Montric Blogger Template

Montric Blogger Template : Montric Blogger Template is a new incredible Blogger Template designed by Templateify.Montric Blogger Template Comes with 2 columns layout along with 4 Columns footer.Different Colors combination makes it more impressive template.It has One magnificent right Side-bar.Drop Down menu along-with social sharing buttons are present in this template.Moreover it has white color crystal background and works on major browsers perfectly.You Can get a free xml copy of Montric Blogger Template from Our Blog.

Features Of Montric Blogger Template

  • Professional
  • 4 Columns footer
  • Customized widgets
  • Clean Coded
  • One Right Side-bar
  • 2 Columns Layout
  • Ready Social Sharing Buttons
  • Search Box
  • Works on major browsers
  • Awesome Footer and Header
  • White Background

Musi Mag Blogger Template

Magazine Blogger Templates : Musi Mag Blogger templates comes in magazine style blogger template which is considered ideal for music niche blogs.You may have seen many Magazine Style Blogger templates for music niche blogs , but Quality is not every where ! Actually Mus Mag Blogger Template is designed by SoraTemplates which is One of the best templates sharing website. This template comes with many customized widgets among which I like the most is "Social Sharing Widget" , which is present below each post and when One Hover it it expands very awesomely.One of the most amazing thing which is implemented in this template is divider.A very Professional divider is placed between each post which makes this template an incredible One.Moreover this template has 2 columns layout along with a stylish 3 columns footer.Colors combination makes it more attractive template , you can get a free copy from Our Blog.

Features Of Musi Mag Blogger Template
  • Magazine Style Template
  • 2 Columns Layout
  • 3 Columns Footer
  • Professional Look
  • Customized Widgets
  • Really impressive header
  • Drop Down menu
  • Search Box 
  • One Fantastic Right Side-bar
  • Divider b/w each post
  • Fixed Width
  • Page navigation widget
  • Works with major Browsers
How To Install Musi Mag Blogger Template

Galleria Blogger Template

Galleria Blogger Template : Searching for Gallery Style Blogger Template ? Having a Photography Blog? Or having Templates sharing Blog ? If yes , then you are at superb place to get an awesome template called "Galleria Blogger Template".It has 3 Columns layout along-with beautiful 4 columns footer.This template is ads ready template .Moreover it works perfect with major browsers.Woody Color Drop down menu along-with Disqus Commenting System is present in this template.

Features Of Galleria Blogger Template

  • 3 Columns Layout
  • Professional Style
  • Woody Color
  • 4 Columns footer
  • Works with All Browser
  • Top Navigation Menu
  • Drop down menu
  • Search Box
  • Gallery Style
  • Disqus Commenting System
  • Along with many gusty features

How To Install Galleria Blogger Template


YouTube Blogger Template - A Perfect Template for Video Blogs

YouTube Blogger Template : Although there are hundred of free templates which may have gallery style and will be fit for video blogs.But here we have found something more impressive and incredible Blogger template which will completely suit with your Video Blog.

Informations About YouTube Blogger Template

  • Template Name: YouTube Blogger Template
  • Layout : 3 Columns
  • Works with : IE , Mozilla , Google Chrome etc
  • Size : 21.6 KB
  • Download : free Copy!

Features of  YouTube Blogger Template

  • Automatic Embedded System ( Just Post YouTube Video URL)
  • Automatic Slider for Featured Videos
  • Page Navigation
  • Professional Style
  • 3 Columns Layout
  • Works with all Browsers
  • Dynamic Post View count plugin installed
  • H1 for Blog title, H2 for post & sidebar titles and H3 for sub-headings!
  • SEO Optimized
  • Customized Widgets
  • YouTube Like Style 
  • Commenting system is well shielded from spammers
Remember : You Can only Add YouTube Videos to this Template , it is featured by the author . So If you are interested in adding all hosting Videos , You can Contact the Author of the template.

