found an amazing software online named Free OCR(Optical Character Recognition) to extract words on the Pictures and uneditable Pdf documents.
This software supports all type of image formats and allows you to do this extraction process without converting them to a specific format.
The quality of the Extracted Text depends upon the Quality of the printed texts on the source files.

Description by the Developer:
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the process of converting a bitmap image of text into text that can be selected, copied and searched by some text editing software. Free OCR helps extract text from scanned documents (including multipage files), photographs and digital camera captured images that cannot be copied or printed easily to TXT/MS Word for editing with OCR technology. Saving time on retyping any text and finding back the documents you archived!
  • Extract text from all images.
  • Extract text from scanned paper documents.
  • Superior OCR accuracy.
  • Zoom in & Zoom out for better OCR.
  • Built-in text editor to edit extracted text.
  • Tons of image formats supported.
  • Preview PDF documents & images.
  • Apply password and digital signature.
  • And soo on.

How To Install: (Not necessary if you know the actual installation process)
  • Use the below Download button to download The Downloader(About 1.23MB).
  • After downloading, Open it.
  • Then you will be made to download the original software.
  • Important: Read every steps while installing this software, because clicking Next Next Next without looking on the installation screen will result in the download & installation of additional softwares that are not necessary. I used to do this once and added many useless software to my PC.
  • Skip those unnecessary tools while proceeding to the actual download.
  • The download of this software takes place in various steps(Don't Panic) Just minimize it and carryon with your work.
  • Then after downloading and installing you will be informed that the software is successfully installed on your PC.
  • Open it from your desktop and start converting pics & Pdf documents with texts to text documents.
  • That's it. :)

Version: 4.2.6
Supports: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8.
Size: 8.52Mb
License: Freeware [?]

Please Leave a Comment if you find problems with the download link! :)

You can do this separation of words from images online through

How To Copy Websites And Access Them Offline?

How To Copy Websites And Access Them Offline?

Hai Guys here is a collection of Amazing softwares to Copy Entire website and access them offline (i.e) without internet connection.
Using This software you can copy a selected part or the entire website itself and access them offline by saving it to a selected location on your hard disk.


        This software will be very very useful, to download sites which holds education materials(Which can be accessed only Online) and access them offline. You can download online dictionary sites and search for meanings offline. In this way you can do many things using this software. Sites with login forms can also be downloaded.

Here the softwares to implement this:

1.) HTTrack Website Copier:

           HTTrack allows you to download a World Wide Web site from the Internet to a local directory, building recursively all directories, getting HTML, images, and other files from the server to your computer. On Opening the website HTTrack arranges the original site's relative link-structure. Simply open a page of the "mirrored" website in your browser, and you can browse the site from link to link, as if you were viewing it online. HTTrack can also update an existing mirrored site, and resume interrupted downloads.

2.) Cyotek WebCopy:
          WebCopy will scan the specified website and download it's content onto your hardisk. Links to resources such as stylesheets, images, and other pages in the website will automatically be remapped to match the local path. Using its extensive configuration you can define which parts of a website will be copied and how.

Fix 25 Common Windows xp Problems Caused by Malicious Activities [Freeware]

Click to Magnify!

Hai Guys here is a tool which allows you to fix 25 common windows xp problems which are mostly caused by Virus activities on your pc.
This includes, problems with your task manager, registry editor, Opening of My Document at windows startup, etc.. which are all caused by viruses or malicious software installed on your PC.

This is a must have tool, which will help you one or another day, if you are using Windows XP.

Here is a list of problems that can be fixed by using this software:
  1. Enable Task Manager.
  2. Enable Registry Editor.
  3. Stop My Documents Open At Startup.
  4. Enable folder options.
  5. Restore missing run dialog.
  6. Enable CMD.
  7. Restore My Computer Properties.
  8. Restore Device Manager.
  9. Fix delay opening My Computer/Explorer.
  10. Restore Greyed Explorer and Taskbar Toolbars.
  11. Restore My Documents Properties.
  12. Remove OEM Splash and Wallpaper.
  13. Restore My Network Places to Desktop.
  14. Enable Recovery Console.
  15. Restore Greyed File Associations.
  16. Fix Right click error.
  17. Fix Slow Network - File/Shared/Remote.
  18. Restore Network Icon to system tray.
  19. Fix slow hotkeys.
  20. CD/DVD drive is missing or not recognized.
  21. Fix CD Autoplay.
  22. Restore "Send To" context Menu Item.
  23. Restore the Native zip file integration.
  24. Fix Error 1606 Could not Access Network Location.
  25. Error when trying to access Add or Remove programs.

