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Cool Slideshow Maker for Windows
Photo Slideshow makers are really a great tool when it comes to making a story with your precious photos. These Slideshow making software's allows you to easily design and create high quality Slideshows and convert them to videos by adding background music to it, Allowing you to create a story with your photographs. One such software that allows you to create story with your photos & that we are about to discuss in detail on this article is SMARTSHOW (Smart Slideshow Maker).

With this Cool Slideshow Maker you can create and share your life's memorable moments in a new Unforgettable way. SmartSHOW slideshow maker turns still pictures into thrilling photo movies with music and beautiful transition effects. Let's have a look at it's features...


Smartshow has a lot of features to add variety of effects to your Slideshows. Let's explore them,


It has a wide range of Readymade templates to use for your project. These templates includes Basic, Vintage, Wedding, Travel, Children, etc.. with sub-branches within them to choose from. After selecting a template, you can add photos for your slideshow and carry on with your project.

Transition Effects:

This Cool Slideshow Maker is integrated with 100+ transition effects to choose from. Transition effects are categorized as Standard, Gradients & Double. Standard has about 45 effects, Gradients has about 44 and Double has about 44 transition effects. Each and every effect is unique.

Music Options:

You can add a number of sound tracks as background music to your slideshow and make it alive. Smartshow accepts musics of all formats and allows you to cut audio track, sync it to the slideshow, set faders and more.

Output Formats:

Smartshow offers 4 types of output formats as follows,

1) Video Slideshow:

Video slideshow option allows to export the slideshow created by you in popular video formats such as AVI and MP4. It also has some more options for Creating HD Video, Video for mobile devices, Video for the Internet & Other types of videos.

2) DVD Slideshow:

DVD Slideshow option allows you to burn the slideshow which you created to a DVD. It first offers you to choose a template for your DVD and allows you to Burn it to a disc or Create a ISO Image of it.

3) Create Screensaver:

It simply converts your slideshow into an animated screensaver for your desktop.

4) Create EXE Slideshow:

This is one of the very best option that converts your slideshow into a .exe file and allows it to play on any system without the need of any video players/installation of any special software.


Here is a sample "Christmas Images slideshow" made with SmartSHOW.

For more Samples, Have a look at their Samples page here: Samples.


SmartSHOW is compatible with Windows xp, vista, 7 & 8.

Get it now:

You can Download and try SmartSHOW by going to:

MalwareBytes: It's Free, But Is It Any Good?

In the sea of anti-malware programs there are some programs that standout for one reason or another...most often it's simply because of reliability and overall value. Malwarebytes is one of those programs. Malwarebytes is a complete anti-spyware software that is recognized for its simplicity and ease of use.


As a primary freeware software program, Malwarebytes is more than respectable in its ability to protect computer systems against malware attacks. Honestly, Malwarebytes does not score as well as the pricier and more recognized protection software packages on the market, but what is does do is provide a simple interface that is easy for the less technical person to nagivate and effectively use.

Malwarebytes has the capability of detecting all types of known malware threats as well as many stealth malware threats that are present on your system. Not only does this program do a good job in detecting these threats it also does a respectable job in removing these threats from your computer. When there is a threat that Malwarebytes had difficulty removing it is usually on a system that is heavily infected and requires more detailed cleaning. For systems that are relatively clean this program generally runs smoothly.

As mentioned earlier one of the best features of this program is its ease of use. One does not have to be technically savvy in order to make optimal use of this program.

Down Side:

Although this program performs on an acceptable level on some key fronts, it does have some associated cons. One of the most significant down sides to this program is the fact that is does slow your computer down while performing active scans. Unlike some of the more popular anti-malware programs, Malwarebytes does not have the ability to effectively perform a full scan behind the scenes without a significant drag being placed on the operation system. Because scans can be time consuming and interfere with the normal work process, it is best to run them during normal down times.

Malwarebytes also performs below expectations in detecting and removing spyware. During the process of scanning for spyware, the program used, on average, 90MB of memory. This is significantly more than the average program with similar performance standards. Outside of the fact that the system scan monopolizes memory, the scan is excruciatingly slow, progressing at an average rate of 10MB per second. The combination of these two issues results in an overall poor system performance for your computer. To run regular functions during a scan is not recommended.

Bottom Line:

Malwarebytes is an effective anti-malware program. Although it has its challenges in performing in certain areas, it more than makes up for it with its simplicity and straight forward user interface.

If you suspect that your computer is already highly infected with malware and spyware, this is not the program for you, but if you have recently had your system cleaned and debugged, Malwarebytes is a viable alternative to some of the pricier programs on the market. As a freeware, it rates at the top.

Author Bio:
Louis Rossmann is a straight shooting tech guy who specializes in repair and LCD replacement. Contact him through his Rossmann Group website.