How To Add Videos into Post

  • First of all Go To Post Area
  • Click On HTML
  • Copy and Paste the Below Script



Your description about Video / text goes here

  •  Replace Video Link with YouTube Video Link , but remember Don't remove endofvid , otherwise it would not work!

GridSpot Premium Blogger Template

GridSpot Premium Blogger Template: GripSpot is a Premium Blogger Template having responsive design.It is ideal for Blogging, Tech and Reviews blogs.This template has beautiful Header area where drop down menu is present along-with awesome subscription widget.This template works on Major Browsers and support 404 Page . It has auto read more and easy slider which makes it more incredible template.This template is SEO Optimized Blogger template which is really an impressive feature.

Features of GridSpot Premium Blogger Template

  • Responsive
  • Auto Logo
  • Pro Admin Layout
  • Support 404 Page
  • Full Size Page
  • Column Footer
  • Pagination
  • Easy Slider
  • Advance Editor
  • Auto Read more
  • Black
  • Professional
  • Customized Widgets
  • Work with Major Browsers
  • SEO Optimized

Simple and Bright Blogger Template

Simple and Bright Blogger Template : Simple and Bright Blogger Template is a new SEO Ready Blogger template having simple and unique style.Cool Drop Down Menu below header area is placed to make the template navigative.This template is ideal for Tech , Reviews , and Blogging niche blogs.White Color along with crystal Black Color background makes this template more incredible template , cool search box along-with awesome slide show is also present in this template.One Right Side-bar along-with 4 columns footer are builtinly present in this template.Fantastic Date Widget is added with each post which shows the post date.Moreover , this template is compatible with all type of Browsers.
You may Also Love it : Flat News Blogger Template

Features Of Simple and Bright Blogger Template

  •  Sidebar
  • 2 Columns
  •  4 Column footer
  •  Adapted from WordPress
  •  Elegant
  •  Featured Section
  • Fixed width
  •  Fresh
  •  Magazine
  •  Premium
  •  Red
  • Right Sidebar
  •  Rounded corners
  •  Slider,
  • Top Navigation Bar
  •  Web 2.0
  •  White

  How To Configure Navigation Menu

Fin the below script in "Edit HTML"
<!-- begin #topMenu -->
<div id='topMenu'>
   <ul class='sf-menu' id='menu-topmenu'>
      <li><a expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl'>Home</a></li>
         <a href='#'>About</a>
         <ul class='sub-menu'>
            <li><a href='#'>Fullwidth Page</a></li>
Note :Replace "#" with your Specific URLs and anchor text with your Own words!

Flat News – News & Magazine Blogger Template

Flat News – News & Magazine Blogger Template : Flat News is an incredible news and Magazine Style Responsive Premium Blogger template. This Template is ideal for News Niche Blogs , it has Magazine Style and Responsive Design which makes it more magnificent template.It has a beautiful New ticker below header where Breaking News Float in a fantastic way.This Template has ready Threaded comments with emoticons along-with many customized widgets.This template enables you to Build home layout by add / drag / drop widgets.This template is ads and SEO Ready template , which is a really unique feature.Moreover this template works perfect with all type of Browser , i.e Internet Explorer,Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome etc.

Informations About Flat News

  • Template For : Blogger Platform
  • Template Name : Flat News
  • Template Price : 20$
  • Background : White
  • Premium Blogger Template

Features of Flat News – News & Magazine Blogger Template

  • Professional News and Magazine Template
  • Support shortcodes
  • Support Print CSS and allow visitors share articles email
  • 100% Responsive Template
  • Well Documentation 
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Best Admin Panel
  • Allow post reviews
  • Facebook comment ready and easy to allow visitors switch, auto remember for future.
  • Ads and seo ready
  • Clean Coded
  • Works with all Browsers
  • Advance Editor: You Can upload background images, change background color, key colors, fonts.