Size: 524.51KB
Supports: Windows XP
License: Freeware [?]

Please Leave a Comment if you find problems with the download link! :)

How Control Your Monitor Through Keyboard? [Freeware]

Hai Guys, I found a software named Monitor Off Utility, Using this software you can tell your monitor to go to energy saving mode with click on your keyboard, and set timer to turn off your monitor.

Using this software You can set custom keyboard shortcut or setup a shortcut on your desktop, through which you can turn off your monitor or make the screensaver to appear.

This utility supports multiple monitors and is very flexible. It even allows you to use a command line 
interface if you want to incorporate the utility into your own scripts.

How to use:
  1. On opening the software your will see a screen as in the above screenshot.
  2. In that screen set the time limit after which you would like your monitor to get turned off.
  3. Then click the Setup Hotkey button in the Turn off monitor: section.
  4. Then click the Enable hotkey to turn off monitor(s).
  5. And set the keyboard shortcut you would like to use, Upon pressing which you would like the timer to turn off your monitor to get turned on.
  6. Click the Set button.
  7. Now minimize the program to send it to system tray.
  8. Then check what you have done by pressing the shortcut you set to it on Step5. A timer as you see in the below screenshot will popup and begins the countdoun you set on Step2.

Your monitor can be turned back on by shaking your mouse.
That's it! :)

Version: 1.0
Size: 366KB
Supports: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7
License: Freeware [?]

Please Leave a Comment if you find problems with the download link! :)

Make Your Keyboard Play Music When you Type [Freeware]

Hai guys, Here is an intresting way to get rid of loneliness while working on your PC. Now you can make your keyboard to play music while typing on word or others by using a simple tool named "Key Music". This software is 100% a freeware.

How to use:
  1. Just after installing open the software.
  2. Set the Device, Instrument, Volume and Tone, as per your wish.
  3. Then Select the Minimize to tray option or simply Minimize it.
  4. Now your keyboard will play music whenever you type, based on the selected items in the Step2.

Don't Miss: Other Freewares Click Here!

Key Features:
  • Lets Keyboard Playing Music When Typing.
  • Adjustable Music Effect.
  • 100% FREE.
  • Very Easy to Use.
  • Saves Settings Automatically.

        Read every steps while installing this software, because clicking Next Next Next without looking on the installation screen will result in the download & installation of additional softwares that are not necessary. I used to do this once and added many useless software while installing freewares.

Version: 1.02
Supports: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 or higher.
Size: 406 KB
License: Freeware [?]

Please Leave a Comment if you find problems with the download link! :)

Download GMail Drive To Use Gmail As a Storage Medium [Freeware]

Click To Enlarge!

Hai Guys, here is an amazing software to use the space (About 10GB) available on your Gmail account for storing your files and folders online. This tool creates a new drive on your "My Computer". You can use this drive to save the files and folders on your system to your email account and retrieve it at anytime.

This software will be very useful for storing your valuable information online, which cannot be retrieved if your computer crashes suddenly.

How To Use:
  1. Just download the software from the below link.
  2. After installing the software, Go to "My Computer".
  3. You will find a new drive named "Gmail Drive". Just open it.
  4. You will be asked to Enter your e-mail ID and Password. Enter them and press OK.
  5. Then a new window opens. Use this place to store your files and folders to your Gmail Account.
  6. Whenever you paste a file into this drive, It will be uploaded to your gmail account. And whenever you copy a file from the drive to your PC it will be downloaded to your system.
  7. Whenever you upload a file using this tool, You will receive a e-mail with your file in it as an attachment. Until and Unless this email is present on your inbox, you will find those files on that Drive on your "My Computer".

Alternative Link: Click Here!
Version: 1.0.19
Supports: Windows (All)
Size: 374KB
License: Freeware [?]

Don't Miss Other Freewares Click Here!

Please Leave a comment if you found problems with the download link :)

Free Software To Split And Merge Large Files [Freeware]

WinMend File Splitter is a free file splitter and merger. It can split a file into specified number of blocks or at specified unit size, so they can be easily attached to an email, or stored in a removable device such as USB drive, floppy disk, MP3, MP4, and mobile phone.

