Learn How To Create YouTube Videos With These Three Tips For Beginners

how to create youtube video?
YouTube is one of the leading video sharing sites on the Internet where you can find all types of videos from individuals and businesses. Many people post videos for fun. They simply want to share something they thought was funny or inspirational with others. Businesses use it to promote their products and services, so you can find a video for just about anything you can imagine on YouTube.
While creating and positing a video in YouTube is fairly easy, you do want to make sure you create something that others will watch. You don’t want to stick just anything on there, especially if you’re promoting your company. Here are three very important things to remember and apply when creating YouTube Videos.

Create Your Own Keywords and Tags:

This can be a very difficult part of making videos for some people but it is a necessary one. In order for viewers to find your video, you need good keywords and tags. You can check out the competition to give you some ideas but remember you never want to copy keywords and tags from someone else. This could ruin your reputation. Instead, use your imagination and come up with keywords and tags that describe the content of your video the best. You can also use a keyword tool designed to help you come up with good ideas.

Find Your Own Style and Voice:

When creating any video, it’s important to find your own style and voice. When you watch YouTube videos, you’ll notice that the creators of the successful ones have their own style and they have no doubt worked hard to find a system that works great for them. You’ll have to do the same and it will probably be a trial and error phrase while you search for your own style and voice that helps to make your videos successful. The main thing to remember is to relax, be yourself and don’t give up. You’ll soon find the style that suits you the best.

Only Post Videos That You Are Passionate About:

This is very important because if you’re not passionate about the subject in your video, the viewers will be able to tell and if you’re not really interested in your own video, why should they be? Many people create videos just for the views and while you do want to attract as many viewers as possible, this shouldn’t be your only reason for creating a video.

Instead, the video should have meaning. They can provide viewers with important and useful information, tell a story or simply make people laugh but they should have a real purpose. When you create videos that you are truly passionate about, it will show in your work and this will help to draw in more viewers. People will want to share them with others and they’ll look for more videos you’ve created. Once you have created your video, you can buy YouTube views to help boost ratings and get people interested but it’s the content that will keep them coming back and sharing with others.

Creating your own keywords and tags, finding your own style and only creating videos that you are passionate about will help you create YouTube videos that people will want to watch.

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How On Earth Can I Download A Youtube Video?

Download youtube videos!
YouTube has given a new turn to video sharing and viewing. It is the most popular video site and hosts the largest number of videos. It serves most of the humans on earth. Take online lectures, learn recipes, share your own personalized videos and seek comments, learn whatever in the world you want to learn about. YouTube has the whole universe in it. The increasing magnitude of the YouTube platform explains its ownership by Google. Yes! It may be a news for few, but YouTube is owned by Google.

As already said, All Video Lovers tend to view videos via YouTube, but this is strange that YouTube does not allow video downloading directly from its website. People can only view movies while staying connected to the internet. If the internet speed is not enough, buffering may take longer and one has to wait till the video is ready for viewing. People who do not have access to the internet all the time or those who want to share the video with others, like to download few and keep them for later viewing. The situation has given a rise to the demand of YouTube video downloading software. A handsome number of websites now offer such software through which you can download YouTube videos and can even Convert Videos in any format depending upon PC compatibility and personal preferences. These software ensures the quality of the video even while converting them to various formats.

So How To Download?

1.) Using Software:

Downloading process is very easy. You either can install the software on your system to download the file or can download it straight from the website. In case you are using software (Such as YouTube Video Downloader), after it is installed on your system, open its User Interface, copy the link of the YouTube video and paste it in the place provided and click Download. You can provide a path to the location on your PC where you want the file to be saved.

2.) Using Someother Sites:

In case, you are downloading the video from the website (such as tubelify.com), provide the link on the bar available on the video page of Youtube, select the required format and click convert. Once the file is converted, a notification will appear on your screen that your file is ready for download. You can provide a path to the location on your system where you want the file to be saved. Downloading time would depend upon the size of the video. Large videos may take longer time while the small ones can be downloaded in just few seconds.

Remember, internet connectivity is must for downloading a YouTube video. If the connection is lost during the process, at times you have the option of resuming the downloading from the same point while in few cases, the file has to be downloaded from the beginning. Speed of internet also determines the time a file will take to download.

When the file is ready for use, you can open it in any media player and enjoy a you tube video offline and keep it in your system for as long as you want.

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Making Money With YouTube

Making Money With YouTube

Previously we have published an article on "Learn How To Create YouTube Videos With These Three Tips For Beginners" followed by that here is an article for you which explains how to convert your videos into money making machine.

Many people have been turning to YouTube over the past few years to make a little extra income on the side. Others, have been able to make a full-time business out of uploading videos to YouTube. Odds are, that if you are good at doing something, and you make an informative video about it, then people will watch.

What Makes A Good Video?

One of the most popular types of videos on YouTube are makeup tutorials. Many people make a living out of filming their makeup habits. Whether it's a makeup tutorial, a makeup haul, or a how-to video, there are so many different types of videos being uploaded every day, and just as many people are watching them.

Other types of popular videos are pregnancy blogs, day-in-the-life-videos, video diaries, and music videos - such as cover songs, karaoke songs, or ones which have their lyrics posted along with the song.

Monetization Counts:

Once a YouTube channel earns subscribers you can begin to monetize your videos. For each person who clicks to watch your video, they will have to watch a short clip of a commercial before your video begins playing. Each time a commercial plays, you will earn money. The more subscribers you have on your channel, and the more people who watch your videos, the more money you can make.

If your channel becomes very popular, sponsors will start to take notice. You many even start receiving free samples from the companies. When a sample is sent to someone who has a YouTube channel, it usually relates to the topic of conversation. Many sponsors will send you free items and ask you to give them a brief mention in your video, or even ask you to do a full review.