Full Screenshot Of Flat News – News & Magazine Blogger Template

Replay Blogger Template - Awesome Template For Music Blogs

Replay Blogger Template : Soratemplates , the ever best website for Downloading free Blogger Templates .Replay Blogger template is also developed by Soratemplates , Actually it is developed specially for music lovers.It is also ideal for MP3 Blogs , and music sharing blogs.This Specialty is due to the Music Bar below header where you can put any MP3 song , readers can listen that song just by One Click on the Play Button.Moreover it has 2 columns layout along with beautiful black color drop down menu.Many cool customized widgets are added to make it more incredible template.Social Share buttons are added near to header area.Cool Search Box is also added near drop down menu for searching songs.

Features Of Replay Blogger Template

  • Professional and Stylish Blogger Template
  • MUSIC , MP3 
  • Drop Down Menu
  • Search Box
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • Mp3 Live music Player below Drop Down Menu
  • Works with all templates
  • 2 Columns
  • Many Customized Widgets

Professional Bubblegum Baby Blogger Template

Professional Blogger Template : Let's be naughty , this time not for Africa it is for Girls !!The Template I'm gonna share is totally related with Girls.Actually this template is ideal for music,fun and Personal Blogs , i.e If you are sharing your feelings with people or This template also suit with Quotes Sharing Blogs.

Moreover this template has 2 Columns Layout along with many beautiful customized widgets.Blog Header is really fantastic where you can add different logos etc.This template has a magnificent One Right Side-Bar along-with Crystal Gray color Background which makes it more impressive template.This template works perfect with all type of Browsers , You Can get a free copy from Our Blog.

Key Features Of  Bubblegum Baby Blogger Template

  • Professional
  • Adapted From WP
  • 2 Columns Layout
  • Customized Widget
  • Awesome and Cool header 
  • Gray Color Background
  • Music , Diary ,Personal
  • White
  • Grunge Style
  • Right Side-bar
  • And Works with All Browsers

Beat it - Professional Blogger Template

Beat it Blogger Template  is a Clean and premium Blogger Template designed by  Aumkar Thakur.This template is designed using CSS3 and is coded very clean.Many Customized Widgets along with gusty features are added in this template.This template has 2 columns layout having no footer.One Right Sidebar and beautiful Crystal color background makes it more impressive template.Awesome Social Share Buttons at header place are present to help the readers to easily share any post.This template is SEO Optimized Template.Awesome Heading Styles are present in this template.The most Significant Comment Style is also added in this template.

Features Of Beat it Blogger Template

  • Professional And Stylish Design
  • SEO Optimized
  • Neat and Clean Typography
  • Customized Widgets
  • Works with all Browsers
  • 2 Columns Layout
  • Cool Header
  • Sharing buttons
  • Navigation Menu
  • Css3 Quotes Style
  • Meta Tags Added

4 Sites to Download High Quality Blogger Templates

You may have seen many free sources which gives free Blogger Templates but Quality is not present every where.Now the Question is where to find Professional Blogger Templates having the most magnificent features and customized widgets.There are many Sources where you can get a huge list of High Quality Blogger Templates but where is the best One ? Here we have choose top 4 sites which really Provides all type of Professional and High Quality Templates for their readers , lovers and visitors.Now If  You are searching for a fantastic template you must visit these templates.


SoraTemplates is the magnificent website for downloading free Blogger Templates.It enables you to select a perfect template for your Blog having all features you need along-with many customized widgets.All Templates shared by SoraTemplates are Simply professional and SEO Freindly templates.For the sake of readers SoraTemplates team enables you to watch Live DEMO of a Template before downloading the Specific Template.Moreover You Can find any type of Template in this website such as Magazine Style,Responsive Templates , and Gallery Styles.


There is No Blogger Who Don't know about . Actually whenever Ones Create a Blog he/she must visit to Btemplates for Downloading Templates.Actually it is due to it's simplicity and awesomeness.So it is One of the Well Known Blogger Templates Site , which enables you to download free Blogger Templates . It is also Categorized to Different Categories which contain different types of Templates Like 2 Columns,3 Columns , Responsive Templates , Magazine Style Templates etc.Moreover this website Provides a Quick way to Download Free templates.