It can also be used to merge files. It can merge split files in the same directory back into a new file identical to the original one. With advanced algorithms and clean and simple interface, WinMend File Splitter can help you get done tasks quickly and accurately while ensuring easy and convenient operation. It’s a convenient tool that you will never want to miss.

  • High-Speed Splitting and Merging - With advanced algorithms, it splits and merges files faster.
  • Safety Ensured - The splitting and merging processes are safe and reliable. Your files will never be damaged.

Version: 1.3.2
Size: 2.1 MB
Supports: Win 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
License: Freeware [?]
Source: winmend

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Find the Speed Of Your Hard Disk, Pendrive, etc.. [Freeware]

Find the Speed Of Your Hard Disk, Pendrive, etc.. [Freeware]

Hi friends here is a software named Disk Benchmark which is a free utility to calculate the speed of any hard disk or removable media like a USB flash disk.
This program will perform several test on the target drive ,then calculate the speed in megabytes per seconds.
The actual transfer speed will be determined by the speed of the target drive but also by the motherboard, CPU and Ram speed.

Size: 1.3 MB
Supports: Windows
License: Freeware [?]

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FreeRAM XP Pro To Increase Your System's Speed [Freeware]

FreeRAM XP Pro To Increase Your System's Speed [Freeware]

Have you ever noticed that the longer you use Windows in a given session, your PC slows down as you have less memory available? Here's an outstanding, easy-to-use freeware memory "scrubber" utility that frees up and optimizes your PC's memory.

Freeware application to free and optimize your computer's RAM (Random Access Memory), resulting in an increase in system performance and productivity. Automatically configures itself for ease of use and also features advanced options and customizability. FreeRAM XP Pro has been designed to be easy to use yet highly customizable by computer novices and experts alike.

  • Fast, threaded memory freeing with stop option.
  • FreeRAM XP Pro automatically configures itself to optimize your RAM in the background.
  • AutoFree option intelligently optimizes RAM without sacrificing performance.
  • system metric and performance monitors.
  • Advanced tray support.
  • Memory reporting and diagnostic logging.
  • Simple, attractive interface.
  • RAM-cuts (RAM-freeing Windows shortcuts).
  • Customizable Windows hotkey support.
  • Access to Windows memory-related tweaks that could enhance system performance.
  • Process memory usage reporting.
  • Unique memory compression technology directly reduces applications' "working set" memory requirements instantly and without swap file usage.
  • More options and customizability.

Version: 1.52
Size: 606 KB
Supports: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, 2003 Server, XP
License: Freeware [?]

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Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack [Freeware]

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack [Freeware]

Hi friends! Are you worried about not experiencing Windows 8 as it does not support your system, Don't worry here is an Windows 8 Transformation Pack to convert other versions of Windows into Windows 8.

Windows 8 Transformation Pack will give you Windows 8 UI improvements such as theme and logon screen without touching system files at all so it won't have such risk to harm your system at all. In this package, you'll have Windows 8 inspired themes and applications to make your system resembles Windows 8 as much as possible without modifying system files.

  • M3 user interface for installation/configuration.
  • One-click installation/configuration.
  • UxStyle memory patching.
  • Windows 8 Aero Glass or Lite theme.
  • Instant M2 and M3 wallpaper/logon screen customization.
  • UserTile with current user/wallpaper auto configured on login.
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File Size: 47.7 Mb
Version: 6.5
Supports: Windows XP | Server 2003 | Vista | Server 2008 | Win 7
License: Freeware [?]

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Free Softwares To Increase Your Internet Speed [Freeware]

             Can your PC do better performance in the further operation? After all that cancelled download tasks caused the Internet speed is so sluggish, but did you realize what makes computer performance so sluggish? Okay, here a simple explanation, first there’s a lot of unneeded program or software, which gets your computer much slower; how about the internet connection? What makes it just getting slower as day goes by, for this one may be the simple thing was the expired saved cache, and even it might be viruses or malware or Trojan and something similar. Yeah, if you ask for the reason why, it could be incomprehensive, given that the reason is infinite, the one that’s been cleared, then growing another one, so it is really complex to clear such thing.

            What can you do then to boost your computer performance? Yeah at least, you’d better to do something to increase your pc performance, including making use of antivirus to against malware and friends; or obtain the full internet speed booster , yes alright, that can be the best way there is, why should you removing unused software or application etc vainly as it’s only impacting for a little bit better performance? We know right, there are many software or application can raise computer and internet speed by their feature, and overall that is good, but yet too bad them program is free to download and scanning, then it’s a fully paid features to fix or against the thing, so nonsense.