Once you have gained sponsor attention they might even pay you for your services. If you refer enough people to their company, they will give you a percentage of credit for every new customer gained.

Now, its important to remember when creating a YouTube channel that you must own all of the information you are sharing with your viewers. You can't include any music that is copyrighted, or protected by its owner. Also, your videos will have to be original and not copied from any other source.

Share On Social Media:

Sharring Your YouTube Videos on Social Media.
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Another great idea is to share your YouTube videos over social media. This will help you to gain new subscribers and viewers. You might even think of hosting a giveaway. By offering something to your viewers, you can ask them to like and subscribe to your videos in return for an entry into the giveaway. You may also ask them to share your videos across social media as a bonus entry, which will help you gain even more subscribers. You could host a giveaway once every month or so - this will keep your audience coming back to your channel in hopes to win something for participating.

When you have acquired a large viewing audience, YouTube may even approach you to be featured on their front page. This will showcase your channel to millions of YouTube viewers world-wide. As your fan-base grows, so will your income.

It doesn't take much to get started earning money from YouTube. All you basically need is a camera, some good lighting, and a great topic to talk about, or teach others how to do. It's also important to be comfortable talking into your camera. If you aren't able to explain exactly what you are doing in your video, then others might not be able to follow along. Your video should be interesting and keep your audience entertained at all times. Lastly, remember to have fun!

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Why Do We Love YouTube So Much?

Why YouTube was our Favourite? Why Do We Love YouTube So Much?

Ah, YouTube! It seems everyone knows this site. In fact, it’s even become its own search engine and even those who are not highly tech-savy have heard of the site and in most cases, have even seen some videos on it. We can safely say that people love YouTube but then we ask “Why?” What is it about this site that makes it so popular?

Well, that's a great question based on the addictive nature of the popular site. Why DO we love YouTube so much and why are so many people viewing, uploading, sharing and rating videos on the popular site?

It could be that we get instant videos at the tip of our fingers or making it’s because of the wide variety of content that’s shared. It’s easy to use and it allows you the platform to make and share your own videos as well as watch those of others. In fact, this is why this site was originally created. It is a product of necessity and for that reason alone, it’s easy to see why so many people love it. But there’s more…

Social Times brings us The Top 5 YouTube Vloggers and Why People Love Them which gives us some insight into what makes YouTube so great. By watching their videos, people get to know these vloggers on an intimate level. It can be a bit like having a favorite TV show but then actually being able to post comments and chat with your favorite stars.

Using YouTube for Your Videos:

If you want to use YouTube for your own videos, then you can create an account for free and then begin uploading. You will get your own channel and you can use a custom design to personalize your channel to your needs. Some people will cheat YouTube views so they have a more popular-seeming account or channel. This is because they want to get more people to like their videos and channel by making it appear more popular.

Other users don’t care about this at all and may only use YouTube to share family videos long distance, to express themselves or to create How To content. It’s really about what you want to gain from the experience and whatever you feel like posting videos about. This is part of why people love YouTube so much- you have freedom and control to do nearly anything you want, provided you follow the rules.

Using YouTube to Watch Videos:

Now if you’re not looking to make your own videos right now, you can still gain a lot from YouTube since you can use to watch videos and even Download youtube videos. It’s completely free, user-generated content. Many famous artists, musicians and performers will put some of their content up for free as well so you can listen to music and watch music videos among many other things.

You can learn to do just about anything via YouTube videos. So again, this is just one more reason people love the site so much. What are some reason that you love YouTube?

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You can learn more about YouTube and how to get more likes from Olivia Johnson, a video and social media fan and teacher.

VideoBox Blogger Template

Template name : VideoBox

Platform: Blogger / Blogspot

Release date : November 2012

Author :  www.soratemplates.com

Template features : Wordpress Look, 4 Columns, Right Sidebar, 4 Columns Footer, Portfolio, Featured Video Slider, Fixed Width, Wood Background, Dropdown Menu, Header Banner, Page Navigation Widget.

License : Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Basic Instructions : How to install a Blogger Template

Configure Featured Video Slider:
Login to blogger dashboard --> layout --> Edit HTML. Now scroll down to where you see the codes below:
  • <ul class='slides'>
    <li class='item'>
    <p><iframe frameborder='0' height='315' src='http://www.youtube.com/embed/Ok2VamxrYAY' width='560'/></p>
    <ul class='thumbs pagination'>
    <li><span class='youtube-temp'/>
    <span class='hover-bg'/>
    <a class='title' href='#' rel='0'>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</a>
    <a class='link' href='#'/>
  • "#" with your featured video URL.
  • "http://www.youtube.com/embed/Ok2VamxrYAY" with your youtube video URL.

Configure Dropdown Menu:
Login to blogger dashboard --> layout --> Edit HTML. Now scroll down to where you see the codes below:
  • <nav class='primary'>
    <ul class='sf-menu' id='topnav'>
    <li><a href='#'><span class='right'>Home</span></a></li>
    <li><a href='#'><span class='right'>Portfolio</span></a>
    <ul class='sub-menu'>
    <li><a href='#'><span class='right'>Portfolio 1 col</span></a></li>
Replace "#" with your menu item URL.

How To Change Header Banner:
find this:
  • <div id='banner'>              
    <a class='banner' href='#'><img src='../empty_ad.gif'/></a>
Now replace:
  • "#" with your banner URL.
  • "banner728.gif" with your banner image.

Configure Page Navigation Widget:
search for:
  • var posts=9, // Number of posts in each page
    num=2, // Number of buttons will display