Tremplate - Although this is a free Blogspot Blog but it's inspiring and astonishing that this Blog Contain high Quality Blogger Templates which can be used by Professionals.It Provides all templates in a Gallery Style , One Can easily find his/her desire template.It allows you to select different columns,colors and different styles templates for download.

Deluxe Templates

Deluxe Templates - Another Impressive Site for Downloading free Blogger Templates.This Site comes with Blogger and WordPress themes.So You Can Download Free Blogger templates along-with WordPress themes.According to recent survey this site has totall 1650 templates both for WordPress and Blogger.This site provides the most significant templates along-with gusty features.

Professional Blogging Blogger Template

Professional Blogging Blogger Template :A New fantastic Professional Blogger Template is developed by SEO Blogger Templates.This template has 2 columns layout along with beautiful crystal color drop down menu.According to the author this template is ideal for Blogging, Tech and Reviews Niches.Awesome Style Subscription widget is present below header,when one click it it slides and Subscription Box Popsup very fantastically.Many Customized widgets are present along with SEO Packages.One right Side-bar and Search Box makes it more stunning template.This template works perfect with all browsers.
Professional Blogging Blogger Template
image credit

Features Of  Professional Blogging Blogger Template 

  • Responsive Design
  • Couch Mode
  • Related Post
  • Subscriber Widget
  • SEO Ready
  • One Right Side-bar
  • Search box
  • Many Customized Widgets
  • No Footer
  • Beautiful Header
  • Professional Design
  • Works with all Browsers.

How To Install Professional Blogging Blogger Template


GoGreen Blogger Template

GoGreen Blogger Template is a fantastic template for Tech and News Blogs.GoGreen Blogger Template has 2 Columns layout along-with beautiful drop down menu.This template has a clean design and white color background.Beautiful one right side bar is present in this template which makes it more sexy template.Many Customized widgets are added in this template which makes it more impressive template.GoGreen Blogger template works with all Browsers , You Can get it free from Our Blog.
GoGreen Blogger Template

Features Of GoGreen Blogger Template

  • 2 Columns
  • Magazine Style
  • Professional
  • WordPress Outlook
  • White
  • Grey
  • Works with all Browsers
  • Drop Down menu
  • Page Navigation menu
  • Customized Widgets

How To Install GoGreen Blogger Template

Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template

Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template: Nothing is impossible !! Some times due to personal reasons or systematic errors we have to shut down our Blog for better maintenance.In that case every blogger is confuse what to Do? There is nothing to worry, just Download your Blog Template and upload a temporary template Like "Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template",which will inform your blog readers that site/blog is under maintenance due to some personal reasons or any other reason.Moreover this template is a very responsive template and is ideal in situation when your blog is under Construction or Coming soon or Blog Maintenance.This template has 1 columns layout along with crystal black color background and touchy Out look.It has a professional appearance ready with social sharing buttons at header position.It works perfectly with all browsers.

Features Of Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template

  • Professional Style
  • Works with All Browsers
  • WordPress Look
  • 1 Columns
  • Gray
  • Subscription E-mail Widget
  • Black
  • Green 
  • Bookmark Ready

How To Install Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template


Com4me Under Construction Blogger Template
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Rating: 4.5

Rifqiy – Responsive Premium Blogger Template

Rifqiy – Responsive Premium Blogger Template: Rifqiy is a new Perfect Responsive Blogger Template ideal for Magazine and Portofolio websites. Rifqiy Template is designed by the combination of different Color Schemes which makes it a significant template.This template has 3 columns Layout along-with a significant 4 Columns Footer which adds 5 stars to the awesomeness of this template.The Template allows you to Place "468x60" Ads in Header Area which can help you to improve your AdSense CTR and as a result you will get some bunch of Dollars.One Beautiful Right Side-bar is added along-with multi Tabbed widget.Cool Drop Down Menu is present below header Area,moreover a Search Box is also added near to drop down menu,which will enable the Blog Readers to easily navigate the Contents.Due To Responsive Design and other Gusty Features it's Price becomes 20$.The Template is Ads and SEO Ready,So You don't have to waste time for SEO,because the template is already SEO Optimized .