Stellar Drive Defrag [Review]

Stellar Drive DefragThe most advance and critical part of your computer is “hard drive” independent of the OS you are working upon. You love to keep all important data in hard drive but after few months you find your machine running sluggishly. The very obvious reason of such a fall in performance, is fragmentation of hard drive due to which the fragmented data scattered over disk. Windows users can defrag their drive via desk defragmenter but , there is no such app for Mac users. Luckily, Stellar has made an awesome tool for them called Stellar Drive Defrag' to defrag Mac drive.

However, HFS+ is the new Mac file system and it has the ability to minimize the chances of fragmentation of files up to 20 MB size. But, it doesn't work on large files so you need any third party tool to defrag all large files and increase the productivity of your Mac system.

Stellar Drive Defrag is an advanced and a risk free solution for fragmented Mac volume. It defrags your entire Mac or any selected volume to optimize your Mac hard drive. It is compatable with the latest Mac OS 'Mountain Lion' and all legacy Mac Operating Systems like Tiger, Leopard etc.

Features of Stellar Drive Defrag:-

  • It can effectively defrag all large files presents in Mac drive along with the metadata files.
  • It can defrags drive by organizing the scattered or distributed free space.
  • It works on single large file as well as on entire Mac volume or drive.
  • It helps to create Mac bootable DVD to defrag the boot volume.
  • It supports Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.
  • Temperature bar to display the status of hard drive temperature during defragmentation.
  • Email notification after completion of task.

The Free Edition of this tool helps to scan your entire Mac hard drive and show you the status of your Mac hard drive with fragmented data. The latest version of this tool is 2.5 which has many advance features like you can see the temperature fluctuations during defragmentation and set email notification after the completion of defragmentation. For paid version you need $39.

System Requirements:

Processor: Intel, PowerPC(G3 or later).
Memory: 256 MB RAM.
Hard Disk: 40 MB free space.
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.3.9 and above i.e. including Mac OS X 10.5 & Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion.


This software is very effecient, easy to use and very cheap.


Need bootable DVD to defrag boot volume.


Reviews Of New Internet Security Tools

Author Bio: This review of new Internet security tools is brought to you by Helen Wallis on behalf of London based IT Support firm Cheeky Munkey, who provide IT services including IT outsourcing, hosting, cloud services, VoIP or Web filtering.

New Internet Security Tools
It is beneficial to have an internet security tool that prevents keyloggers from being able to see what you are typing.

If it is coming up to the expiry date of your current internet security tool(s), then you have one of two choices, renew or replace. If you are not satisfied with your current internet security tool(s), then you may want to consider trying out one of the three security suites we have reviewed below.

Panda Internet Security 2013:

Panda Internet Security 2013 claims to offer protection against internet threats, giving you and your family peace of mind when using the internet to browse, shop and interact. The security suite provides protection against viruses, online fraud, identify theft and spam.

The best feature of the 2013 security package is its private data protection browser. You can use it with either Internet Explorer or Firefox. This browser tool runs on a separate network to your PC and is free from website history so that you can enjoy private browsing. This is particularly useful for those who regularly use their credit or debit cards to shop online.

Panda Internet Security 2013 is also fantastic for cleaning up malware, blocking unsafe URLS and preventing USB-based spyware attacks.

This internet security tool is let down by the fact it fails to offer encryption and shredding features. In order to obtain these features you have to upgrade to the global package. The software is also missing a tool for vetting social media websites, which is something expected from most modern day internet security tools.

Final thoughts…
Panda Internet Security 2013 offers a light, fast and complete security solution, however it is still considered to be fairly basic. Although it offers a wide range of features and uses modern cloud based technology to offer extensive protection, there are still necessary features missing which prevent it from being a high ranking security package.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2013:

Kaspersky have been producing security software since the nineties. Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 is a mid-level product that covers all of the key bases well. It has a wide range of features including anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-phishing tools as well as extensive parental control and an intelligent firewall.

This internet security tool has the added benefit of the ‘Safe Money’ feature. This enforces a secure browser when you are online banking or using your card details to make a purchase. It uses a virtual keyboard to encrypt the keys you press so that people trying to keyLog cannot record your actions.

Kaspersky 2013 also provides better parental control than most other suites on the market today. Parents can easily set up restrictions and block websites giving them the peace of mind that their children are safe whilst browsing the internet.

Although Kaspersky’s malware clean-up is very effective, the process does take a long time. Many people have also found that the tool slightly slows down the overall performance of their computer systems.

Final thoughts…
Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 is a brilliant package to own. It has everything you need and is competent across all areas including phishing and spam protection. The new ‘Safe Money’ feature is a fantastic addition and perfect for protecting your details whilst you complete online financial transactions.