Recommended: Factors That Affect Your Broadband Speed!

            But absolutely no worry if you explore the internet thoroughly, you may find for what you're looking for, for example to download the full internet speed booster, which makes your internet connection be more qualified in performing robustly. Apart from that, when you're more likely to tend having more trouble in the memory or registry, you can try the registry cleaner application to refine the things. And yet in here, we are going to dig the more new things on how to increase computer and internet speed using these 2 optimization program as the shortlisted below,

1.) Toolwiz Care:

               It’s basically the multifunctional software, not just specialized to improve internet speed connection; this has implemented features for instance registry cleaner, disk cleaner, and many others. It works by the way to get rid of junk files and entries, also defragmenting disk drivers. But please be aware that it may undone changes applied that’s been settled when installing solid-state drive (SSD), so the best method for the users who boot from a SSD should have to prevent the disk defragmenter tool and some many other tweak tools. Whenever it started, it opens a user friendly interface that presents all-in-one Checkup scan and Repair, with its useful toolbars for example Checkup, Cleanup, Speedup, Security, Tools, and the last of all App Manager that includes a lot extras like Duplicate File Finder, Disk Doctor, Repair Network, File Shredder, and Recovery Tools. It is a fully free applicaion without anything lack and compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

File Size: 7.2MB
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

2.) Internet Turbo 2012:

             Oh yes, this is on the top downloaded list for dial-up program, and it fits you maybe. This software maximizes your Internet speed until 200%, operates by prevents fragmentation of data transfers. It works with all dial-up, LAN, ISDN, Cable, xDSL. This program is featured a connected-forever to keep you connected to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

OS: NT/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista

Author Bio:
         Imam Sulaeman is one of the authors at Paseban Portal . Visit the blog to get more information, review, and tips about Computers and Online Games.

FSS Video Converter (Freeware)

FSS Video Converter (Freeware)

FSS Video Converter is a free and powerful tool that allows convert all popular video formats, including HD video. Converter provides you optimized output profiles, you can easily convert video for PC, digital devices and websites.

Supported output video formats:


Supported devices:
  • Apple(iPod, iPhone, iPad)
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Android phones and tablets
  • BlackBerry
  • Sony(PSP, PS3)
  • Microsoft XBox360
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Archos players
  • Creative ZEN Vision players
  • Microsoft Zune players
  • SanDisk Sansa View players
  • Iriver palyers
  • Palm
Supported websites:

Below are the list of websites where you can upload your converted videos directly from the convertor.
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • DailyMotion
  • TwitVid
  • Flickr
  • Dropbox
License: Freeware [?]
Size: 11.1 Mb
Supports: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/2000/2003/2008

How To Use:
  • Run FSS Video Converter and select your input video file.
  • To select a video you would like to convert hit the Add file button.
  • After you have selected the video input file, click one of the following buttons on the Formats tab of the Main Toolbar.
  • Click the Browse button and select a location on your HDD for the output video files.
  • After you have set up all the conversion parameters, click the Convert button to start converting. You can visually judge the conversion process for every file.
  • That's it! :)

FSS Google Books Downloader (Freeware)

FSS Google Books Downloader (Freeware)

FSS Google Books Downloader is a free utility that allows users to download books from Google Books Search and convert them to PDF, JPG or PNG.
By default, output books are saved into Desktop, and they retain the name of the source book. After downloading you'll be able to view downloaded books using Adobe Reader or any picture viewer program.
Using FSS Google Books Downloader you can download millions of books from libraries and publishers worldwide completely free!
This is a clearly free program. There is no spyware or adware. It's absolutely safe to install and to run!

License: Freeware [?]
Size: 7.5 Mb
Supports: XP/Vista/7/8/2000/2003/2008

How To Use:
  • Launch FSS Google Books Downloader.
  • Click the Paste URL button 
  • Use your Internet browser to select and copy Google Book link you want to download and wait a few seconds while the program is detecting Google Book.
  • Click the Browse button and choose the location where you would like to save your downloaded Google Books from web. Click Ok.
  • You can specify the output Google Book format as PDF, JPG or PNG.
  • When you are ready, click the Download button along the bottom of the interface and wait just a few seconds or several minutes max (depending on your internet connection speed).
  • Now the Google Book is on your computer. :)