Information's About Rifqiy – Responsive Premium Blogger Template
  • Template Name :Rifqiy – Responsive Premium Blogger Template
  • Platform: Blogger/Blogspot
  • Price : 20$
  • Design: Responsive
  • Type : Professional Premium
Features Of Rifqiy – Responsive Premium Blogger Template
  • Responsive and Professional Design
  • Manual Presented Publish from Picture Gadget (Awesome Slideshow)
  • Auto Presented Publish (Slideshow)
  • Support Enhance Editor
  • Lightweight Automatic read-more (support third celebration image, and Youtube. com Thumbnail)
  • Ajax fill more post
  • Cool weblog writer threaded opinion (Support Google+ Comment)
  • JSON Look for Outcome *
  • Ajax Latest Publish by Tag (3 Publish Type(Slider, Straight, and Horizontal)) *
  • Ajax Latest Comment Gadget *
  • Ajax Relevant Publish Gadget *
  • Ajax NewsTicker (Beautiful Design)
  • Two Perspective Method (List and Grid) with Cookies
  • Optimize SEO(SEO Optimized Template)
  • Compatible with all Browsers i.e IE8+,Mozilla,Chrome,Safari etc
  • Custom Mistake 404 Page
  • Professional administration structure, help you simple work with weblog structure.
Rifqiy – Responsive Premium Blogger Template
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Rating: 4.5

WordPlus Blogger Template

WordPlus Blogger Template:  New Journal Design Blog writer Design has been launched by BloggerTheme9.The Design is ideal for Information,Tech,Fashion and Writing a blog Areas.This template has Expert perspective along with many other Gusty functions.2 Content Structure along-with 4 Content bottom creates it more important template.Popular Content Slider is existing below Headlines which will allow you to improve weblog pageviews,and to make your website navigative.This Design allows you to place ads in the Headlines which will help you to produce a lot of Dollers. Amazing Lemon Shade Fall Down selection is existing in this template which creates it more amazing template.Moreover this template performs ideal with all internet explorer,You Can get it free from Our Website.

Features Of WordPlus Blogger Template
  • Professional and Awesome Outlook
  • 2 Columns Layout along-with 4 Columns footer
  • Works with all Browser
  • Ads Ready
  • Drop-Down Menu
  • Slider 
  • White 
  • Clean and simple Design
  • Orange
  • Magazine
  • Premium
  • Right Side-bar
How To Install WordPlus Blogger Template
WordPlus Blogger Template
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CityNews Responsive Blogger Template

CityNews Responsive Blogger Template: Information Upgrading Weblogs are really in serious issue for discovering A  wonderful design for their Weblogs.But Now They don't have to fear,because we have discovered an important design for Information Weblogs.As it is ideal for Information Weblogs so they can use it ,moreover it can be used for any kind of Weblog.This design has 2 content structure along with 3 content bottom i.e footer.Beautiful Black Shade along with Fall Down selection below the headlines is existing in this design.Awesome picture slider for newest images is available at the top of the design.Today's Time frame gadget is included at the headlines,so any one can know about Time frame and Latest Up-dates.Moreover One Right Side-bar is included along with many other personalized icons.This design performs ideal with all internet explorer.