AVG Internet Security 2013:

The AVG Internet Security suite for 2013 provides all of the features you would expect from an average security package. From the looks of things it has had a makeover and is now adorned with pretty colourful tiles which have been optimised for touch screen operation. The question is whether or not the company has channelled all of their efforts into the security tool’s aesthetics, rather than its features?

AVG Internet Security is a fantastic anti-virus tool and has the added benefit of a do not track feature, which is great for private browsing. The spam filter is exceptionally effective and the online shield is competent at blocking dangerous websites. Overall it is a great all-rounder.


If you are looking to install security software on a device that is already affected by malware, then the AVG Internet Security 2013 tool probably isn’t your best choice. Many people have found installation to be tricky on infected devices.

Another issue is the software’s firewall. Although it is competent at doing its job, it can be easily disabled. This is a re-occurring mistake of many internet security tools.

Final thoughts:
The AVG Internet Security suite provides a fantastic antivirus tool, but you could also argue that the free version of the software does too. The standout feature is definitely the spam filter, which out performs many other versions.


The three internet security tools we have reviewed are great all-rounders, each with strengths in different areas. If you have had a good experience using one brand over another, then it is likely you will stick to what you know. However if you are looking to try one of these three internet security packages for the first time then we would recommend Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 over the other two tools. It benefits from having the stand out ‘virtual keyboard’ feature which is very beneficial to those who shop or bank online. 

Image credits: Robbert van der Steeg&david.orban.

Review On Bitdefender Internet Security 2013

Bitdefender Internet Security 2013
According to AV-Test in Germany Bitdefender was declared as the Best Antivirus engine in terms of protection, repair and usability. Bitdefender also received "Best Product Of The Year 2013" award and is ranking on the top in Top Ten Reviews in terms of it's Performance, Features & Help and Support. There are to many if we have to talk about it's achievements, So let's get into the review of this World's Best Antivirus "Bitdefender Internet Security 2013".


Bitdefender Internet Security 2013

Bitdefender Internet Security Offers a variety of security features to protect us from variety of online threats and to safeguard our privacy online. It is empowered with lot of tools for parents to monitor their child's activity online, and allowing you to block Suspicious sites, messages and email that contain flagged words or Phrases. Also You can limit time of internet access for each child. When you search for something on a search engine like Google, Bitdefender gives each url in the search results a security rank based on the no. of votes it receives.

Bitdefender Makes Online banking more secure through it Safepay(Sandboxed Web Browser) feature. This feature prevents any type of keylogger, spyware, etc.. from stealing info. on your bank or other transitions you make online. It is really a must needed tool for safe online transitions.

Bitdefender automatically check for updates periodically to protect you from the new kind of threads emerging day to day. This feature can be disabled if you plan to check it manually. But it is necessary to get the most out of it's Security.

Speed and Performance:

Speed and Performance
Like other Antivirus programs Bitdefender also slightly appears to slow the system when a scan is in progress, But fortunately it is empowered with some additional features to utilize best time to scan without slowing your system. Bitdefender Internet Security can run full system scan quickly with less utilization of Internal memory. You can even schedule scans. But Don't worry! These scans runs on background without affecting your work in progress and allowing you to do multitask at one time. Usually bitdefender Scans only if your system is idle. The Scan Dispatcher tool will make a scan only if the PC usage falls below a certain level.

Bitdefender's "AutoPilot" which is present at the top right corner of the window can be turned on/off. Autopilot is really a great option if you are busy and don't want to get interrupted in the middle of your work in applying decisions to the actions to be taken against the threats.

Help & Support:

When it comes to Help & Support Bitdefender is 24/7 and ready to help you at any time. You can search for your answers online, ask questions to the professionals, chat with them or even call them. Their Blog has interesting post on Security topics and Emerging Threats.

System Requirements:

If you ask for minimum system requirements. Then here it is,
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32 bit) , Vista (SP2), Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), Microsoft Windows 8
  • CPU: 800MHz processor
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB
  • Available free hard disk space: 1.8 GB free space (at least 800 MB on the system drive)
  • Additional Softwares: .NET Framework 3.5 (automatically installed by Bitdefender if necessary)


Bitdefender is comparatively low when compared to other Antivirus softwares who have less features when compared to Bitdefender.

1PC                         -               $24.97 (1 Year)  $44.98(2 Year)   $64.98(3 Year)
Upto 3PC's             -               $34.97(1 Year)   $54.97(2 Year)   $79.97(3 Year)
Upto 5PC's             -               $54.97(1 Year)   $89.98(2 Year)   $124.97(3 Year)
Upto 10PC's           -               $89.98(1 Year)   $159.97(2 Year) $214.97(3 Year)

You can visit Bitdefender Antivirus to download a trial version/buy this product, or check out other antivirus solutions.