How to add Search engine Friendly Title to Blogger?

This article will help new blogger blog owners and all bloggers to make their blog search engine friendly Titles.By default Blogger blog titles are not search engine friendly.Page Title is group of text that appears on top of your browser.It is more important in showing your blog/blog posts on Search engine results.The Page title is the most important element in your blog in terms of higher ranking in search results.
Here is example,the figure shows the title of our blog post,the blog title is displayed first and after that the post title has been displayed.

Google only displays 70 characters on Google search results and in case of Yahoo display bit more.So your blog posts will not display or you will not get as much rank in Search Results.Let us think about reversing of position of the blog title and post title,Giving the first priority to Post title and it will works.
It will appears like the following figure.
Lets see how to optimize your blogger blog titles Search engine friendly.
  • Go to Design->Edit HTML
  • find the following 
  • Replace the it with the following code
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> - NetOops Blog</title>
Replace the red text by your blog's Name
Done..! you have an SEO friendly page title.

Protect your images Blogger image hack

protect your images blogger trick
This is an awesome trick to protect your images.You can protect your images from copying with this Simple CSS Blogger Tricks.After applying this trick the person who save the image will get a transparent image instead of the original image.


Protect your image with CSS overlapping

  • Go to Blogger Account
  • Use the Following trick
<img src="Place image URL Here" />
<img border="0" src="" alt="NetOops protected image" width="200" height="200" style="left: 0px; opacity: 0; position: relative; top: -216px;" />
  •  You can use this code anywhere, if you want to protect an image in your post. Add image and switch to HTML tab and copy the URL of image(eg- and paste to that code mentioned above.
  • That's it.

Protect your image with SPAN background

  • Use the following code
<span style="background-image: url(Place image URL here)"><img src="" width="200" height="200" border="0" alt="NetOops protected Image."></span> 

  • You are done..
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How to Backup/Restore template in new blogger interface?

Backup restore new Blogger Template easily
Here i'm saying about an important topic that i had posted early " How to Backup/Restore Blogger Template? ". But i'm going to show you How to Backup/Restore  Blogger Template in New Blogger Template . Now a days Blogger default interface is Upgraded New Blogger Interface. Backup/Restore Template is so important,So don't take this as a silly matter.
Read Following see How to backup template in New Blogger Interface..

How to Backup/Restore Template

  • Go to Blogger Account
  • Select Template [as shown in fig.]
Backup restore new Blogger Template easilyBackup restore new Blogger Template easily
  • Click on the Button Backup/Restore  in Left top .
  •  A box appears [as shown in fig.]

Backup restore new Blogger Template easily
  • As shown in the above fig. 
  • Click on Download Full Template to download Template.Save it
  • Click on the Browse to Restore the early downloaded Template.
  • That's all ..Enjoy with us...

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Add CSS codes into your blogger blog easily

add css code easily in blogger blog
How to Add CSS codes to your blogger Blog easily.
Sometimes you may want to add CSS codes to your blog for styling blog elements or blog widgets,Many of us adding CSS code by going to Edit HTML and add codes before ]]></b:skin> and save template, Using this method by mistake  if any of the content in it deleted ,it my goes to your Template Crash.So there is a secure and alternate way to add CSS code as follows   .Here is a simple way to add CSS codes.

  •  Go to Design-> Template Designer (as shown in the figure)
add css codes in blogger easy way
Update [01/06/2012] : Select Template -> Customise   in New Upgraded Blogger Interface
  • Template Designer will open
  • Select Advanced -> Add CSS
  •  Place the CSS codes in the Text area.
  • Then you can see preview by clicking preview.
  • Save by click on Apply to Blog

Use Search Bar to Find a code in Blogger

find code in blogger
This article is very useful for Blogger beginners.This is a tutorial about how to find specific code in  webPages/Blogs/Websites.You may see many Blogger Tutorials on internet for the purpose of designing or to add gadgets to your blog,for eg: if you need to add some meta tags  inside <head> section.
 You go to
Design->Edit HTML
look for <head>

find <head> and place meta tags inside it. But,

It is not easy to find a code manually.So Use Ctrl + F to find.

Look the below picture

  • Hold Ctrl on the keyboard and press F,(Ctrl+F is the shortcut to reach Find Bar in almost all browsers)
  • A Find Bar will display, Type the code you want to search.
  • At once that code will highlight on the Page/Blog
  • Then you can edit/delete/modify highlighted code.
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How to Backup/restore Blogger template

backup blog

This article is for absolute blogger beginners,about how to backup your blogger blog's template.This is very important thing that every blogger should beware of it. While adding or changing new features to your blog ,there may occur template crash.If you are not aware of this thing( backup template), it will affect your blogger blog's overall body language.So first you must know about backup your Blogger Blog Template.Follow the Steps 

Backup Blogger Blog template

It is a simple method to backup your template,follow the steps.
  • First Make sure you had Sign In your blogger account
  • Go to Design->Edit HTML
  • There is a link "Download Full Template" at right side,click it

  •  Save it,You finished..!
The file you downloaded now is in the .XML format,so if any crash made on your template you just upload the downloaded XML file.

Upload/Restore Blogger Template

If any problem persist to your blogger blog's template upload the XML file.
  • Select Design->Edit HTML
  • There is a button (Browse) below the "Download Full template" link.Click on Browse
  • Choose the XML file you downloaded
  • Then Click on Upload button right to Browse button.
You are done,you had studied how to backup and restore your template.