Features Of  CityNews Responsive Blogger Template
  • Wordpress Look
  • Professional
  • Blogger
  • Dark
  • News
  • Gallery
  • Responsive
  • 2 Columns Layout
  • 3 Columns Footer
  • Works with all Browsers
How To Install CityNews Responsive Blogger Template

CityNews Responsive Blogger Template
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Smartify Gallery Bogger Template

Smartify Gallery Bogger TemplateTemplateify has recently released a new Professional gallery and portfolio.This Template is ideal for Templates sharing Blogs like mine Blog and other Personal blogs.This theme has crystal gray color background which is really an attractive thing.This template has 2 columns layout along-with 3 columns footer.Now Your Blog description will be at the Top Header,this template enables you to add your Ads in Header.Beautiful Drop Down menu is added below the header of the template.This Template is really very flexible and very easy to use.HTML5 and CSS3 techniques are used in the design of this template.Moreover it works perfect with all browsers,you Can Download it free from Our Blog.

Information's About Smartify Gallery Bogger Template

  • Template Name:  Smartify
  • Author:  Templateify
  • Style:  Gallery And Porfolio
  • Release Date:  16 July 2013

Features Of Smartify Gallery Bogger Template

  • Professional: The Template Outlook is purely professional,you can use it for templates or images sharing blogs.
  • Clean Coded:  You Can easily edit different widgets and areas of this template,because it is clean coded template.
  • SEO Optimized: You Don't have to waste time on SEO for Your Blog,All On Page SEO has been done on this template,you can add meta tags in header.
  • 2 Columns Layout along with 3 columns footer
  • Beautiful Crystal Gray Color Background
  • Social Sharing Buttons at the Top of Header
  • Customize-able Widgets
  • Along with many gusty utilities
How To Install Smartify Gallery Bogger Template

Videoism Blogger Template

 Videoism Blogger Template: Templatesim has recently released a video hosting Blogger Template.This template is ideal for Video sharing Blogs.The Template has crystal white color background which makes it a significant Blogger Template. Alot of Customized widgets with many gusty utilities are added to this template. Videoism Blogger template has fast loading speed which is really an attractive feature.This template has 3 Columns layout along with 2 Columns Right Side-bar.This template is SEO Friendly template.You  may have seen Video Views Counter in WP Blogs,in this template Video Views Counter is added which will Count the total views of a Video.This feature is similar to YouTube Video Views Counter.Moreover The Template works perfectly with all Browsers.
 Videoism Blogger Template
Information About Videoism Blogger Template

  • Template Name: Videoism Blogger Template
  • Platform: Blogger / Blogspot
  • Release date : 13, July 2013
  • Type : Free
  • Author :
Properties Of  Videoism Blogger Template
  • Pure Professional Design
  • YouTube Like Out Look
  • Stunning Design
  • Magazine
  • 3 Columns Layout
  • Video Views Counter
  • works with All Browsers
  • Video Hosting
  • SEO Friendly
How To Install  Videoism Blogger Template
Videoism Blogger Template
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Rating: 4.5

Magzon Responsive Blogger Template

Magzon Responsive Blogger Template: Templateify has recently launched a new Sensitive Blogger Template,They Name it Magzon Responsive Blogger Template.Template has Amazing and Professional Perspective along-with clean and stylish design.The Concept is designed using HTML5 and CSS3 methods.This Style Structure is design responsive which makes it more amazing template.The Style has 2 Content Structure .This Template has ready Drop Down menu along with Beautiful Search Box at the header.The Style is SEO Enhanced Style you don't have to personally do SEO. Many Personalized icons along with many other gusty utilities are included in this template.The template plenty very quickly and works perfect with all Internet explorer.
Magzon Responsive Blogger Template

 Information About Magzon Blogger Template
  • Template Name:  Magzon
  • Author:  Templateify
  • Style:  Magazine
  • Release Date:  13 July 2013
  • Type : Free
Features Of Magzon Responsive Blogger Template
  • Responsive Layout
  • 2 Columns
  • Professional and Stunning Outlook
  • SEO Optimized
  • Clean Coded
  • Ads Ready
  • One Right Sidebar
  • Works with All Browsers
  • 4 Columns Footer
  • Social Media Sharing Buttons
  • along with many other Customized widgets!
How To Install Magzon Responsive Blogger Template
Magzon Responsive Blogger Template
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Rating: 4.5